59. The Dead Prayer Service

The time has come when you must wake up and start to comprehend that God, in reality, is not such a Source who would punish, hurt, and torment all, and each of you. And if after the church prayer service you walk out without a stronger feeling of love for people, and for all of creation, if you are not feeling within yourselves a greater devotion to the Father due to His love being experienced within yourselves, it means that your praying was nothing but performing the dead ritual in particular. It did not give a living water of the Father to your soul at all. This type of prayer only calmed down your mind, even though in reality it deceived it, as if you communicated with God, since you participated at the prayer service that was devoted to communication with God in particular. 

Watch yourselves after each prayer service whether or not you have become better; more merciful, loving each other more; and not only the members of your material, earthly, family but as well as all the other members of the vast spiritual family, the Father‘s family, who are uniformly loved, even as each of you is uniformly loved, by Him. And if you do not feel such transformations within your heart, it means that you only perform exclusively a dead ritual that cannot supply you with a real and living experience of a live relationship with the Father that your soul would feel. It also means that you are robbing yourselves of greater growth of your own selves. You are taking away from yourself the real and blissful daily living of your own true self that has been bestowed upon you by the Father. It is beyond your understanding how severely you are punishing yourselves. However, it is you who are suffering because of this. 

All those, without exception, who have incarcerated the growth of their souls within the impact of such dead rituals do not experience the joy and freedom of living; the fullness and bliss of the experience provided by this living, but instead, they experience enormous anguish and fear of any possible failure, either personal or of their earthly family members. And this painful and anxious life of yours has been produced by you rather than provided by the Father. Therefore, never blame the Father for causing your anguish or pain, for your hard living, and for turning away from you without coming to your assistance. It is you who are supplying yourselves with all your negative emotions by leading such a dead an unreal life.