The Fifth Epochal Revelation to our World


When an evolutionary inhabited world ceases to make forward progress, or gets ‘stuck’ going in the wrong direction, the Creator Son of that world has the option of sending celestial help. The first four epochal revelations to our planet, known as “Urantia” throughout the universe, can be explored in detail in The Urantia Book; this brief missive explores just the current Fifth Epochal Revelation now happening to lift our world up socially, to where it should rightly have been by this time in our history.  

What concerns our celestial overseers is that our social, political, and economic maturity is still very primitive. War, poverty, wasted lives and increasingly dysfunctional family dynamics are not preparing people to live in peace and to grow into their full potential.  That potential includes the soul growth of individuals that contributes to their spiritual growth and ascendant career.  

Remarkably, the work of the Fifth Epochal Revelation was designed by our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, and his consort, Mother Spirit, to help our world without abrogating the free-will gift that the Eternal Father has given to each one of us, a gift so sacred and special that no celestial being throughout the Grand Universe would ever countermand a single free-will decision made by any individual.  Neither are the celestial beings allowed to take over and solve our problems for us.  

What they are allowed to do is work with us co-creatively.  They can give us suggestions and options, but we mortals must do the actual work of improving our situations.  Michael’s complete plan for our world is called the Correcting Time, and contains his vision, intention, the operating philosophy and the missions to change the culture from one of “primitive, barbaric, warring individuals and nations to ones that are stable, sociable, pleasant and peaceful,” ones that will evolve into an Era of Light and Life in our future.

The Fifth Epochal Revelation began when Michael of Nebadon gave assent to various individuals and orders of universe celestial personalities to create a book that was to be given to the mortals of our world, called The Urantia Book.  The 196 “Papers” within this large book were transmitted mindally to a person called the “Sleeping Subject.”  His verbalizations during sleep were taken down by a stenographer who later typed up the words.  Dr. William Sadler, who was overseeing his care and documenting the validity of what was happening to this man, was instructed to start a Sunday Afternoon Forum in Chicago and invite selected friends to study these papers as they were being written, and to discuss the topics.  Later, the papers were amended by their celestial writers to address the Forum members’ comments as to their understanding. Sometimes the topics were expanded to cover more material to answer their questions.  This book was dictated during the years of 1934-1936, but not published until 1955, due to World War II.

The second part of the Fifth Epochal Revelation is called the Teaching Mission.  Volunteer students from the mansion worlds, previously mortals from other worlds within the Local Universe of Nebadon, who had passed through the death experience and were partially through their mansion world-training career, were recruited to be further trained as our celestial teachers.  The Melchizedek Teacher Corps taught them for approximately 1,000 years so that they knew our history, languages, idioms, cultures, peculiarities, our successes and our failures quite thoroughly.  The Melchizedeks gave them a syllabus of weekly lessons to teach to groups of mortals on Urantia, enough to cover 2 years of classes, on subjects like peace, joy, love, faith, loyalty, forgiveness, mercy, hope and so on.  This process began in Australia in 1984, New Zealand in 1985 and came to the United States in 1991.
Each human group needed at least one person who could be trained as a clairaudient channel to “hear” the celestial teachers assigned to their group. This person is called a transmitter/receiver, (t/r, or just TR.) The words of the celestial teacher were spoken through the mind of the mortal TR and vocalized to the group. Usually the session was recorded and later transcribed so the lesson could be studied and shared with others. After the prepared lesson by the group teacher, students were allowed to ask questions. Questions of a spiritual nature were always answered; simple curiosity questions with no spiritual value were seldom answered.  

The intent and purpose of the Teaching Mission was to help the group’s students grow spiritually, morally and ethically, with a social conscience, to raise their level of consciousness and awareness, to add “weight to their souls,” and of helping them to understand that they were “spiritual beings, having human experiences,” and that they had a real purpose for being born as universe citizens.  The many experiences that humans have, the decisions that they make and the relationships that they form are to prepare them for the ascension career that continues until they reach the status of pure spirit, becoming “perfect, as the Father in heaven is perfect.” The graduates of the Teaching Mission were needed for the next mission, the revelation and social evolution of building new, stable and socially sustainable institutions, organizations and modified democratic governments.

The third part of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our world is called the Magisterial Mission.  Our Sovereign Son, Michael of Nebadon, personally requested that a Paradise Son of the Avonal Order be sent to Urantia to assist Urantian mortals in their planetary evolutionary advancement. Our Magisterial Son, who goes by the name of Monjoronson, (and may be known by other names in other parts of the world,) has not yet incarnated in physical form, but he has been working with mortals since 2002 in spirit form. His main message so far has been how to create social sustainability that will last for hundreds, or even thousands of years and will correct many of our social ills and collapsing social structures.  We need to reframe our political/governmental systems, our economic/financial systems, and our many social systems, such as healthcare, education, judicial, families, and guidance on limiting population growth.

To date, there has never been a society or nation on Urantia that is functional, stable or peaceful of great longevity. To achieve that, we must begin with the individual and the family, learning the principles and 3 core values of social sustainability, so that each and every individual has an improving quality of life and is allowed to grow into their innate full potential, equally as any other individual.  These 3 core values contain the universal needs of all peoples and currently are not being met even in our democratic government, founded on “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” of our “Declaration of Independence.”  As these individuals and families mature, they will take those vital concepts into their communities, societies, organizations, and corporations and eventually into their modified, complemental form of democracy, and the total culture of their civilization.  This is not a small project and will take hundreds of years to complete but necessary to keep our civilization from collapsing. To assist us in this great societal evolution, we have been, and will continue to be ably mentored by all the celestial help that is needed, from all levels of our Creator Son’s Universe and even by our Eternal Father, through the fragment of Himself that He has placed in each of us as a pilot and guide, our faithful Thought Adjusters.

The plans for the transformation of our world into one of peace and functional stability are well documented in the transcripts by Monjoronson and our Planetary Manager, Machiventa Melchizedek, from the groups of the Magisterial Mission, predominately in the collections of transcripts called, “Conversations with Monjoronson,” and the “New Era Conversations,” years 2011 - 2015.  They document how to form “Co-creative Design Teams” with celestial support, and “Socially Sustainable Design Teams,” that are secular in their processes.  

We are being asked as individuals, organizations and societies, to live our lives intelligently, with integrity and meaning, to live in “Oneness” as brothers and sisters.  The goal of all this tremendous celestial help is for our world, Urantia, to one day be ready for the next planetary age, the Days of Light and Life, an age of peace and stability, where all individuals have quality in their lives, are allowed to grow into their full potential and every citizen is of equal value to their society


In addition, the TR of these transcripts has written helpful manuals:

Raphael, Daniel 2015, Social Sustainability HANDBOOK for Community-Builders  ISBN:  978-0-692-41640-2;  eBook:  ISBN: 978-1-4951-6048-6  (epub)  Daniel Raphael Consulting and Publishing, Evergreen, Colorado 80437

Raphael, Daniel and Byron Belitsos, 2013, Healing a Broken World: The Grassroots Guide to a Socially Sustainable Future.  ISBN 978-1-579-83011-3  Origin Press, PO Box 151117, San Raphael, CA 94915

By Roxanne Andrews, Dec. 13, 2015