138. Ravaging Of Natural Resources Is Destructive To You

Today your natural resources are ravaged. You treat thoughtlessly that which you are given by nature, by the planet. You do not even give it a thought that you harm it by literally exhausting it. And it is not you who are its masters and owners, but you behave as if you had bought it and were keeping it in your ownership.     

As you ruthlessly devastate it, as you do not protect its resources, by this you demonstrate the level of the development of your thinking. This is improper thinking which absolutely does not correspond to, and even contrasts with your present material level of civilization. And as to your spiritual level, it testifies to the fact that your spiritual chick has not yet broken the shell of its egg to see a greater world. You really harm yourselves, and you are blind children of the Father. You must realize that creation operates as a system, your body operates as a system, and your planet operates as a system which it is also part of the system of the whole of creation. Therefore, it is upon your behavior with the planet, on which you start your very first step to eternity, that the environment of your planet depends, for the other generations whose appearance is yet to come.               

Were you the owners of this planet, you would never leave it. Were you the masters of this planet, you would certainly not destroy your own property. Now you are similar to such children who have gathered to play in a sand box but instead of playing in it in concord and association among themselves, they engaged themselves in breaking the sand box. And it will not be long before the box will be broken and the sand will begin to run out of it. Thus, soon it will be spread around, it will be taken out and there will be no desire for the children to gather together and play in it the way they desired, to create an image of reality in a nice sand box. Simply uncomprehending children broke it altogether with their own hands. And there was no one to warn them and to stop them since the grown-up-children were busy with exactly similar activity in other sand boxes.     

Therefore, these teachings of mine, presented to you, are meant to warn you that you play with a fire which is dangerous to you. You destroy your own life environment and commit a crime against the coming generations for whom you do not leave a clean and cozy environment, beautified by your own souls and hands. Meanwhile, even the one which has already been created, not by your hands but by my hands when I created, as a Creator Son of the Father, together with my helpers, this universe and this sand box, for you to play your life game in it in harmony and friendship, you so systematically ravage it that we cannot watch it any longer the way we have till now. You cause, by yourselves, such disastrous phenomena as tsunamis and enormous natural disasters which claim so many victims, and inflict upon you physical pain and material losses. However, it is this sort of thoughtless living that makes you suffer.        

Keep in mind, but for your thoughtless behavior with the environment, with natural resources, and with each other, to date your environmental conditions would be far better than they were earlier. We did our best to make this devastating and frightening-to-you process on the planet softer and even delay it. We have both the means and the power for this. However, this delayed and relatively quiet ambience does not activate you into harmonious association and cooperation among yourselves. On the contrary, your insatiable covetousness and inability to raise your eyesight from material wealth and from getting richer, to spiritual searching and the implementation of concord, as well as domination by some of you within family, society, politics, economy grow even more and there seem to be no limits to all this. Therefore, we must gradually open up a protective vapor valve, so that the pressure cooker would not blast altogether. And we are opening it slowly allowing the forces of the pressure of energy-heat of nature-planet to erupt very gradually from within to the surface       

Pumping out gas and oil, and from ever deeper, without any care, you create separate cavity areas under the crust of your planet. You well know that where there is any hole in a system it must be filled up all the same if the system operates and if it is not blocked. Therefore, even these cavities begin to impact the direction of the heat pressure under the crust towards where any, even the smallest, cavity opens up or where the volume of oil or gas is reduced. However, this flow of heat pressure can provoke both a flood and an earthquake even in very far off areas of the planet, for even this hot matter which is under the crust, and which you see by yourselves how enormously devastating it is during volcanic eruptions, is also connected with the entire planetary system and always reacts to any changes under the crust. And the influence of heat pressure of nearly two thousand degrees, of the nucleus of your planet, though it gets cooler towards the crust of the planet and the bed of the ocean, all the same is so great that it can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the tsunami waves in the ocean, as you call them, in the weakest areas of the crust where the matter density is lower, or where cavities appear. The surface of the crust of the planet moves, though not so actively as it did hundreds of thousands of years ago. 

Meanwhile your actions, out of your covetousness, for the sake of higher profits for separate companies and for separate groups of your brethren, impact this relative tranquility of the crust as if you were awakening a sleeping lion. However, the lion might not yet be that dangerous if it is absolutely full and consequently is lazy. In this case you are lucky. But the crust is not a replete lion. It responds to any change in the pressure of heat. And even the slightest change generates its actions. And that causes an enormous reaction in the water basin of the planet. Therefore the ocean also reacts. And this reaction you see yourselves when the waves of the tsunami sweep away huge buildings as sand castles built by children.     


