New Era Transition 75 – New Nexus; Morontial Communications; Raising Vibrations

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  1. Can you elaborate on the initiation of the new nexus?
  2. Is there something we can do to prepare for the new nexus?
  3. Will this unify all the Urantia groups into a common goal?
  4. This will be a new phase of the Transition time
  5. A question about morontial communications
  6. Will this new phase be obvious to all?
  7. Christ Michael’s peace
  8. A comment on future communications with celestials
  9. Raising vibrations of consciousness
  10. What does it mean to raise our vibrations?
  11. Long discussion on philosophy
  12. Anxiety
  13. Raising fruits and vegetables
  14. Cash on hand
  15. Machiventa’s final comments

Transmitter/Receiver: Daniel Raphael, PhD
Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Stéphane Labonteé and Sherille Raphael.

Invocation: Rick

October 21, 2019

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa and I will forgo the opening statement and proceed with the continuation of the questions from last time.

1. Can you elaborate on the initiation of the new nexus?

Stéphane: Machiventa, I was the lucky one who had the pleasure of stating the last question in the last session when electronics broke down. So, I will state it again: In your last introductory statement two weeks ago, you mentioned that some events are developing rapidly, but there must be an initiation of a nexus much sooner than anticipated. Can you elaborate on this? Is it something that is happening in one region of the world, or is it happening globally, or is it something that has happened recently in the last three years, or is it something that is happening now in the last few weeks?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, it is something that involves the whole planet, as that is my venue for management, and that this nexus is of such a nature that it will affect the whole planet eventually. This will be a slow-growing scattering of new vectors from this nexus. It will be known to everyone on the transcripts, who receives them, and a few others. You will personally have the opportunity to watch these new beginning vectors spread out from this development. It is something that you will recognize very promptly, something that you will see that has immense potential and that its potential is for good. It is something that is regional and local in effect immediately when it occurs, and the vectors will spread out from there to regionally, nationally and so on. This does not answer all of the sub-categories of your questions, I believe. If you wish for further clarification, please state them.

Stéphane: Is this something of a physical nature, political nature, a financial nature? Can you elaborate on the nature of the nexus?

MACHIVENTA: I prefer not to mention that specifically at this time; it will become self-evident to you in the near future. It may be as late as a month from now, and it could be as soon as two weeks, and it could even be extended out longer than that. We have a need, though to begin the process now before the end of the year. For us, there is not much latitude remaining in deferring the nexus until later. We have a need for it to occur sooner than later. What I mean by later is that three months would be too late for this development to come into being. I know this is very nebulous, is very inadequate in answers that you seek. You seek specifics and I wish not to answer those specifically simply because we wish to observe all of you saying, “Ah-ha! Now I get it.”

2. Is there something we can do to prepare for the new nexus?

Stéphane: Is there something that we can do, Machiventa, to prepare for this?

MACHIVENTA: You are prepared. You have been educated by myself and the other teachers and Melchizedeks; you have been not forewarned, but prepared for what is about to develop. This will have a tremendous effect on the Urantia Book, Teaching Mission and Magisterial Missions and all the esoteric materials that are related to them. I mention them specifically because the Urantia Book provides the core teaching reference for the work that we do. Many esoteric beliefs and statements, and so on, would look askance at this, but we have need for this to follow the Urantia Book and through the revelations of the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission.

3. Will this unify all the Urantia groups into a common goal?

Stéphane: Machiventa, along those lines, is there hope for an event like this to trigger a unification of the efforts—we mentioned how separated we are from the Urantia movement, and so would an event like this bring some hope that we can all unify in a common goal?

MACHIVENTA: I give you an advisory answer for this and The Urantia Book is a book, a minor statement of the cosmology of the Universe for those individuals to interpret it and believe in. You are asking me about whether the individuals who have come apart from the main belief system, which is primarily those who interpret their mission to protect the Urantia Book. It depends on the minds and beliefs and decisions of those who have maintained those separations. Do you understand?

Stéphane: Yes.

MACHIVENTA: So you will find separations between the Magisterial Missions and Teaching Mission; there are those who are adamant that they are distinct and that one is legitimate and the other is not. But we say that these are evolutionary developments from the Correcting Time.

Stéphane: Thank you.

4. This will be a new phase of the Transition time

Roxie: Machiventa, you mentioned last time that this “Transition time” is now ended and that we will be actively moving forward in the coming weeks with the next developments. Do you want us to change the title from the Transition Era to something else and start with a new numbering system, or not?

MACHIVENTA: No, you misinterpret that. What happens when the next nexus occurs is another phase of the “Transition.” What I stated months, and perhaps years ago that this Transition period would last many decades until the advent and the very earliest beginnings of the Days of Light and Life.

Roxie: Okay; thank you.

