Paradise Trinity

My beloved son, even as all other My beloved children, I address all of you through my ambassador whom you know as Algimantas that this teaching would be available to all of you.

I have been telling through my beloved children, whom you have named as prophets, that you should not be playing your selfish games by heightening yourselves rather than serving each other in My love and truth. And your planet has undergone through plenty of conflicts that required even millions of lives of your brethren. These lives were very dear not only to Me but also to you, since they have not managed to reproduce themselves to crown your biological development with higher races which would have been more receptive to intellectual and especially spiritual teaching and knowledge.

The time has come for you to hear that your biological and spiritual development has declined to the lowest level in comparison with all the generations from the times your brother in spirit, My Creator Son, Michael, bestowed himself upon his universe as Jesus of Nazareth. You have been degrading down all the time since that moment when a wonderful and bright star was shining on your planet.

You must realize that your material development has no meaning if you are losing your inner dweller which you call your soul. You have My spirit, your Thought Adjuster, who is also indwelling you. But I shall never lose any of them while you are in the position, at the present time, when you are balancing upon the brink of an abyss of your survival. You have been developing your material life beyond recognition but the cost is too great – your biological degeneration and spiritual degradation.

Therefore I have chosen one of you as My ambassador who some of you know by the name of Algimantas and you currently lives in Lithuania, as you still divide Urantia into different states. I have authorized him to pass my teaching to you in My name whom you know as your Father, as the Father of Jesus, as the Universal Father. And this message is being passed to you by and through him.

You must ponder this message and My words so that you would render assistance to him for he has been trained by Me for a high mission to rally you throughout this world into the small islands of My bright light. You must serve Me through helping him in doing his mission in My name and which he is certain to complete.

Therefore I render this teaching to you that you would know that today I am acting and teaching on Urantia through My envoy in the human flesh and who was born as human, even as you are born as humans and while leaning upon My leading from within he has been given the position of My ambassador and the apostle of Jesus-Master Creator Son.

You do see around that dark colors of human spiritual development are too thick to disperse without changing yourselves and uniting into the family of true brethren, of My sons and daughters. Therefore, the time has come that you must begin to expand your vantage-point on My creation and to look upon it as starting from each of you, even now, right at this moment.

I do desire to address you, that you would devote seven minutes to Me every day. It is not much, but stay at least for seven minutes, daily, in your sincere communion with Me in your own and sincere thoughts. I do desire to talk with you about your daily joys and worries, I do desire to train you for a new stage of your mission that you would be doing while assisting Algimantas to do his mission that I have given him. This is just the very beginning of a new stage of the development of your world towards Me, towards My living person which unites all of you within My living family of all of creation which soon shall open up to you in new colors once your horizons will be broadened.

My beloved children, I am asking you in this address to devote these seven minutes to Me and you shall experience new wonders that will give you more light even upon this very message I have just rendered to you.

And I also ask you to share this message with as many of your brethren as possible. You have to make the very first step in your service of a much greater depth.

I love you all, I love you each, since I bestowed even my fragment upon you that you would be active in cooperation with Me and among yourselves in My service.

This is the message I have just received and posting it right away.
I cannot tell you anything more so far.

Peace be upon you.
With brotherly love,

March 18, 2008