25. Walking With John The Baptist Towards The Mountain

When, after my baptism, I was walking to the mountain, I was accompanied to the foot of the mountain by John the Baptist. I did not talk with him, I did not say a word to him, even though he was telling me, for the first time, what his mother had been told by my mother, Mary, that I was a Messiah, that my mission was very high and significant to all, and that he had promised his mother not to tell me anything about that mission of mine, and that he had kept his word. But now, he was feeling within his own self, that the time had come for me to know it as well. He could not explain what power had instigated him to reveal that very secret he had been keeping for many years.  

I was walking and thinking about the vision I had just been shown, how I had looked prior to my descending to this lower level; and even the vision of what was awaiting me after the completion of my mission and after my return to the Father of all Israel, to my Father, and the Father of all. It was during this musing moment within my own self on the way to the mountain that John was telling me about my mission, the mission of the Messiah among the Jews, incomprehensible to him up to that moment.

I did not explain to John anything, for I realized it would be too difficult for him to grasp what I had seen. How could have I explained to him that I was not the Messiah, while he had cherished a hope for a long time that he had been paving a road to the Messiah who would set up a new kingdom of God. How could have I explained it to him so that he would be able to understand it, that my mission consisted of my own consciousness lowered from the high energy information vibrations, to be brought back to the vibrations of my higher consciousness through my own experience. And that mission was already completed. My mission was already finished. All that was in the offing depended on my own personal and free will.

I was walking submerged in my deep thoughts. I was feeling at the bottom of my own self that I was walking, being led by the Father from within, to stay alone, to commune with the Father without being intervened by anyone, to talk with my own self as to what I might do next. Now everything depended upon my free will decision.

John noticing that I was showing no reaction to his words, even to his question of what he had to do next – whether or not to continue to baptize people and preach that the heavenly kingdom was at hand – started gradually lagging behind me. And, seeing that I did continue to walk on to the mountain, he returned to the river.