107. Your Faith And Birth Of The Spirit

However, man is much more than a beast or an animal beyond comparison. He is a son or daughter of the Father. He has a survival possibility as has no other living being on your planet. It is only you who might be awakened from your death sleep. No other living being can experience resurrection. And that is ensured by the gift of personality bestowed upon you by the Father. It is this gift of personality that singles you out of all fauna throughout the planet and raises you to the height beyond reach for any other animal since you have the most developed brain and the spirit, the Thought Adjuster, bestowed upon you by the Father himself. And it is these two gifts, as well as free will, that provide you equal possibilities to be resurrected from the death sleep. And this resurrection does not absolutely depend upon your material status, business rank, popularity, good or bad deeds performed, race, religion, intellectual development, relations within family, or any other things except one and the only thing – faith. It is faith that determines the time of your resurrection. And if only you have faith your life changes so much that very soon you, each of you, begin to notice your changed attitude to the environment. And gradually you begin to see that you assess the actions of others in an ever more forgiving way.       

Faith is your living relationship with the Father when your life acquires the meaning of directing all your efforts to making life better for others. It does not mean that you fawn upon others. On the contrary, if earlier you have toadied to others, now that you have faith, your fawning disappears because your own human animal ego begins to weaken and its place is being taken ever more by the true and divine personality ego, bestowed by the Father that has not the slightest intention of ingratiating with the human animal ego. Your divine ego does not look for its own benefit at the cost of others, even as it does not seek to elevate itself above all the other people by all means in order to boastfully demonstrate its activity before others.     

However, it does not attempt to hide behind the backs of others either, once it has a chance to manifest itself, and a chance is always provided. It is only the human animal ego that blocks the divine ego from seeing it and using it and by this service become stronger and ever more suppress the voice of the mind of the animal ego.

You can make your faith stronger by your prayer and live conversation with the Father, and once you feel ever stronger the soul desire to serve others seeking no rewards, once you have a live communion with the Father, in your own words, in your own thoughts, and ever more sincerely, then you shall experience your own birth of the spirit that I have mentioned before. You will still possess your present material body but the bad qualities of your character, unexpectedly to you, will turn into the good ones. The love of the Father shall reign within you and you shall be feeling it all the time. And it is through this love of the Father, through a living communion with the Father, and service to all, that you will see that your human animal ego has vanished as it has been replaced by the divine ego to whom, suddenly, all people have become brethren.    
And now the mutual relationships are grounded in the Father’s love that is really experienced. And they continue to improve since the Father’s love is being experienced ever stronger the more of it that is being given to others without any calculation. And it is only now that one desires to embrace, press against one’s chest, and kiss every person encountered even in one’s own city and not only in a far off country. And this desire is real, for it is from the very depth of the soul in which the Father’s love has planted its living root so that a strong and living tree of the Father’s love would grow ever stronger bearing spiritual fruit of good deeds.   

And now man perceives and even truly experiences that there is not even a shadow of fear remaining in him. He no longer fears that after having revealed too much of himself somebody might use his sincerity against him. He does not fear any more that which earlier scared nothing but his human animal ego which considered its own self as the most important thing. Now that the divine ego was born the most important thing is the whole, others. Therefore, there did not remain that which might be hurt by others.  

It is only now that even in a far off land, that very same mortal feels comfortable, and does not experience any fear or tension about demonstrating his exceptional feelings to his compatriot whom he ran into in this far away land. Now all people have become neighbors to him irrespective of their race, religion, or language. Now the divine human ego views the ambience with the Father’s sight. He shows to all exactly the same love that he experiences and receives from the Father. And such a human feels no difference between his family members, his friends, classmates, colleagues, and passers-by on the street. He radiates to all the same vibrations of the Father’s love which he experiences within himself.     

However, so far only a few of you, throughout the world, are born of the spirit. Therefore, the behavior of even those children of the Father who are born of the spirit is restricted by your own abnormal and hostile behavior. Thus, they have to stifle their open outbursts of their love that their souls are eager to demonstrate. It is exactly the same as the Father also limits the vibrations of His love to you, to each of you, according to your, individual, desire to absorb these vibrations of His love. As it is painful to the Father once you reject His love that is being spread, poured out by Him to you so it is to His children who are already born of the spirit when they cannot openly share these very vibrations of the Father’s love in order not to scare you. Therefore, they have to curb their actions. However, they send these very vibrations of love to all of you, and each of you, and all creation by their inner radiation while you do not even see or understand it. And all this they do for your benefit, for the benefit of the whole.          

And these teachings of mine that you are reading at the moment are also meant to increase the number of those mortals born of the spirit so that you would begin to teach others that you are all brothers and sisters in spirit absolutely irrespective of where you live, what you do, what religion you profess, what race or nation you belong to, all of you are brethren. And it is only your ignorance and absence of faith that does not allow you to see this obvious thing – the Father is one to all.    

