98. A Parable?

All my teachings are simple, understandable to many, and produce joy for the soul. And this attitude shows that the mortal is already starting to feel the vibrations of his own soul by his own human mind as well. And if he begins to follow my teachings ever more, to open ever more to the Father who indwells that mind through His own spirit, Thought Adjuster, this mortal for certain will discover the Father within himself if he has not yet discovered Him. And he will start to follow my teachings and submit himself ever more to the leading of the Father’s love from within so that he would not feel fear any more but rather boldly and resolutely would begin to live in the Father’s love and truth. 

And the ambience that is attempting to make him live in exactly the very same low vibrations in which it lives itself, will not scare him any more.

Only then will he be capable of transcending the low vibrations of the environment however threatening it might have seemed to him earlier, and to surpass the trepidation and even the fear it has caused to his mind. It is only this sort of man who will be ready to carry a torch of the Father‘s love and light around through a night-dark and threatening forest. And this torch will be nothing but that man‘s good deeds performed for the benefit of all rather than selfishly, just for himself. And this torch will light up the very path and even the one who will carry it to others. And fairly many, having seen this diffused light, similarly will cease to fear this frightening darkness which has surrounded them and they will desire to catch the flame from this torch of the Father’s love and light for their own small torches, to join this magnificently lit carrier of the torch and thus brightly light up the path for all. And that carrier of the torch will wisely teach this other one who desires to take the flame for his own torch, that this fire is not an ordinary one, it does not burn down the way an ordinary fire burns down and destroys material things. It is not possible to catch the flame directly from that very torch. It is possible only to light it by opening oneself to the Source and Center of love and truth – the Father. And this man who has a desire to feel courage and peace within, even as he now sees the torch bearer being bold and peaceful within, will sincerely learn by listening to the bearer of the shining torch in what manner it is necessary to light up the torch from within so that it would light up the path and the ambience without. And having made sincere and steadfast efforts, he will also experience that his torch begins to blaze as well. And it does not burn the body but rather pleasantly warms, calms, and lights the outer environment which is no more so intimidating and threatening, and in a similar way it lights up the carrier from within so that the inner fear and anxiety vanish, for they are replaced by a pleasant and ever strengthening love that seems to be so unlike the love previously perceived. Now it is being radiated to all without any choice, without any calculation, without any disposition.                     

And the most pleasant discovery is the fact that there sprouts out a desire from within to turn ever more to the Source of this very fire that is being felt as a loving Father of yours and of all. And as this desire ever grows you start to turn to the Father ever more and you even begin to talk with Him even as with a wonderful friend whom you love, without any fear, without any, even the least, worry and doubt that you must not talk with Him in any manner, that it is inappropriate to talk with Him in any way, for He is so mighty, He can even light the fire on the torch. You start feeling from within that He loves you and that He really desires that you would commune with Him without any mask, without any formality, without any artificial respect, commune with Him just as sincerely as possible. And you notice that the fire on the torch turns ever greater. It begins to blaze up ever stronger but it does not scorch anyone just lights up an ever greater area around that many more brethren would notice this fire of love and truth. And then it is repeated again, the same that was experienced by this man when he noticed the first torch-bearer of the Father’s love and truth and expressed his desire to have his own personal blazing torch so that he could also light the path.    

And now many more people noticed these two torches which were shining ever brighter, because both torch-bearers had a closer communion with the Father and they looked upon themselves not only as upon the torchbearers, but also as their brethren, mutually united by the very same Source of love and truth – the Father. And then they began not only to understand ever better, but also to experience, by their mutual cooperation and the relationship with the Father, that all other people, who are still frightened and enveloped in the fear of darkness, are also their brethren since they can also light up their torches similar to the way in which they both lit up theirs – having turned to the Father within themselves. And they started explaining to those living in the darkness and fearing that very same darkness, how to light up their torches of love and truth to enable them to diffuse darkness and fear, to enable them to experience love within themselves and live in truth while doing good deeds to each other.   

And now among the frightened ones, there appeared those who dared to try to ignite their torches. However, the majority, the absolute majority of them, feared it and tried to dissuade others from doing it by saying that they might burn themselves, that none of their ancestors had walked with those torches anywhere and had not lit any path for anyone, and they all lived in much greater concord, therefore now they should also live the way their parents and the parents of their parents lived. But such speculation looked especially ridiculous to the young, for they were thirsty for light. They desired to see not only the environment, but also the direction they had to walk on the path of their life. They were not content with the darkness. Their inner selves were feeling oppressed and dissatisfied with something, and all the time they were searching for something, only being unaware of what they desired or how to meet these desires. Their material wealth, accumulated in the darkness, neither warmed them nor enlightened their inner selves. Therefore, the anxiety they were feeling within, did not disappear, however much material wealth they had piled up which did not shine. It was invisible in the darkness. It was like a stone hanging around the neck and submerging them ever deeper into that darkness.

