Social Sustainability

Sustainable Civilizations — A Critical Theory Based on the Innate Values of Homo Sapiens
An Introduction to Planetary Management

   - By its nature a General Critical Theory would provide a means for understanding all separate Critical Theories, many of which have already been discussed by other authors. If a General Critical Theory is accurately developed it would apply to all areas of human behavior, and offer a mechanism by which all Critical Theories could be explained. For this paper, the emphasis is on what works to “liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them,” to quote Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School.
   - Several Critical Theories exist under the umbrella of this General Critical Theory that are based on the innate values of Homo sapiens. One of those is a unified theory of human motivation, and another is a unified normative theory of ethics both of which are described in the text.
   - This paper presents a General Critical Theory without arguing for its existence, as it is a natural development of the seven innate values of our species. These values and their characteristics are also described early in the text to help the reader grasp their significance from parenting to the development of ethical Artificial Intelligence programs.
   - For readers who are also interested in A General Critical Theory, what is provided in the text brings together almost all of human interaction into a holism that supports the social sustainability of societies and civilization from the individual/family to organized associations of nations, and the sustainability of our planet. For some, Critical Theory may be new.
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New Era Transition 57 – Expectations; Community Design Teams; Urantian Crankiness

Monday, 11 February, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • What leadership is expected from this group and its readership?
  • What mission statement would you provide?
  • Are we to expect a command such as “Follow me”?
  • How would I know if my project is aligned with the Correcting Time?
  • Is ocean water temperature a better gauge of climate change?
  • Is polar ice thickness a better gauge than the extent of ice?
  • Can the jet stream’s movement have catastrophic effects?
  • Using the design team to affect community changes
  • What is the first step to begin this evolution in the community?
  • A possible community problem concerning garbage
  • A Question on the failure of non-democratic nations
  • Urantians and our “cranky disposition”
  • Are there any advantages to our crankiness?
  • Gauging the honesty of online sellers
  • The “Declaration of Fraternity” between the Pope and Al Azhar
  • Machiventa’s closing remarks

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Light and Life Series, Lesson 4, Purposeful Intention

Monday, 18 February, 2019
Purposeful Intention

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Greetings, my dear students,
In this fourth message in the Light and Life Series, I will speak about the implementation of the mind-set of Light and Life and how you can begin today using your mind as a citizen of Light and Life. This way of thinking is not reserved for future generations, but for you in this moment. The concept of a Light and Life mind-set is simple―the application of it is something that you work at everyday of your life here and hereafter. Because Light and Life is born from the mind―your thoughts and your neighbor's thoughts, it must also begin with you, and the beginning for you is when you arise each day―each new day brings new opportunities.

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Light and Life Series, Lesson 3, The Mindset of Light and Life

Sunday, 3 February, 2019
consciousness and mindset

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
In this third lesson on Light and Life, we will explore the differences between a rebellion mindset and a  mindset that is oriented toward progressive thinking ― a people moving into Light and Life.  It would be wise for us to consider the "Golden Rule" as a universal understanding―and that would be helpful to keep in the forefront of your thinking, but in application on a world conditioned by rebellion, the Golden Rule is mostly thought of as a Utopian idea that comes after your neighbor adopts this thinking.  Light and Life is a state of being―simply being in a relationship of goodness with your fellows.

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New Era Transition 56 – Changes; Epigenetics; Microwaves; Psychic Circles

Monday, 28 January, 2019

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • The New Era
  • Co-creative assistance
  • The changes you will see in your lifetimes
  • Governments other than democracies will fail
  • Adjustments to circumstances will be necessary
  • Education must change
  • Role of families
  • Wisdom of best practices
  • The new document
  • Question on editing
  • Gathering of family wisdom
  • Epigenetics we are born with
  • Rebellious nature of Urantians
  • Epigenetic imprints during child-rearing
  • Overcoming epigenetic traumas
  • Microwaves and their possible harm
  • Are seven core values best antidotes for rebellious harm of the past?
  • Is Urantia in jeopardy of default?
  • The seven values and eternal family relationships
  • Are the seven core values related to the Adjutant Spirits?
  • The three secondary values assist us to grow through Psychic Circles
  • Eco-settlements in Russia
  • More on cataclysms
  • Machiventa’s closing remarks

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Light and Life Series, Lesson 2, Light and Life begins in the Mind

Sunday, 27 January, 2019
Light and Life

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
I welcome you to this second lesson about Light and Life that will explain Urantia's unique case--that in the beginning stages of LIGHT AND LIFE, Urantia will not follow the more standardized progression of other developing worlds in the universe. There are several major factors that require Urantia be cared for in a way that makes it necessary to apply non-standard administrative procedures to move a world from a rebellion mindset to a mindset that is oriented toward the future progressive epochs of LIGHT AND LIFE.  For any advanced civilization to emerge in LIGHT AND LIFE requires that its citizens first change the way they think and act--they must first have a realization that moves them toward a more homogeneous way of seeing the world and all the peoples that live in it. On Urantia, this will require a "bonding process" that brings unity in brotherhood with all people--something so profound that all differences between them take a "backseat" to the need for understanding of global events and the problems that will need to be solved for the benefit of all mankind.  In that moment, you will see yourself and everyone in the world as being as human as yourself.

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New Era Transition 55 – Unorganized Relationships; New Ethics and Morality; Evolution of Individuals

Monday, 14 January, 2019

Special Note to Readers from Daniel Raphael
As many of you know, Roxanne and myself have been producing TR sessions since August 2001. Recently Roxie has been going through some medical issues and we have begun a search for a replacement transcriber for the time when she is no longer able to do the work. Anyone who is interested, please contact Roxie (+1.970.461.9334) or [email protected], or myself // +1 303.641.1115 or [email protected] Here is what you will be working with:

● This person records each session, then transcribes it into a WORD.doc;
● This document is then sent to each NET Team member who was on the conference call to edit their part of the text; then returning it to the transcriptionist who will revise the text;
● This person works closely with the TR, who is responsible for editing all text concerning what is TRd through the TR;
● When all edits have been received and the original text is revised, the Transcriptionist publishes the session to the distribution list.

● One session every two weeks, with a duration of about 60-90 minutes;
● We “meet” via a free conference call connection;
● This connection has a recorder process;
● It will be necessary to also record this from your end of the call to provide a duplicate recording in the instance that one copy is lost;
● No equipment is provided, so please secure your own;
● This is a volunteer, unpaid position, but the rewards are heavenly;
● Questions? Please contact Roxie or myself.

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