And the sooner you believe it and have faith, the sooner you will be born of the spirit and turn all the world into a blossoming garden of the Father in which, by the service of all to each other, you will yield the spiritual fruits of the Father’s love with which you will nourish your souls. And it is then that you will see that you have ceased possessing your human animal ego to which you are now a slave and devote all your efforts and energy to build it up even greater, and by this to turn away and distance even further from each other. Meanwhile by getting further away from each other you are also getting further away from me even as you are getting further away from the Father who is within you since you do not search for Him within yourselves but rather try to look for Him without only.  

Communion with the Father and with me is within the reach of each of you. There is not a single one who would be rejected or who would not be able to establish a relationship with me or with the Father having turned to one’s own self and having calmed down one’s restless mind which is meaninglessly wearing you down. And you can be certain of it, just try to calm down and talk with me or with the Father who, through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, all the same is within you all the time.      

If the Father knows everything about you, even as I know everything about you, would it not be logical that you would also get to know about the Father and about me more than you know at the moment? Would you not desire to talk and commune with me, or with the Father, as with the living Father, and as with living me? You, each of you, desire it, only you do not know how to establish this living relationship so that you would be able to hear permanent teachings which would be meant for you even as they are heard by this apostle of mine, as they are heard by other mortals who sincerely aspire for this communion and who so sincerely commune. You must understand that you, each of you, are loved equally. And each of you has equal possibilities to commune with both me and the Father. Each of you is provided equal conditions to open up to one’s Thought Adjuster or to my spirit, the Spirit of Truth, or to the spirit of my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, which you call the Holy Spirit. But each of you has a different desire for this opening up, and even still less you strive for this opening up by considering that it is not a real thing or that it is not within your reach for you are in no way exceptional, merited, or distinguished in some particular way.    

And even this teaching of mine is meant to sooth and strengthen you, so that you would make this step and allow this diffidence to diffuse once you, each of you, who desire this, might be certain that this experience is within your reach.   

Therefore, you must give up the dead dogmas and rituals which have been keeping you in captivity already for many generations, so deeply that they have taken away your free will to commune with the Father and with me as with living, loving, and beloved persons instead of professing dogmas which just separate you from us and lead you further away from us. Your sincere desire expressed to us, even though very shyly, shall be heard for certain. And you will hear both the Father and me speaking to you.  

You, each of you, make efforts to create a better material living for yourselves and for your own families, and you devote all your strength, all your energy, all your life to this end, and therefore you do not care about the fact that among these hard and sincere time-and-energy-consuming efforts there is no room left for a sincere conversation with the Father or with me. And you alone, thanks only to your own efforts, tread through your difficult and disorderly life just wasting it and without even giving a thought that you have wasted it. And it is very painful to both the Father and me to see you tormenting yourselves and giving everything for your material wellbeing and doing absolutely nothing for your spiritual welfare that is the essential foundation for you, for the blind mortals.     

There is no human who could swap this numerator of the existence of creation with its denominator. You must comprehend that all creation makes up the whole and its basis, or the numerator, is spirit. Even all material universes, even a material Paradise, is just a dwelling place for spirits. And it is the spiritual interrelationship and service of spirits, souls, and even mortals that make all of creation living and operating. But not the other way round. All your efforts in life must be spiritual and directed to setting up a relationship on the grounds of love in all the spheres of your activity – politics, economy, art, sport, education, culture, family, religion, personal activity. Spiritual thinking must become the numerator of your living, while your present material thinking must go down from the current position of numerator to that of denominator. You must perceive that you will really begin to live much better when you restore a spiritual nominator to its place, when it takes up a dominant place, then the material denominator of your activity will have absolutely different tinges which at the present time you cannot even imagine. And the material wellbeing of all of you shall rise beyond recognition, since you shall devote all your activity to the Father and for the benefit of the whole rather than for the benefit of your own self and of your own family.   

And to have this situation in dominance so that you would conceive by yourselves in what manner to manage your versatile activity, you will receive the teachings from both the Father and me if you are going to seek this sincerely and steadfastly. I urge each of you to stop being idlers in a spiritual sphere and get engaged in the activity even as you are engaged in a material activity. By this you will help yourselves, and even the whole of creation, and you will help your country, and the whole of humanity. 

Spiritual efforts, on the part of each of you, have a tremendous impact on the rest of you. You should have already well perceived from my previous explanation that everything in creation is interrelated and operates as a system. And it is only upon your personal desire to get perfected spiritually, that depends this creation system depends as to how more or less smoothly it will operate as regards the manifestation of one individual within it.

You must understand that you will not break down the system but you can turn your personal living into a volcano which will never have peace, and therefore it will waste its energy without realizing that it also brings closer its own end from which there is no path to the eternal future.

Therefore, even after having lived one’s entire life as a burning volcano all the time, and having received many nice words of acknowledgement, there will remain a cold emptiness within the soul which, while hearing no praise to one’s human animal ego, will submerge into even a deeper darkness and will feel still a greater anxiety. Neither one’s wealth nor one’s shining environment will invigorate the soul within the space in which the soul, in the state of bliss, could spread out its wings for a free-will flight in the air currents of the Father’s love. 

It is to prevent this that I very earnestly urge you to turn to the Father indwelling you, each of you, and to start a sincere communion with Him.