52. The Body And The Personality

The Supreme Mind of Creation is the Source of Wisdom. If you do not seek greater wisdom, you do not deepen your mind. You do not grow in your own self. A physical body grows, develops, meanwhile your mind begins to lag behind the developed beauty of the physical body. You must understand that creation is an operating, masterfully designed, system. Therefore, each smaller element of creation is related to the whole.

Likewise the whole is related with its smaller element. There is a system only when three or more elements are connected into one whole.

Therefore your own self has a spiritual gift received from the Father; your personality, that self of yours which must reveal itself through love and goodness, through truth and mercy by service, in one‘s material body that is very temporary. Your inner self may be eternal if you discover the spirit of the Father within yourselves. Meanwhile, a material vehicle that you call your body, and which is designed for the manifestations of your inner self, can never be eternal. A material energy that constitutes the energy vibrations of low frequency wears out and has to change its form of expression. The flesh disintegrates for it no longer has the higher energy vibrations providing it with life and the frequency of the disintegrated body particles drops still lower. That form of energy that has sustained life in a physical body has passed to another form which cannot maintain the previous life form any longer. However, as long as your body receives the energy of the higher vibrations, and as long as it is being sustained by it; that long your inner self must have a feeling that this very self and its physical vehicle, a living vehicle, and the Father, make up a system within which each element is interrelated.

The Father bestows the gift of the personality upon each of you; your own self that is a spirit, that is spiritual and that is eternal. The One who is Eternal bestows that which is also eternal, for He is even the Source of Eternity. Therefore, your true self, in order to reveal itself by its true character, by its shining, must have some form of its identity. It is this form that constitutes your material, or physical, form which you call your body.

But this body is not your own inner self. It is only your outer form.