And the younger ones, who had not yet saturated themselves with that fear of darkness, tried to liberate themselves from this darkness exactly in a similar manner as the very first ones had delivered themselves from it. And they also noticed that their torches did ignite. And they also enlightened the ambience and even lit up the direction of their life path – to live for the benefit of all. And then they realized that even the wealth which had been accumulated with such difficulty and which now was dragging them down to the darkness, was necessary to be used wisely for themselves as well as for the enlightenment of all. And as they discovered this manner of applying their material wealth, they immediately began to use it, not only for their own benefit or for the benefit of their own families, but also for the benefit of all. And then they and all others noticed that their wealth ceased to cause them anxiety and drag them deeper down into the darkness as it had done before, but rather started shining ever more, even in that dark ambience. And the wealth itself and the ways of acquiring it stopped wearing them out but rather began to acquire meaning. And these very young people were feeling, in the light of their torches and in the light of the other torches all around, especially due to their inner love and truth, that the meaning of their lives was to earn wealth for each other rather than for oneself. The one who has greater capability in one sphere uses it so that the outcome of this sincere and meaningful effort would be directed to the enlightenment of the whole, to the development of all, so that darkness would begin to diffuse because this light will be seen by an ever greater number of other young and active people, as a joyful life and an ever improving wellbeing of their young colleagues and friends who carry this light. And they will also ask for this teaching as to how they might also light their torches to calm themselves down while seeing both the path of their life and the meaning of their activity.                         

What I told you now is not a parable. That is reality. Only you have not yet discovered this reality. Therefore, you do not see it, for you do not even look for it. However, this reality is not far away. This is the only reality that has any chance to exist. Simply there cannot be any other reality. Any other reality would only deny the law of the Father’s love and the Father himself as the Father of all who spreads love, radiates it to all, and universally without any calculation or privilege. It is the only reality of such a loving Father that can be the only reality in which we all, and each of us personally, carry the torch of the Father’s love and truth and light up the whole of creation. Any part of creation which violates the law of the Father’s love also experiences the operation of the only principle of creation – the principle of cause-action-consequence. Therefore, you must comprehend well that nobody else but you, each of you personally, can contribute to reducing or increasing your suffering, as well as the suffering of all, depending upon your choice: whether or not you want to carry the torch of the Father’s love and truth. It is only your decision of free will which can light up the path of life for you as well as for anybody else. And the greater the number of those carrying the Father’s torch the more loving and living in truth the society shall be.     

You, each of you, cannot desire and decide for another one what and how that one needs to seek. You can make only your own personal decision, and in relation to yourself. However, having made your personal decision, you, each of you, become this only torch of the Father’s love and truth which will show you your personal true path. And another one will see his own true path. Still another one will do it too. And this fire of the Father’s love and truth will bring each one individually into a brotherly family since this light, even though lit up by each of you personally, and blazing with an individual light matching one’s ability to see that light and not get blinded by it, all the same, is leading you to this very path – to a mutual brotherhood within an enormous spiritual family of the whole of Father’s creation.  

And this Father’s family starts its existence already today, and already on this world; not some time after your resurrection, not after your death that you are so scared of and that, due to your ignorance, must take you somewhere to non-existence, but as soon as you, each of you personally, light up this very torch of the Father‘s love and truth. 

It is difficult for you to believe it. It is even more difficult for you to perceive it since the present time ambience is so selfish and so completely isolated, even though you do travel, keep contacts among yourselves, and communicate, but that does not eliminate your true mutual isolation.

You associate among yourselves only as bodies rather than as souls. Therefore, your present association is nothing more than the isolation of your souls. And this is why there is no true society that would entertain common pursuits, that these pursuits would unite it as a community. Now there is a sum total of separate individuals pursuing their own personal, or at best, group interests, seeking their implementation. However, this sum total of individuals is far from being a true society. And you already understand well that the Father’s creation far transcends the society concept; for it is the Father’s family.   

Therefore, any stage of humanity’s development will march on all the time until eventually it reaches such a phase in which each of you will hold the torch of the Father’s love and truth, light up your path and enlighten the ambience. And due to the inner relationship with the Father you will receive the teachings of how to walk on this meaningful path boldly and resolutely so that others would also feel this unquenchable desire to embark upon it. And this inner link of the family, of the family of humanity, of the family of the whole of creation through the Father will allow you, each of you, to understand, and even to experience, the meaning of this reality, and even to submit yourselves to the Source and Center of all Reality of Love and Truth – the Father – ever more.        

And then there will not remain for you even a concept what is crime or wars, what is a lie or violence, what is fear or anxiety, and what is any negative emotion which today mercilessly is eating you up from within and destroying your health; and not only your personal health but also that of all your family, of the society, of mankind.