Mission Urantia - 13

Monday, 10 June, 2024

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Thank you for inviting me again to be with you. We are here together again because you have made it possible by your faith. You have conditioned this space by your love for one another and for your spirit friends who delight in reaching across this veil of the illusion of separation to connect with us on this side of the equation and join with us to do our Creator’s Will.

As you can see, and as I forewarned this group long ago, your world is continuing to drift into peril and the cataclysms foretold are now becoming a reality. This is only a beginning as the grip by a few greedy and selfish individuals has yet to loosen and allow for new ways of living in harmony and peace to replace greed and materialism. If ever there was a need for a new way of thinking, living, and being to be proclaimed on Urantia, now is the time. Who will bring the message of Christ Michael to this world? Everything is in place for a spiritual renaissance to take place. The spiritual quarantine has been lifted. The spiritual circuits have been not only reconnected but enhanced, and the vibration of these circuits increased to enable individuals to connect with their Thought Adjusters and begin to understand their place in creation.

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The Force of Light is here ~ The Galactic Federation

Sunday, 23 June, 2024

The Galactic Federation: Blessings Our Dear Family of Light, Earth is currently undergoing a period of intense activity as a result of the heightened influx of Energies from Cosmic rays coming in from the Alcyone Star, and your Solar Logos. These powerful forces have been causing notable changes in recent days, stirring up a wave of transformation across the planet.

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Mission Urantia - 12

Monday, 27 May, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa, your Planetary Prince. I am here as a representative of our universe sovereign, Christ Michael. I represent the ever-descending sons of light to the material worlds of time.

In the course of the evolution of human mind, there comes a moment when that mind can comprehend a larger understanding of the context in which it exists. Mind on Urantia has come to this point. The pull of spiritual gravity has drawn thinking mortals to seek for the truth of their existence and the purpose for their life. There is a hunger on Urantia for a greater understanding of what life is about. The current status of affairs on this world no longer makes sense to an ever-increasing number of its inhabitants. It is time to end this confusion and to make forever clear humanity's place in creation.

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Mother Spirit Nebadonia about personality

Thursday, 23 May, 2024

Nebadonia: Good evening, my beautiful children. I would be happy to expand your knowledge about the transcendent reality that you are. Let me start by noting that personality is one of those words that has such various meanings and importance in the different societies of the world’s religions and philosophies. It goes all the way down to your pictures of “Personality Pete and Petunia of the Hallways” in your high school yearbook. Almost universally it refers to a person’s essential identity, so it comes as a surprise to read in your Urantia Book that personality has no identity in and of itself, ever.

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Mission Urantia - 11

Monday, 13 May, 2024

Christ Michael: Good morning, everyone. This is Michael. Mother Spirit and I are very happy to be with you this way. Always remember that we are as close as your next thought, as is our mutual Father. Yes, I would be happy to give you a lesson on your relationship with this presence of God within you. It's called a Thought Adjuster because his input is exactly that. He can supply thoughts that affect the balance of all the thoughts that occur to you.

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Orion Introduces Himself and the Intentions of Stellar Friends to Help Us Through the Transformation of the World

Monday, 4 March, 2024

Teacher: Orion
I come in peace, is this not what you would expect an alien to say? Indeed, I fit that description, I do not belong to this planet. I am Orion. Yet I am truly your brother, truly part of God’s great creation of all His children, brothers and sisters all, sprinkled throughout the universe. Indeed, as your scientists have come to realise, the universe is vast and so is God’s creation, expansive, wondrous and full of variations.

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Mission Urantia - 10

Monday, 29 April, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa. Why do you doubt me? Why do you question my presence and my ability to reach across this veil and contact you? Do you not know by now the reality of Spirit and your place in Creation? My dear ones, you are all children of light, and each of you is attended to as if you were the only begotten child of our Heavenly Father. You needn't worry that you are forgotten or alone. We are in an amazing era of transition on this world. As your current society descends into chaos, and confusion plagues your contemporaries, you are the salt that will provide the leavening that will rise up a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at how to live upon this world in cooperation with Spirit.

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Mission Urantia - 9

Monday, 15 April, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Indeed, I will accept your invitation once again my loyal and faithful comrades in this mission that we share together. I am Machiventa keeping my promise that if you build it, we will come. And in fact, you have been engaged earnestly and dedicatedly toward this process. I can hardly extend the gratitude from myself and our whole side of the team on the other side of the veil, if you will, to participate together to act as if this is real thus creating this reality. Absolutely, if you build the construct, if you build the platform, if you build the arena, then I have promised that we will attend. We will join you in this process and support you in every way possible. So, I return again to honor your form here and to once again establish the connection and affirm the bond that we are enjoying and creating even now in this process.

