95. You Change Humanity While Changing Yourselves

By this teaching of mine I do not want either to scare anyone of you or to dispose you against me or my apostle who is receiving it and taking it down. You must not direct your still existent anger, jealousy, irritation, and revenge against either of us, for we both – I, by my teaching, and he, by his devotion to me – desire that this light would be available to each of you, that you would be able to study these teachings and would be able to make your own choice; that you would consciously make a decision of your own free will, if the path of the Father’s love and light is acceptable to you, if you are satisfied with your environment which surrounds you from within, within your self, and which surrounds you from without at home, in your city, in your state, or on your planet.   

If you are satisfied with this level of light and love, then make an adequate free-will decision and carry on with your daily living up to the level of your concept. If you are dissatisfied with something and if you have a belief that something must be changed for the world to experience more light and love, also make your own decision, freely, how you personally can become more active so that this love and light of the Father would embrace you and would emanate from you out to the ambience, to all of humanity, and to all of creation.  

You must make a decision rather than remain in a state of fear and indifference, believing that nothing depends upon you. You are this humanity.

Humankind is not far away from you. It starts and ends within you. And it is the same with each of you. If you change yourself for the better or for the worse, humanity is also changing for the better or for the worse by one person. You, each, can also either impede the enlightenment of humanity or contribute to the enlightenment of humanity as well as to the feeling of the Father’s love, by means of the willful decision of one individual; of your own. 

Humanity cannot act otherwise but through the free-will decisions of each of its members and through their implementation.