124. The Purpose Of My Teachings

My teachings are meant for those of you who sincerely desire to seek for more than you have already achieved. Those who are satisfied with their position, and with the environment, will not be interested in these teachings and they will disdain them as useless and even to be disturbing their lives. However, you must bear in mind that the major part of your and of my brethren desire these teachings for they are unable to understand by themselves why chaos prevails, why there is such a thing as love and truth which cannot break through different barriers and obstacles, why such simple and obvious words can make their way into man’s heart-soul, and life with such difficulty. Therefore, these teachings will serve them as a springboard for their jump into their daily lives.   

But this very same Father’s love and truth have also been dominating throughout creation until now, and until the current presentation of these teachings of mine. But you had a feeling that you were missing some sort of truth presentation so that you can know your whereabouts and find a more solid path in your life than the one along which you were walking and which was wearing you out so much and causing you so much anxiety from within and without. It is for those who feel this anxiety, for those who ask many questions within themselves, who sincerely search for the answers to their questions, who try with all their possible strength to withstand a sucking-in force of evil, that my teachings shall be as a source of strength.        

And they are truly meant for strengthening and energizing you, each of you, so that while walking on your own path you would progress exclusively on the path of the Father’s love and truth, even though you might be offered any other path which would be tempting and wealthy from the material point of view, and comfortable to your body. My teachings are meant for building up the character of each of you so that you could, by yourselves, begin to feel your own positive changes and, by this, experience the victory of your true self over your animal self which is full of passions and selfish aspirations that make up obstacles and barriers for love and truth. And when many of you of this type gather together, it is then, that by all means, you start to strive for making the path of spreading love and truth more difficult so that even others could neither see it nor strive for it. It is you who become this force of evil which impedes your own growth as well as that of others.  

Neither the Father nor I hide love and truth from you. No. It is you who are hiding from it yourselves. Therefore, the time has come for me, as for a Supreme Sovereign of the Universe, in which you start your journey to eternity, your path to the Father on Paradise, to present these teachings of mine. Even though you know me by the name of Jesus Christ, I present these teachings now being not only as Christ but as one of the Creators and Supreme Rulers of the Universe. I present them as the highest universe power, which is the power of the Father’s love and truth in the whole universe.  

Therefore, I am telling you that those of you who will believe these teachings of mine and start applying them in your daily lives shall have no insurmountable obstacles in order to become the revealers of love and truth to your other brethren, however unfavorable circumstances might be. Together with the Father and me, and being assisted by your angel guardians, the seraphim, you shall manage to overcome all obstacles so that love and truth would shine around you and they would beam so strongly within you that you would begin to nourish yourselves with these very living vibrations of love and truth. And all this shall happen, for such is the will of the Father, and such is my will that you would deliver yourselves from the slavery of lies and fear, that you would become free children of the Father.    

It is for this purpose that my teachings are meant. To deliver you from the fetters designed by you, which strangle, and rub your hands, legs, and neck till they bleed. Meanwhile, you must feel bliss and experience no abrading, no pain. And you must follow my teachings in order to feel perpetual bliss, the bliss which is offered to you by the Father, and which reaches and embraces you. They will harm no one. My teachings will not be harmful even to those who do not desire to read them, even to those who hurt and torment you. By no means will they take away a free-will choice from any of you. It is only your free will that will decide whether or not it is worth progressing along this path, whether or not it is worth, as you say, “to blow against a head wind.” It is you, each one personally, who must make a decision. However, you must also know that to those who will make a choice “to blow against a head wind,” to blow against the slavery and fetters of rituals and dogmas, vices and poverty that you have put on your own shoulders, the Father shall come to their assistance. I, as well as my whole universe, shall assist those of you, for no one in my universe must be a slave against one’s own will. Therefore, all the vast family of the universe, of which you have no idea, will join in your spiritual ascent and delivery.         

You had a chance to hear something about the angel guardians. These angel guardians have a corresponding name – seraphim. And they are always working together with you to help you get liberated from these fetters of slavery. However, when you personally, on your conscious level, make this decision, your guardians will receive enormous support for their own activity and therefore it will proceed much more successfully. And in a similar way the angels of nations, the church angels, the angels of progress, the angels-social architects, Midwayers, Melchizedeks, Physical Controllers will also contribute to this activity. To each of you, assistance will be rendered of that type of which even the richest king of your material states cannot dream.      

Now this assistance is also rendered to you, however, as long as your free will is turned to the direction of evil rather than to the direction of the Father this help is not within your reach, and you cannot make use of it since you do not know anything about it, nor that you think about it. And it is necessary for you to make only one step – sincerely and personally of your own free will, to make a decision on choosing the path of the Father’s love and truth. And this path is free. Walk upon it bravely and throughout all eternity. My teachings will help you make this decision and use it so that in your daily living you would broaden this path of love and truth, and that you would light it up for others. Your steps will encourage others. The greater the number of those walking on the path of love and truth, the stronger is the very stride.    

However to those of you who will be among the first to walk along this path, it is my teachings that will be this support from without that you will be able to read them and verify your stride, until you learn to commune with the Father or with me directly, and live in order to address us for your counsel.

By your single decision you absolutely change your future. From a slave you become a free person. This is a wonderful change and experience. And after you discover the Father within, the inner sense of your freedom will be so great that you will not be able to hold this jubilation because it will be only then that you will realize that you have become His son or daughter. Only then you will realize as a human being that you have ceased being any longer a servant of the Father and have become a loving and beloved son of the Father. That is a wonderful inner transformation into your true self.   

But until you reach it, my teachings serve you as a supporting handrail while ascending on this staircase which leads up. And this is the only staircase leading to love and truth. All the other paths lead to the domination of your animal self ever more and to the experience of still greater suffering. However, what you strive for in this life you are certain to get. If you are looking to satisfy only material needs for your animal self, then you must take part in a game which is based on the rules designed by the similar animal selves, and which will bring you a great many moments of despair and pain, because the rules of this game do not provide the manifestation of love and truth. And if it does not provide them, you cannot expect either love or truth within it. Thus, neither can you expect comfort, compassion, soothing, nor understanding in it. You must expect tension, injustice, and the reign of force. If this path, leading your soul to destruction, is acceptable to you then you may use your will to choose it. However, it is a very painful and destructive deadlock. You will not get anywhere on it. You will only wear yourself out ever more and experience such disappointment that at the very last moment before your sick body, that has suffered a lot, will consume the very last drops of its energy you will acknowledge to yourself: “I have experienced many things in my life – joy and pain, but I have not experienced love and happiness.” And this will be true; because no one who is turned away from the Father, who does not open up to Him, can experience love and happiness. And that one who opens up to Him can no longer lead such a selfish life. That one chooses another path – the path of life rather than of death.