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Wednesday, 2 April, 2014

Teacher: Thought Adjuster −
A life dedicated to the Father is the greatest aspiration of God's followers. By learning to abandon themselves, they become the leaders of their peers. This is a new type of leadership. It is not the traditional leadership that depends on social position, power, or wealth. It is a leadership based on characteristics that are materially imperceptible but are real and exert a powerful influence on the minds of their followers.

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Mission Urantia - 8

Monday, 1 April, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. Today in our meeting I would like to remind us of the vision I had when I asked the CTAG group to announce my presence. My vision is to create a website that allows me to speak to this world, to remind the inhabitants that they are children of divine love and are not forgotten in the affairs of the universe, that there is a plan of personal salvation for each and every one. They have been gifted with the Spirit of their Creator, and if they so choose to cooperate with this Spirit, they can enjoy eternal life and an endless opportunity for growth. This is the basis for every other plan and there are many facets of this greater plan, but without each one's individual participation and free will cooperation in their personal plan of salvation and alignment of their individual will with the Will of our Creator, none of the other plans will bear fruit.

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Friday, 28 March, 2014
Thought Adjuster ― Justice

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
The ‘righteous indignation’ of the Master should not be confused with human anger and resentment. The Master experienced displeasure when he saw how the love of his Father was distorted and how the resources of the mind were used for nefarious purposes. Jesus never showed indifference to the suffering of his peers, and when this suffering was caused purposefully by others, his response was an attempt at immediate defense for the aggrieved, correcting the situation without ever falling into the error of harming the aggressor.

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Mission Urantia - 7

Monday, 18 March, 2024

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Again, we meet in the space that we have created. We have made this space our own through our intentions and through our use of it. Because we do this, we have a place now where we can meet, I can speak with you, you can ask me questions, and we can co-creatively go about the work of our sovereign Christ Michael and express our heart's intention to do the will of our Heavenly Father—to bring this world forward out of the remnants of the effects of the Lucifer Rebellion and into the light of a new day.

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Mission Urantia - 6

Monday, 4 March, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Greetings, this is Machiventa. Again, we get together. We get together in the space that we have created because it is our intention to be here and there is a delight to do so. I know that I and my staff welcome this opportunity to be able to demonstrate that things indeed are changing, that now is a new time, that it is possible to bridge this gap between spirit and mortal, to commune together, and to do the work of our beloved Sovereign Christ Michael. In times to come, you will remember this moment and you will marvel that you participated in the cleansing of the rebellion from your Urantia. Your faith will be magnified, and you will go forth from these moments strengthened in your resolve to do the will of the Paradise deities. Many are the wonders that will unfold before you as you traverse the universes in your long journey to Paradise.

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Mission Urantia - 5

Monday, 19 February, 2024

MACHIVENTA: I'm pleased to see you gathered here again today in the space that we have created together through our faith and our intention to be here with one another. So, I welcome you, and I offer you my gratitude. These are interesting times my friends. There have been many changes in the spiritual status of this world since your Master walked this world 2’000 years ago. And he tried very hard with the minds of that age to get his apostles and his disciples to see the benefits of going apart and contemplating and seeking to have a little talk with their indwelling spirit. Jesus himself perfected this, and by the time he was 30 years old he had completed this process and had fused with his Thought Adjuster, or would have, except for the events that followed when he was being baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan. His Thought Adjuster became a personalized Thought Adjuster and even now is the head of all Thought Adjusters on Urantia. Since that time, of course, the rebellion has been adjudicated. The planet is no longer in quarantine and the lines of spiritual energy have been reconnected. Some have been purified and those that had been so corrupted have been simply dismissed and new lines have been connected.

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Mission Urantia - 4

Monday, 5 February, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Hello, this is your friend and cohort in this incredible opportunity that is before us. I and my staff have been eagerly observing what you are up to since our last session together. We're very pleased to see the devotion and the dedication to this work that you represent. I'll just give a brief welcome to you and introduction and then ask you to again, bring questions to the fore and let's have a conversation. So, I would like to put some context in this work. Between you and me, there's a great difference in horizons in terms of time and space. And so, we have to bridge that. There are many ways that the human mind works. To us, it's so short in its timeframe and it can lead to serious issues because we all want to see something done. I know you all want to see something done for your world in your lifetime. And yet, we span many lifetimes. We can go back over 3’000 years [about 3’000 B.C.] and see how I was here with human beings at that time. Then Christ Michael came.

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