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Sunday, 14 October, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Greetings my dear Students,
I AM Trinity Teacher Uteah and I welcome all of you to connect with me and feel the vibrations of the Trinity.  When you ask your Thought Adjuster  to connect you to me, does the Divine Operator make contact with those circuits that are necessary to tap into my consciousness here on the Circles of Jerusem where I can process any number of conscious connections with all of you.  Never am I too busy to speak to those who truly want my attention.  This receiver noted upon our connection this morning how beautiful, warm, and loving is the initial connection with me and made comment how he desires that all people could feel this wonderful loving vibration when speaking with spiritual beings.  It is possible for all of you reading this message to feel these spiritual vibrations that pluck the heart strings of the soul, for to reach for these connections with an attitude of sincerity and loving expectation, conditions the circuits of your mind to meet me on the common ground of love.  What experience can you share with me that brings you to this place of high vibration in love, truth, beauty, and goodness?

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New Era Transition 49 – Human rights; Global Warming; Financial Markets

Monday, 8 October, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Planned developments are now in place
  • Mercy and judgment
  • How are decisions made on Mansonia?
  • Is the tendency to forget negative experiences engrained in our DNA?
  • Answering a question about the seven values embedded in our DNA
  • The self-healing affect of prayer
  • The closing of the Dark Circuits
  • Declaration of the Inalienable Rights of Man
  • The part Scots played in our American Constitution and Declaration of Independence
  • Human rights
  • Something to consider
  • Weapons for defense
  • What to do with your wealth
  • Concerns about geology and sunspot activity
  • Global warming and the decline in financial markets
  • What is the next step for corporations?
  • Redefining shareholders
  • World is bound proactively by right and active morality and ethics

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I Am Still Present

Friday, 21 September, 2018

Dearest Friends,
I am still here and have been here for many years. And it is at this time, that I wish to share with you a few details related to my activities on your planet, Urantia. 

Please understand, that in order for me to be effective in my role as Magisterial Son, I must follow a process of manifestation that requires a deep understanding of the nature of human beings, the history of this planet and how living on this planet impacts its inhabitants. The success of this mission depends on my ability to absorb the most minute details of life on Urantia.

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About Overcoming Fear

Tuesday, 19 February, 2013
About Overcoming Fear

Teacher Thought Adjuster: 
There is no doubt that fear has spread all over this world. The overabundance of bad news and the way in which the worst of human nature is promoted by the media contributes to the sense of insecurity that is felt by many. This makes the population susceptible to manipulation and to making rash decisions based on the impulse of self preservation.

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The Flash-Flood Of Love

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

Trinity Teacher Uteah
I was dispatched from Paradise to teach you about LOVE. Indeed, Paradise is the Source and Center of Love in Action. This is the reason why the Father blesses your planet with a Teacher that has the best credentials to help you open your heart more and more fully. What a beautiful moment it is to behold when we witness from on High the openings of many hearts—just as it is a breathtaking process to witness the coming to full bloom of a flower!

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Your Greatest Challenge

Sunday, 30 September, 2018
Your Greatest Challenge

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Greetings to you, my dearest students―I AM Uteah and I bring you the Love of the Universal Father, the Compassion of the Eternal Son, and the Breath and Beauty of the Infinite Spirit―may this Trinity of Divinity be forever imprinted on your heart and may it envelop the vessel of your souls. 

This statement is not only a salutation, but a reality, for as a Trinity Teacher, I bring the vibration of this Trinity in through my words and between the lines where it may saturate your being and activate the divine relationship between your soul and the Indwelling Spirit of the Father.

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