And if we were not trying to equalize this pressure of heat by the means which delay it, which also reduce it, the tsunami wave would be by many times more awful by its consequences and the areas devastated. This way we only diminish the effect. We cannot stop an evolutionary process of the settling of the matter of the planet. It settles down in the course of millions of years. And those eons of perpetual eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes, floods and continental drifts are in the past. The current eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes are just their distant echo. However, you still desire to tease the sleeping lion with the high tides of your constant greed.       

Therefore, instead of robbing earth of its resources and wasting them frivolously you would rather develop your mind by trying to comprehend more progressive methods of receiving the energy resources which are so necessary for you, and which will neither pollute the environment nor wake up the sleeping lion.

You must realize that even your present mind is already capable of implementing such plans which would liberate you from receiving energy resources by the method that is disastrous to you. And to be able to design and carry out such schemes, seek to discover the Father within for it is only then that you will start working efficiently in mutual cooperation rather than by competing among yourselves out of covetousness for better and more profitable orders. When you open up to the Father, when your energy and efforts are directed for the benefit of all rather than for seeking your own profit it is only then that you will be able to make use of the assistance of more powerful thoughts and projects which already now are provided to you by your unseen but real and true helpers who love you and help you even though you do not see them. 

Creation, your planet is also a tiny part of it, was made by the Father for all those who participate in this creative game-process so that they would create and gladly enjoy this creative process of their growth, and while growing would associate among themselves rather than devastate and destroy it. And that they all would turn to and lean upon the Creator-Father of All, and would worship Him for having made this marvelous sand box – Creation.

Your material wellbeing will never improve if you do not create your inner spiritual welfare. The inner man is reflected by your outer actions the way the outer actions reflect your inner man. Therefore, if only you begin to cherish your inner person, if only you begin to develop your soul by submitting yourselves to the leading of the Father from within, then you will also begin to care for the whole of the environment. And you will creatively supplement it by your living full of love, rather than destroy and ravage it. 

It is only then that you will understand that you must leave nature for the future generations cleaner than you have received it from the previous generations. You must cherish and protect it as a very precious wealth entrusted to you. You are not the owners and masters of this great wealth. You manage this precious property only as trustees who have been authorized to use it for the benefit of your generation and other generations to come. Therefore, to other generations you must pass this empowering, which has been granted to you, while keeping your head highly raised, that you have done everything in your power and that you have carefully preserved the entire wealth and even made your own contribution to increase it so that the next generation would enjoy even better conditions in comparison with these of your generation, to govern this great wealth as trustees.   

It is only this type of attitude on the planet of your initial living that will ensure its careful protection and cherishing. It is only this approach that will enable you to think that by proceeding along the current lines when the planet is weeping because of your cruelty and greediness, that it has no other way out but to react to your selfish living according to the provided principle of cause-action-consequence. And it has to react. We cannot annul this principle. It is in our power to delay its operation in time, and by this to soften its consequences for you. However, to the mind, obscured by covetousness, it does not seem that by its activity it contributes to the consequences of the operation of this principle which are so painful for you. This sort of thinking is very erroneous. And it must be corrected as soon as possible, for otherwise, very soon these consequences will be even more painful.  

And do not look around at others. Begin it with yourself. Keep in mind, however little and weak man might seem to be on this world, yet he can enormously impact the whole of the environment when he begins his life with and for the Father, and carries on his regular daily activity. And when his activity is permeated with the vibrations of the Father’s love which he consciously perceives and directs to this activity, then it becomes holy. Therefore, even though there is no one around you who would perceive and experience the Father’s love, and who would consecrate their daily activity in this way, do it yourselves, each of you, in your own daily lives. Start everything with yourselves rather than with a neighbor. If he harms or hurts you, if he does not associate with you and even if he despises you, send him vibrations of the Father’s love in your sincere prayer during your communion with the Creator, and pray for his spiritual awakening, for his spiritual insight. Do the same for those who ravage your environment. Send your love vibrations to them as well so that they would begin to feel a flicker of this love from you at the greatest distance, even thousands of kilometers away. Pray for light and love, wisdom and understanding for them. Do the same for your political leaders; so that they would also gain their spiritual insight. And always be faithful to the Creator – the Father – by your holy steps in your daily living. It is this way that you will begin to protect the planetary riches entrusted to you, even though you do not literally govern them as a trustee. This will be your help to all those who do govern them. And do all this with love and very sincerely. And do it not only individually but also in groups for as you remember it is a collective prayer that is more powerful because its impact increases exponentially to the number of those praying collectively.