136. Educational System Must Educate Children For The Benefit Of The Whole Rather Than For That Of The Individual

Individualistic-egoistic teaching is doing harm to both the whole and the individual. Therefore, the sooner you perceive it the sooner you get rid of this vicious teaching system that is all based on an egoistic striving of an individual for the benefit of one‘s self at any price. Even at the price of the damage to the whole.

Such a nearsighted approach to education and child‘s up-bringing already today produces plenty of painful results when you see it by yourselves that less than one percent of the mankind control the rest of humanity. The percentage of the leaders of humanity cannot be bigger however the trouble is that these leaders have subdued everything for their own interests rather than for those of the whole. And that is the outcome, consequence, of your children‘s up-bringing and education.

You do not have teachers, therefore, you cannot draft good programs on the children‘s up-bringing so that these teachers might be trained. There are no good programs on training the teachers therefore there are no good trained teachers. It might seem to be a vicious circle. However, it is not a vicious circle at all. It can be removed very quickly and on a very large scale, on the world scale, so that there would be no trace of it altogether. So that it would blast like a lather bubble. It is merely suffice for every one of you to discover the Father within. And then, instantaneously, each one who discovers the Father within shall know how to bring up his children, what they must be taught, and in what manner. And the programs shall not be necessary as they shall be dictated by the Father thru your soul. And it is only then that you shall realize that the child‘s up-bringing and development start with filling him with the content of love rather than with cramming a dry scholastic information without absolutely comprehending either the possibilities of its application or its use for the society and humanity.

You must keep in mind the essential thing – you live in the creation of the Creator-Father and you are participating, really participating up to your abilities, in the design on the development of all the creation. Therefore, you shall never achieve good results either in science or industry if you eliminate the role of this very Creator-Father from your activity, and the more so from the child‘s up-bringing and education.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you discover the Creator-Father within yourselves the sooner you shall eliminate this seemingly vicious circle in the current up-bringing and education of children; and without any additional investment, and on the widest scale, and within the shortest span of time.

When the experiencing of the Father enters your own daily life the quality of your decisions shall change right away. And what seems today to be a driving power, a competition, or individualism, you shall clearly see that it is your perish, the perish of all. And then you shall vigorously thrust yourselves at correcting this type of a distorted situation on the world. No scientists, no politicians shall tell you this, you must hear it from the Father the way you hear this very message now being rendered to you thru my apostle. However, now you are reading it yet it is not close to your heart and it is not ringing to you the way it shall be when you discover the Father within yourselves, and experience Him. Then you shall realize that moving industry to the less developed areas for a bigger profit is absolutely not the same as sharing one‘s experience so that even these less developed areas might get engaged in industry and learn a cooperation. It is only the Father that shall tell you, each, once you open up to Him, what, and in what manner, must be done so that this cooperation would be for the benefit of the whole, as of a harmonious family. It is only with the Father that you shall have courage and resolution to make this step that shall deny all your assertions, currently in existence, that you call scientific to the effect that it is only the competition that can ensure the development of humanity and that is an indispensable stimulator of progress.

These are the most erroneous assertions that might be invented already by the clever people. If you continue to cling to these nearsighted statements it is inevitable that you shall come up to such a limit as to stand up against each other as the biggest enemies. In that case you shall not be interested in either a profit or industry, or even in the very assertions any more for you shall be thinking as to how to survive. However, there shall be no place to hide in since a chaos shall reign everywhere. And chaos causes not only a disorder but also a panic. In its turn the panic makes the chaos even bigger. And in such a situation no one desires to listen to anyone. Under these conditions a common language is merely impossible.

Therefore, I call on you to draw your own conclusions as soon as possible and to turn to the Father within you with all your soul, to discover Him, to be born of the spirit, and then to start a normal human life as the sons and daughters of the Father who know the way how to raise their children and what to teach them, and how to teach them, at school. And these young people after having finished school shall be well aware of the meaning of their living – to give all their love, being received from the Creator, and all their activity for the benefit of the whole. And they shall be striving for implementing this in their daily lives.

It is then that your teaching programs shall change into one program on the true living – to serve each other with love even as the Father serves you. It is only then that your schools and universities shall become the true schools and universities for it is only then that the fluctuation in teaching the popular professions, during some definite time segment, shall cease since it is expedient, from the point of view of profit-income, to both an individual and the university while other professions are unable to attract students altogether. These are the diseases of an immature society and theyhave tobe healed because they shall be swaying the ship of humanity ever stronger. The remedy is only one –faith.

It is only then that the prestigious and profitable professions shall disappear since one‘s job shall be looked upon as a chance to reveal the abilities of one‘s higher and true self thru the service to all rather than upon self-aggrandizement of one‘s animal self. It is only then that one‘s assessment according to one‘s wealth status or the power impact shall disappear. It is only then that each one shall enjoy enormously expanded opportunities to express oneself namely in that field one‘s heart is inclined to. And where is one‘s heart there is a better job quality beyond comparison. It is only then that you shall realize that the cooperation and emulation for a better outcome so that your newly invented and better methods subsequently to be shared with others so they could also achieve better results is an incomparably much higher driving force of progress that humanity have not known yet. This way you will be able to equalize an uneven economic development of the world, and to reduce a chaotic migration once people die out of hunger on one land since they have no jobs and means for living while on another land there is a huge overabundance that is attracting people there.

There is not a single unsolvable problem. There are only, so far, unwise methods of their solution. Even now you often repeat that with God everything is possible. So, why you do not apply this assertion in your practical daily lives to tackle the problems that so heavily oppress you in the spheres of economy, politics, children‘s up-bringing, education, enlightenment, and the society development. Turn to the Creator-Father and start your cooperation with Him, and then you shall see that you are learning from Him how to cooperate among yourselves. Because of this new attitude and living of yours all will get richer. Each of you, personally, shall get richer as well. Only make a practical step towards the Father who has already made His own step for He has even bestowed upon you, each, a fragment of Himself, His spirit, Thought Adjuster, and inhabited him within your mind. Now the Father is awaiting, patiently awaiting, when you respond Him in a similar way, and turn to Him with all your heart so that your opened up soul would start experiencing a live relationship with Him. Open up to Him and then you shall be able to tackle all the problems, at the moment still unsolvable, both personal and social.