127. The Reward For Your Faith Is Your Resurrection

Thus, I tell you that by having faith in me you also have faith in the Father. There is no faith in me without one’s faith in the Father. However, by having faith in the Father you have faith in me as in your senior Brother who helps you progress on the very initial world to the Father, and who shall also help you further when you wake up from your sleep of death in an enormous and beautiful hall in which the souls of my universe are awakened. And then you will feel even greater love for both the Father and me because of this wonderful plan of the Father, that it is only due to your faith, rather than due to accumulating ever new reincarnation experiences, that you have survived your material death and you have been resurrected. And you not only were resurrected the way you wake up from a night sleep but you were resurrected in a new body which will not torment you with pain and diseases any longer for its purpose is to serve the Father by good deeds merely on a higher level than the mortal one. And you will realize very well that even though you are in a new ambience, which is unfamiliar to you, still you are this very same awakened self who feels recuperated like after the soundest sleep. And who not only feels recuperated, but who also entertains a sincere desire as of a child, to find out his whereabouts, what is happening around, and why. And this desire shall be satisfied.               

And not only will you learn how you have arrived here and where you are, but you will also see this very world and its boiling and meaningful life activity, and maybe you will also join it. You will watch it and you will wonder as to how beautiful and pleasant this life is to your sight, what great pleasure it provides you from within. You will sense peace and bliss beyond description, and inexplicable inner joy, that you are seeing all of this. And you will entertain an ever growing desire to do something personally and to participate in this activity, yet you will not know how to begin. And it will be explained to you as to when and in what way your participation will begin in this life on a much higher level, in comparison with your life on the world from which you arrived.  

While I lived among you in the human flesh, I was no different from you. And my faith in the Father was ever growing and deepening due to my personal relationship with the Father. It was only this relationship with the Father that enabled me to experience the life which I experienced.

Now you call me the Son of God just because I called myself by this name at the end of my mission. At the beginning I was calling myself the Son of Man. I did not want to scare you by revealing myself at once, as the one who had come from the Father. I was just explaining, and demonstrating by my living, how it was possible to lean upon the Father and love all people. And to love them not only as one’s brethren with one’s brotherly love but to love them with a fatherly love which never requests this love to be returned. It is only a fatherly love that loves a son or daughter even though the son or daughter does not show any love. It was this type of love that I demonstrated by my living. And should it be too difficult for you to comprehend my teaching then by seeing my way of living, you may reproduce it by your own life of fatherly love. And it was not necessary for you to call me Master. In a similar way, I could have led my life by doing the carpenter’s job, or by becoming a merchant. I could have also become a philosopher; and even the leader of the Galilee Jews in their struggle against the gentile oppression. However, I chose the path of a spiritual guide. But by no way does it mean that the path which I chose was better than the other ones which I could not choose any more for it was impossible to walk along two paths at the same time. I chose such a path which could provide ordinary people who were being harmed, with as much light and comfort as possible, so that they could become stronger in those difficult circumstances which were dominant on your planet.        

However, had your spiritual level been much higher, I would have chosen a different path to reach out for an ever greater number of your hearts. Had you then developed yourselves much more, even in comparison with your present development in the material, political, and social spheres, I might have become the leader of some state, and particularly in this sphere of activity, I would have demonstrated to the world how to govern a country together with the Father. Now I tell you this because you must understand that the activity of the Sons of the Father of my order during the term of their human incarnation, which is very short, can enjoy a great diversity. It is not limited just to the activity in which I was engaged. But in each sphere of activity all the Sons of the Father of my spiritual rank, while in the human flesh, demonstrate doing the Father’s will by living in whatever capacity they might serve and in whatever they might do.   

And the higher the level of humanity’s development, the freer the choice for the path we can walk along while demonstrating the doing of the Father’s will. In a poorly developed society the choice is also poor. For there is very little among men that can be changed on a wider scale if the choice is made for such an occupation which will not embrace direct contact with a great number of people. It is only in a more developed community that it is possible to present a teaching, and just by making this teaching public, even from the position of the head of a state, to help people choose a more correct path to the wellbeing of the whole. However, this community must have already given up by this time such animal vices as selfishness and fear. They must already live up to the higher ideals of mutual understanding and cooperation based on love.