154. The Current Tragic Family Situation Is the Consequence Of Your Selfishness

That which now affects family as a negative influence produces within each of you low energy vibrations which exhaust your physical body and mind and make them victim of viruses and depression. They are especially dangerous for children since their immunity is still lower as they are much more open to everything which you do, and you do it while following your selfish motives, and by this you emit your low vibrations.

Therefore, your present families and children within them simply cannot experience peace and concord. Even though there is no blazing conflict which is visible to the eyes or heard by ears, low energy vibrations all the same, are emanated to one another. And it is only due to this that you have started to call your home as nothing but hell. Children run away from home. Grown-ups do the same. You run away from that which you have produced by your own acts.

Do you realize the consequences of all this, when low energy vibrations, which are emanated by you as you run away from your families that you produce of your own will and the low energy vibrations are transferred over to other family groups. And very soon these other family groups turn into a hell similar to the previous one. You do not call your families a fire-place of love but rather by a most cruel word which does not fit to be used at all, not only in a separate family, but in the whole of creation.

You become viruses yourselves, for as they multiply at an enormous rate and by this, break down your material body by the manifestation of different illnesses, so do you ever break down the lives of most of the new families which you set up. And your offspring will repeat all this even in a more awful form, because every new generation not only replicates the life of the preceding generation, but rather does it either on a higher or lower level.

If you do not develop spiritually by yourselves, the new generations shall not have an obvious example to follow and their living shall be a replica of your living, but only on a lower level. The life of the next generation will be poorer from a spiritual vantage point, while from the physical point of view it will be more painful since you will regard each other through the eyes of the adversary that must necessarily be conquered in order to feel the satisfaction of this victory.

You even designed such terms as vampires which neither have been nor are in existence. This is the fruit of your fancy. However, following the impetus of your distorted fancy, you began to write books about vampires who drink man’s physical blood. You made films so that already several generations grew up on these imprinted images. And they already expanded the concept of the vampire, non-existent in reality, to the concept of calling any spiritually immature son or daughter of the Father a vampire who sucks in another man’s energy. By this you reached such a distorted concept of creation that energy vampires already emerged within the family – the husband or the wife. And you started to drag still further down by designing different means of protection from these invented and unreal vampires through different incantations, various amulets, and multiple mysterious rituals. And you began to take money for this. This is the greatest fake which a contemporary ignorant man could have ever thought of to frighten himself and after that even to pay money in order to be delivered from this very same fear.

Therefore I can tell you very frankly and in very simple and the same words – your peace and freedom are in your hands, each of you. Turn to the Father present within you, each of you, through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, and then you will experience the Father’s love which also will transform you into love conductors to all those with whom you will associate. And then you will not participate in the conflicts of even the present family, at least on your own part. And from a vampire, you will turn into a loving husband or wife. And if the Father within, in a similar way is discovered by your partner, then your family will become a family which is permeated with the Father’s love, and it will be raised, as a phoenix from the ashes, to a new life, not by your physical feelings discovered anew, but rather by the Father’s love which will turn your former and dominant selfish attitude to the other person into the flow of an enormous river of the Father’s love in which both of you will bathe. And while bathing in this same river both of you will start to feel this wonderful and refreshing water of the river. It is only then that you will begin to sense, to experience that you also desire to bathe your children in this same water of the river of love. And your vibrations directed to your children will be completely different and your perception of who your children are will also be absolutely different.

You will stop regarding your children as your own property, a live property. You will realize that they do not belong to you as a piece of furniture or any other article which you can push around the way you wish. Not only will you realize within your mind but you also will feel within your soul, that your children are the children of the Father who is also yours, and who also have exactly the same free will as you have. But, they are only little, and your task is to raise them as much as you can do it together with the Father, so that they would grow up as nice, straight trees with rich foliage, providing any traveler with a shade on a hot day. And you will be able to raise them as such mighty trees only with love, patience, and enormous devotion to the Father so that you would draw wisdom from Him as to how to carry out this task.

When you raise your children who will also possess a deep experience and comprehension of the Father’s love, when they realize that the quantity house of one’s living must necessarily stand on the quality foundation of one’s living, so that it would not collapse, that the quality foundation of one’s living is nothing but the doing of the Father’s will by doing good to all and without expecting reward for it, then you will experience that the meaning of your life has really acquired a divine tinge. And your living becomes similar to the Father’s .