40. The Staircase Of One’s Spiritual Career

It is characteristic of man to rise up upon his career ladder so that others would attribute to him more value and show him more respect. But it is not the case in the Father’s spiritual family. Greater authority is conferred on a creature once the creature achieves higher spiritual vibrations, and by means of them merges with the higher frequency spiritual-information vibrations emanated by the Father. And this higher frequency vibrating is achieved, not only by greater knowledge of creation and of God, but also, and especially, by the application of that greater knowledge in everyday service for the benefit of the whole. This is the only path of progressing to light by taking up an ever higher and more influential, according to your understanding, position. According to our understanding, it is assuming an ever more sophisticated task, so that while carrying it out, you would give creation all the light accumulated before, while investigating creation. And this path is eternal.

And every creature, irrespective of his rank or order, always has free will and uses it following his own wisdom only. No creature can ever do anything to impose his will on another; not even on another human being. Everyone makes one’s decisions following only one‘s own wisdom. Even the greatest sage, however long ago he might have lived on this world, was trying to expand his wisdom and to make use of it and spread it to others. But the wisest way to expand one’s wisdom is to use the superior sources, even the divine sources, especially the wisdom of revelations that are passed down to the mortals by the spiritual beings; as in this case as you are receiving this revelation. However, the decision whether or not you are going to use it, all the same, will rest upon you, and personally, at that.

And you would deliver yourselves from darkness and straying, as well as from wrong concepts about me and my life in the human flesh, while relying on both the wisdom you have accumulated and this revelation being passed down to you.

Therefore, looking upon my thoughts wisely, you are certain to perceive that nothing has really changed for you even now, after you have come to know that I am not the Only Son of God the Father that you have been considering me to be for two thousand years. However, the time has come that you might know more about me for certain, and even that which no other creature of my universe knows, for I am speaking to you about myself. And no one else throughout my universe can know better than I what and how I have experienced during my life span in the human flesh. And these experiences reflecting my own thoughts have never been related in any other source; told through my own lips.

It is now that the time has come to spread this information; to spread it to explain my mission among you.