It Shall be the Tipping Point!

Sunday, 24 March, 2019
It Shall be the Tipping Point!

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Every one of you reading this message is a light worker if you so use your will and intention to be aligned with the Light and to ask the Universal Father to be an instrument of His Will.  There are no prerequisites — all are being called to serve.  You do not need special abilities or acute awareness, for within you lives the Indwelling Presence of the Father — and that, my dear students, makes you more powerful than any dark power or principality in the universe.  Know that the moment you connect with this power through your thoughts, will, and intention, it brings you onto the Holy Ground of the Infinite.  You need not even to articulate a request — your faith alone to be the instrument of Father's Will is sufficient to open the storehouse of heaven.

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Social Sustainability

Sustainable Civilizations,
A General Critical Theory
Based on the Innate Values of Homo Sapiens
An Introduction to Planetary Management

   - By its nature a General Critical Theory would provide a means for understanding all separate Critical Theories, many of which have already been discussed by other authors. If a General Critical Theory is accurately developed it would apply to all areas of human behavior, and offer a mechanism by which all Critical Theories could be explained. For this paper, the emphasis is on what works to “liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them,” to quote Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.
   - Several Critical Theories exist under the umbrella of this General Critical Theory that are based on the innate values of Homo sapiens. One of those is a unified theory of human motivation, and another is a unified normative theory of ethics both of which are described in the text.
   - This paper presents a General Critical Theory without arguing for its existence, as it is a natural development of the seven innate values of our species. These values and their characteristics are also described early in the text to help the reader grasp their significance from parenting to the development of ethical Artificial Intelligence programs.
   - For readers who are also interested in A General Critical Theory, what is provided in the text brings together almost all of human interaction into a holism that supports the social sustainability of societies and civilization from the individual/family to organized associations of nations, and the sustainability of our planet. For some, Critical Theory may be new.
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About Fire Drills

Sunday, 10 February, 2019
About Fire Drills

Teacher ― Thought Adjuster:
 In hindsight, many of your life’s perceived trials merely amounted to Fire Drills. How else could you be prepared for such eventualities if you had not rehearsed various case scenarios? It is the reason why you are called to address many situations without knowing if they are dry runs or real emergencies. A flight simulator is very effective in honing the skills of a pilot by artificially testing his coping mechanisms in life and death situations. What matters are the survival objectives of such excercises.

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What does being "Guided in Light" really mean?

Sunday, 7 April, 2019
Trinity Teacher Uteah

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Being "Guided in Light" means you are trusting in faith that your Indwelling Spirit, your guardians, and other guides are seeing that you are growing in character and in the likeness of your Creator Father. This sounds very straight forward, but in reality, this is something that needs much consideration because many of you fail to see that character growth comes with disillusionment and a realization that what you believed to be true turned out to be a lesson in humility. These hard lessons in life are not always given as a way to "beat you up" and make you strong, but they are meant to get you to slow down and use your insights and discernment to hold decisions up to light--applying Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to the situation and possible outcomes before acting on them. Being "Guided in Light" means you are to be an equal partner with Guidance and "Apply Light" to your thoughts, decisions, and actions.

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A Lesson about Eternity

Sunday, 3 March, 2019
Beloved One

Teacher: The Beloved One ―
Mortal life is the foundation of eternal life and death is the door thereto. The possibility exists that one can eliminate death by fusion with the Gift from God within. Life provides many loving service opportunities for one to advance spiritually and this development is open to all. They are the depth of your belief system and the development of your personal faith and trust in the Creator God which takes most fear away. The reason why l am telling you this, is that there is too much fear connected with death because of the unknown. Each mortal child ought to be told that death is not to be feared.

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What about Health?

Sunday, 5 March, 2017
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza

Teacher: Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8):
Much of the lack of more effective health on Urantia is due to the incomplete Adamic Bestowal on the human races. Although the Andonic race was mostly pure, being the first race on Urantia, it lacked cosmic insight and effective resistance against diseases. Caligastia’s One Hundred gave humanity its first genetic boost with their superior plasma; however, the decisive one, the Adamic genetic up-stepping program was, unfortunately, aborted by Adam and Eve’s default. Since then, Health on Urantia is not a given, but rather a struggle, a result of an aleatory genetic inheritance, and social and scientific achievements.

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New Era Transition 60 – Eternal Rewards; Total Commitment; Celestials and Machiventa

Monday, 25 March, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Prince, Planetary Manager and Administrator

  • Multiple functions of a Planetary Manager’s team
  • The rewards of co-creativity are eternal
  • This process is a high risk enterprise
  • Many people will sit on the fence waiting for rapid results
  • Planning is a long process
  • The celestials are totally committed
  • Creating a world that will be enjoyable to live on
  • The contract between Divinity and humanity
  • A question about epigenetics
  • Are pessimism and optimism in our DNA or our epigenetic background?
  • Questions on sociopathy and psychopathic behavior
  • Will local economies lead the way during and after the cataclysms?
  • What are the best ways to achieve a well balanced personality?
  • A question on how our uniqueness is seen by our Creators
  • Transfer of knowledge to younger generations
  • Are mistakes made in the celestial realm?
  • How many celestials sit in on these meetings?
  • Machiventa’s destiny
  • Did Machiventa choose his own name?
  • How long ago did Machiventa come into existence?
  • The acquisition of knowledge and wisdom
  • Serving on Machiventa’s staff
  • Creating deeper bonds between us and you
  • This bond is eternal

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