24. My Searching

For many of you this explanation of mine seems to be incredible and impossible. However, do not make haste with your conclusions. When I was on earth as Jesus of Nazareth, I was also of the opinion that I would not know more than my eyes saw and my ears heard. However, I was trying to raise questions to myself all the time, for I had no one to consult with on these very questions. No one desired either to talk about these issues or to bother with that which was not related to the reality they perceived which their material eyes could see and their material ears could hear.

Therefore my questions remained unanswered. And still, I desired to know the answers as to who built the mountains? Who devised water? Where did life come from? Why was it so diversified but still managed to re-adjust itself to survive? Who caused anger in man? Why were there jealousy, wealth, and poverty? Who was that God who controlled all? Who produced Him? How could He be invisible and still have more strength than the strongest beast that could not be conquered by any man? And these questions were piling up ever more while in no way could I find any answer that would convince me.

It was only after I had been baptized by John the Baptist, in the river of Jordan, that I was shown a remarkable vision. That was the vision shown to me, to my divine and universal consciousness, rather than to my material eyes, by the Father, revealing to me that I was on that planet, in that form, and in that environment, to be able to perform a task of a much higher Divine and Universal Consciousness; a mission in the field of the lower consciousness energy information vibrations, in order not only to know that very field of lower consciousness energy information vibrations from within, that I had also known before, but to experience that level of consciousness by becoming one of the emitters of the vibrations of such a lower consciousness. It strengthened me and enabled me to realize what a remarkable and noble mission of light that was, to step down from my higher consciousness vibrations to the lower consciousness vibrations and to try to raise the lower consciousness vibrations back to the higher ones that I had stepped down, to have this new experience.

One‘s experience is the only reliable and firm way to nurture the character of any personality. Whatever the circumstances, it is always possible to raise the energy vibrations of one‘s consciousness, at least by an iota higher than they are at the moment. There is no environment in which it would not be allowed and possible to do it. And it is only when the energy information vibrations of one‘s consciousness are raised to a higher frequency that one‘s character gets stronger. So does the material vehicle which you call your body.

Therefore it is necessary to raise the vibrations of your consciousness ever higher, however high you might have already raised them. There are always conditions by which to raise them one more step upwards.