The Ascension Event update

Galactic FederationJanuary 9th, 2024

Galactic Federation:
Greetings Dear Family of Light,

In these precious moments, you are in the midst of settling into the new phase of your ascension. This new phase gives you and the Earth more control of your own destiny, stopping all interference being done by those who wish to control and keep you enslaved. You and the Earth have a much more enhanced ability to now manifest, your reality. Within this phase of your ascension, you are now processing your reality in a much different perspective, allowing for the new Earth to actually begin to physically manifest.

The Divine's order was to jump the Earth into a new timeline, that gives you and the Earth the advantage above the Dark ones. Which is also causing an awakening of more and more humans every day to the truth of the ascension. This jump, has excited the Earth, and now she is reacting in joy. For the first few days after the jump, everything has been very calm and still, even your Logos became very quiet, only expressing 14 small c class flares within the last 72 hours. Especially since after the massive X5.01 received on the first Day of your new year. However, the Earth herself has been busy, and is not waiting around for everything to settle.

The Schumann resonance graph has been blacked out for most of this last week, hiding any activity that could have been taking place. However, since it came back online, it has shown massive activity, and reached a 64 hertz spike yesterday.

As described in the previous update, The Earths original frequency of the 3rd dimension, was at 7.83 hertz, constantly. This frequency has been known by many of your mystics, shamans and monks, who chant OhM, at this vibration.

This was the Earth's basic hum, or heart beat, during her slumber through the lower dimension. However, your mother Earth has awakened. She is a sentient Being, and she, has chosen to ascend permanently, out of the lower cycles of vibration. Her base vibration now ranges between 10 and 20 hertz, and continues to rise.

We wish to also remind everyone about the different levels of vibration in the spectrum of existence. From 3 to 10 hertz, is about 3rd degree vibration. The 4th degree vibration is at between 15 and 30 hertz, 5th degree vibrational spectrum is at about 40 hertz, and 6th degree begins around 60 hertz, in your vibrational understanding.

Upon entering the new timeline the Earth began celebrating.

On January 7th there were two deep swings, shown in the frequency graph. The first was between 5:00pm and 7:00pm UTC, involved only the primary frequency and produced a peak of the quality; the second lunge, starting shortly after midnight on January 8th, and was across all frequencies that led to a strong movement in amplitude. That then peaked at a massive power 64hertz at 4:40am UTC, early morning January 8th.

Between 6 and 10 am UTC on January 8th, there was a slight decrease in amplitude movements which then returned to significant values and remained around power 25 for approximately 3 to 4 hours. At 3:00 pm UTC there was a new rapid sinking of the frequencies which led to a new strong movement that reached power 40 hertz.

At the time of this update the frequencies continue to all still be erratic, dancing around.

The activity that began yesterday morning at 3:00am UTC, continues throughout today. An upward trend is underway at the time of this update. The highest value reached today was power 36 at 4:40 UTC during today’s most intense movement between 3:00am and 5:00am UTC.

At the moment of this update, The Earths Schumann resonance was at high power 36 hertz for the day.

This movement is also being pushed towards her surface, with 39 earthquakes above a Level 2 magnitude, in the last 24 of your Earth hours, including a 5.4 magnitude in Ollague Chile. a 4.5 and a 5.9 magnitude in Sado, Japan. and a massive 6.7 magnitude in Sarangani Philippines.

Currently, in your vibrational perspective, The Earth is celebrating. She is happy. Laughing, and in joy. In your planet's perspective, she is your Mother, and her children are also now fully waking up.

The physical body of the Earth, is of ancient origins and so is her soul. She has had many beings walk upon her and see only dirt and stone, and whatever resource she may offer. Nevertheless, most of your native cultures from all over your planet, have remembered her, your mother Earth as sacred, and have respected her as a living Being. But those who have lost that respect, and have forgotten, will soon remember.

In these precious moments she is vibrating very high, in the higher love frequencies. She loves you, and is pushing her children to take their first steps, into the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator.

We Love you and honor you,

We are the Galactic Federation.

Galactic Federation ― The Ascension Event Update ― January 9th, 2024 ― Chellea Wilder ― UniversalLighthouse(dot)com ― ―
Received by Chellea Wilder
Session: January 9th, 2024