5. A question about morontial communications

 Another question I have, at what point in our morontial career will our minds be capable of the morontial communications that you talked about last time? This is fascinating to me. Can you elaborate anymore?

MACHIVENTA: When you have crossed over from this material life into the morontia life you will be fully capable of communicating, though you will be in training classes in how to use the language and how to become articulate with the morontial language. Those of you, who are highly developed and advanced now in your mortal material minds and with the benefit of your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian, have also begun to access the very lowest levels of the morontial communication process.

Roxie: Does this require an up-stepping of our minds from Nebadonia?

MACHIVENTA: No, it does not. Primarily it is dependent upon the mortal’s decision to will to do God’s Will and to be open to be led to do that Will.

6. Will this new phase be obvious to all?

Liz: I’m back with Stéphane’s interesting question about this event unifying those people who follow the Teaching Mission, who follow the Correcting Time, who follow The Urantia Book. Is that something that will make it obvious to all of them, or could this make it obvious to all of them that we should come together as a force?

MACHIVENTA: You would think logically and reasonably that that would be a natural course of development for most rational people. We however find that those who suffer from fundamentalist thinking would opt out of that option. Let me use a phrase that This One has heard many years ago about leadership, and I will state that in a moment. As you know, Christ Michael has established the Correcting Time, he has a plan, he has objectives, and there is a procedural developmental process that is underway, which leads to options for decision-making. Mortals can decide to join with us or not; they can stay the course of what they believe or not. It is dependent upon them; they are still loved and once they enter the morontial realm they will be informed entirely about what occurred during their lifetime. Having said that, we are going forward and the statement is this: “Lead, follow or get out of the way, because we are moving ahead.”

It is important that our work not be deflected to coddle or appease those who have objections. These people will say, “Look, this is what God is doing; this is what Christ Michael is doing, but this good that is coming about, could this be done by someone and a group of people who are deflected or have deferred to negative thinking?” No. Any reasonable person would say this development is good. And remember, that the definition of love is the desire to do good for others. And so this will be the definition of identifying markers of Christ Michael’s program in this development that comes about.

Liz: Thank you.

7. Christ Michael’s peace

Rick: I put together a poster of seven uplifting principals that gives credit to four movements
1) A Course in Miracles,
2) The Urantia Book,
3) The Law of Attraction and
4) The Teaching Mission.
Recently two of them have radiated in my life, “The vortex contains all you want and more”—the vortex is alignment between Source and ones-self. And the second one is “Achieve the vibrational alignment and you will be filled with the good uplifting energy that is your natural inheritance.” It occurred to me that it may be in different words of what Jesus referred to when he said, “May my peace be yours.” How close is that to being accurate, Machiventa?

MACHIVENTA: Fairly accurate. Christ Michael as Jesus said those words, and to be at peace you must be in harmony. You have heard barber shop quartets and others, or duets being in harmony. There is a certain wonderful resonance that occurs between the tonal vibrations of the same key by different people. So too, when you are in the vibration of Christ Michael as Jesus, then you are truly in the vibration of love and of oneness, without separation from others. Being in that vibration allows you to participate wholly and powerfully in acting out your life-plan as it has been given to you, and to which you agreed before you were born. You see there is a harmonic in the universe that many people have identified as love, and love truly is the vibration of oneness. When there is oneness in a person, they have a love for themselves without egotism, without arrogance, without separation from others, and included in that love for yourself, is a love of others, as yourself and as God. So, you are one with the wholeness of all and this vibration resonates through the entire universe. And once you come into that harmonic as an individual with love and with the universe, you are recognized as a brilliant star upon this world.

Rick: Yesterday I searched online via The Urantia Book and I put in, “my peace;” I knew I would find something, but what I found were 8 references and the first reference began with the Last Supper, and all the other references were when Jesus came back during the three days after his Crucifixion. I thought that was curious and I’m wondering if you’d like to add something to that, at least why Christ, according to The Urantia Book did not address “My peace” until the Last Supper when he was soon to be arrested, and then in his morontia state when he came back to visit.
MACHIVENTA: I would be glad to. First of all, you recall that Jesus enlisted the help of these men who were not highly educated, except for one or two, and that he had to bring them up to speed, as you would say, or up to vibration with him. It was not until the last day of his mortal life that he told them of his peace, that they would be receptive of that, and they would be even more receptive of that after his return as a morontial being during Pentecost. He was there with them and they realized that they would reflect on his words the last time he said that, that he had really meant it, and that he was truly at peace with the Universe and with his role as Jesus, who was crucified in his spiritual career, and that he wanted to embed with them that his peace meant “in this lifetime and beyond.”

Rick: Thank you for your beautiful answer.

