70. A Better Knowledge Of Creation Is Necessary

Creation, the whole of creation, is a living energy system. And everything is interacting within it. Therefore, to have a harmonious operation within this interaction it is necessary to know creation well. It is impossible not to violate this interaction without knowing it. However, one’s knowledge of creation is profound provided that one is merging with its Source and Center, with the Father, ever more. It is impossible to know the operation of creation without Him. In this case it is possible only to produce plenty of problems to oneself. Some of you already begin to comprehend it as you see how much in a chaotic and plundering way, and exclusively out of your selfish interests, forests are being devastated, oil and gas are being pumped, wildlife are being annihilated, fish are being ravaged, nature is being contaminated, ever larger cities are being built which introduce more confusion and criminal activities into that very community that plans the construction of this very city.        

There is not a single life form throughout creation that would harm itself; that would contradict the law of the Father’s love. Therefore, the lowest life form, a material life, has either instincts to follow, to survive in a long evolutionary chain, being unable to do harm to itself, or possesses a free will, and being at the very bottom of the evolutionary ladder, man, the only material life form possessing free will, receives the Monitor from the Father to help him use his free will in a wiser manner.   

The biggest obstacle for man is the haughtiness of his inner ego. He cannot believe that there are higher spiritual and real beings, spirits, who also have their own bodies, only these bodies of theirs do not have material expression, thus it would be more appropriate to call them individual forms of energy vibration rather than bodies. Each of them is as individual and different as that which you call a material body which seems to you individual and different. Only your current body is very heavy and consists of the energy vibrations that are very low, and because of this your material eyes can see it. Our vision is the reflection of such a high energy vibration in our consciousness, individual consciousness, that matter, as the lowest form of energy vibration, is not seen and registered by many spirit orders. Therefore, such small bodies or buildings of yours do not exist to them altogether. Thus, to get an idea of their significance in your life, they have to receive adequate clarification from other spirits of lower vibration, by comparing the form and spiritual structure that is of equal significance and service for them on their spiritual level.     

Since you cannot perceive these things with your mind, nor see them with your own eyes, you do not believe that there are higher, spiritual helpers of yours who are real, alive, and acting for your benefit. And because of this, you fail to accept a simple idea that you can receive assistance from greater and more profound minds to the effect of how you might lead a meaningful life. 

And it is merely due to this that you trust that what you are being told by a small group of people, who are far from being the most intelligent among your brethren, and even such a group of people who do not follow wisdom altogether, and whom you call scientists or politicians. 

By refusing to look upon the ambience with a more penetrating mind, you completely miss a possibility to expand the keenness of your mind, since you trust a fake infallibility of democracy or science. This direction is leading you to degeneration because you stop growing as individuals by your own activity, by your own creative activity.