ABORTION, the Perfect Moral Storm

The public issue of abortion is societal in natureIn many ways the vociferous reactions of the various sides of the controversial topic of abortion is the evidence of the immature and incomplete development of ethics, morality, and values. It is an historic relic of antiquarian, philosophical processes of discussion. No one is at fault for this societal tragedy, but we all are responsible for the outcomes of such a tragic situation in a democratic nation. As readers will find, the public issue of abortion is societal in nature. It is more than personal, it is more than social, it is societal in that it has caused a deep and vicious injury to our social stability, social peace, and has retarded the social evolution of all of our social institutions. What is also tragic is that our social sciences have not taken the position of cultural leadership to help resolve this egregious national tragedy, even after more than two centuries of gathering data about social institutions and the functioning of societies.

In the text, which takes no sides of the current debacle of public discussion, readers will find that we all involved, whether we have children or no children. What is required for resolution is sharing responsibility of the care and nurturance of our democratic society as a social organism. It is alive, and it grows or withers whether each individual takes ethical and moral responsibility for their decisions and actions. It is we, individuals of the public, who determine whether our society and nation thrives or dies. Democratic nations throughout the world have been on the cusp of failure even before the COVID Pandemic came along. Now, with the global economy in a highly volatile state, and with an archaic autocrat having begun a war without provocation, all nations should be wondering if and when they, too, will fail. The history of all organizations of the past 20'000 years is one of complete failure. If we, as a nation, are unable to resolve the problem of abortion by peaceful means, then surely that will be an epitaph future generations of this democratic nation will remember always. As an observer of the great arc of history, we are but one small second, minute, and degree of that arc, which can be used to leverage all that comes into existence in the future for their sustainable survival and enduring peace.

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