Happy Easter

Michael - Happy Easter - Apr 08, 2012 - CCC



April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, my beloved children!  This is Michael, who once lived in human form as Jesus of Nazareth.  On this day when many people remember my resurrection, think of me as your brother, one who understands the human condition and how life is lived here on this world.  My death on the cross was NOT a sacrifice to appease God for humanity’s sins….NO!  I willingly went to the cross to demonstrate the natural outworking of events that human free will choice makes.  My resurrection is proof positive that LIFE exists beyond the physical realm, and that I go before you to prepare a place for you in the universe family once you leave your planet of nativity.

On this Easter Sunday, remember ME and my human life.  Think of my understanding, my mercy, my peace, my love, my forgiveness and know that you can demonstrate these divine qualities too for the striving.  Innate in your being is Godliness, and I came to this world to reveal the loving nature of our Creator-Father, and to show the Father how humanity can craft a noble and sublime character out of raw human evolutionary nature.

Come to me in the quiet of your heart and ask for me to show you the ways of Spirit that you may embody that Christ consciousness state that I achieved during my human lifetime.  The way is here, the truth is upon you, and the light within your heart will point the way.  When in doubt, turn to me and ask for my presence to walk with you through the many challenges your life presents, and know that as Jesus I understand what you are going through.  You may also come to me as Michael, the creator and sovereign of the section of the universe we call home.  I am your immediate Father, and I will guide your life and help you achieve those higher states of consciousness that transform your life.  Thrive in my PEACE and LIFE ETERNAL, my beloved children!