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Contemporary human society urgently needs Divine support and ministry at the present stage of its existence. Why? The answer is multifaceted:

  • The universal spiritual education to divine truth is needed, which is united for the whole Universe. That education allows to make strong acceleration of society development in science, economy, social area and politics;
  • To create society that economically, politically and socially is viable;
  • Divine support via education allows to survive our civilization during geophysical reconstruction of the planet that has already started

Christ and youIrrespective to our conviction the Universe is objective, and celestial world is real that functions according to God’s laws and has divine administrative regulation. It is also important to realize now that the human society is not able to resolve accumulated mass of planetary problems in the modern period of time and jointly go along comprehensive progress. Contradictions are too numerous - in religion, politics, economy and social areas.

Right now divine management carries out a big space program - the Correcting Time - the program of spiritual transformation and progress of civilizations on many inhabited planets in our space region.

Teaching Mission is a part of Correcting Time program and relates to accelerated development of our planet, which space community calls Urantia. For this education the Urantia Book (www.urantia.org) is a reference material that is epochal revelation given by a group of divine, spiritual beings some decades ago.  Teaching Mission was officially recognized by the universe on February 01, 1992, and many priceless materials given by Celestial Teachers are accumulated (www.tmarchives.com).  Some materials are presented in a section “Transcripts”.

«Teaching Mission in Russia» is a social and educational project which has the goals:

  • To bring unique divine knowledge to wide range of population, that gives an answer to actual questions of current time;
  • To acquaint people with decisions made by celestial management of our planet, planetary system, constellation, local universe and higher levels regarding to the future of our planet and every person;
  • Coverage of currents events celestial, spiritual world regarding the life on our planet;
  • Education to divine principles of development of civilization;
  • Consolidation of progressively thinking people, who choose active transformation of human society according to divine templates, in collaboration with High Virtues of Universe.

We want to teach people to new principles of the society arrangement in social administration, economics, politics, science; teach to new relationship between various nations, as Christ Michael is teaching now – the whole humanity is one family. It will helps to unite Russians with every nation, the whole human society, that will be based is not on blood bond or a territorial belonging, but on divine Spirit, which unite billions of civilizations along immense universe.

We want to bring new understanding into relationship of a human being with God, Who is not only a Creator of the whole universe, but a personal Friend as well, devoted Guide leading us by the hand along the life, majestic and perfect Father, Who loves selflessly His Own children, establishing personal, intimated bond with every individual without any mediator. After establishing this relationship you are able learning His will and approach step by step to fulfillment of His supreme mandate: Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.   

Currently it is the only Russian resource in Internet that reflects objective situation of nowadays activity official Divine Forces. We hope to light spark of ignition that awakes hearts of many people.

Our site is multilingual to facilitate exchange information from different sources worldwide.