8. A comment on future communications with celestials

Craig: I refer to the subject a few minutes ago. I’ve thought many times for example when Galileo discovered four worlds orbiting Jupiter and how so many people at that time simply refused to believe it and refused to even look through the telescope to see it for themselves, and now we have these people who refuse to go forward anywhere from the Urantia Book itself and follow any further teachings, that in the decades and centuries since Galileo, I don’t think there has been hardly anyone that seriously doubted that those worlds orbiting Jupiter exist. So I suspect that likewise that the push-back against further teachings is probably going to be limited to this generation, and no one in the future—any future generations—will doubt that these communications are taking place. Is that the correct assumption?

MACHIVENTA: You have certainly learned your lessons well and you are very much correct.

9. Raising vibrations of consciousness

Craig: Thanks, and while I’m here, I noticed listening to a couple of videos by Eckhart Tollé on YouTube yesterday, and it dawns on me that there’s a number of people like that who are very much trying to raise everybody’s vibrations and that this is really going on all over the world, there is a rise in consciousness happening. And with Greta Thunberg trying to get everyone to connect with what they supposedly believe with reality and get people to take action, so it seems that there really is a lot happening now that probably wasn’t happening even a decade ago. Would you care to comment on that?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you are very much right and it is part of our plans of this development, this nexus that is occurring that it will awaken many people to the good that exists in the world, and that there is something going on besides impeachment and invasions and the death of innocent people around the world. There has been a need for a catalyst to bring together the positive influences of these minded people “to live life mindfully.” This is a Buddhist phrase, which many people are now incorporating into their thinking and their lifestyles, and to live consciously and to think consciously, and to believe consciously and then to find others. It is important that there be an amalgamating catalyst to bring this all together. You could think of some temperature changes that bring a colloid into manifestation chemically so that it solidifies and settles out as a solid. This is exactly what we are striving to bring about in your world. It is ironic to you perhaps, that this would occur when there is so much tumult, so much controversy, so much bitter reviling against those who think differently from the mainstream of people. So you would want to appreciate that your thoughts are exactly in alignment with our work and the Correcting Time, that there are truly millions, many millions of people who think as you do, and it is just a matter of time before we bring them together into a solid—I would not call it a force—but a solid vibration that can resonate through all the social institutions of your societies and nations.

Craig: All right, thank you.

10. What does it mean to raise our vibrations?

Liz: Machiventa, I’m confused about this whole idea of raising our vibrations. I don’t quite understand what that means. Sometimes I think it means meditating to a state of some type of ecstasy and other times I think it is just doing the right thing. Could you elaborate a little bit more on what the human experience of raising one’s vibration would be?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. You have really covered the gamut of the positive side of raising your vibrations. Raising your vibration could be moving from the thoughts of, “Oh, your neighbor’s dog is such a rotten little rascal that I ought to poison it.” That is not raising your vibration. The other vibration would be to, “Well, this dog bothers me, so what I think I’ll do is make a plate of cookies and take it over to my neighbor and have a discussion with them about their barking dog.” Now, that’s raising your vibration. That is turning a situation into a positive experience for yourself and for other people, finding a resolution to a problem that may extend beyond yourself to many people in the neighborhood, and so you are raising your vibration to become what you would call a “good” person and this is raising your vibration. What would the good person do, and of course the highest vibration of mortals is doing what Jesus would do. That is a staid and trite phrase from fundamentalist Christians, but it truly is applicable to anybody who is a believer. It is doing the right thing to do whether you are Gandhi or Jesus or Mother Teresa or anyone else. It is taking the high road, the high choice. It is making a conscious decision to raise your vibration to act out ethically and morally correct, or one that serves the purposes of your life and the purposes of other peoples’ lives.

The ecstasy that comes from having what you would call a “God moment” of deep and abiding gratitude and appreciation to the Divine for living and experiencing you, with you, together is the highest vibration. Many people try to emulate that through drugs and to continue on through that and many other tantric exercises, and through other rituals that make the consciousness of a person become a trans-personal experience. You are on the right track and your differentiation and discernment of this is as important for you as you make your daily decisions.

Liz: Thank you. I have touched on that ecstatic, but it is so fleeting, but it leaves a residue and something to aspire to in one’s life, at least that’s my experience, but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to stay in that state for any length of time. Am I incorrect about that?

MACHIVENTA: You are not incorrect; you are correct in stating that. The residue is not like a bathtub ring, but a glow upon your personality as you go forward through the day. You can count up that ecstatic feeling as something that accrues to a Divine connection between yourself, your Thought Adjuster and the First Source and Center. It is something that cannot be maintained, nor is it meant to be continued as it would be detrimental to your life, your lifestyle and your ability to experience life as a mortal. You would then become of no contribution to the God the Supreme. Do you see this connection?

Liz: I do, I do. Thank you; that was very helpful, Machiventa. And you are always very helpful to me.

MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome. Sometimes I’m a bit sharp, but it perhaps helps for people to get the “point.”

11. Long discussion on philosophy

Stéphane: Machiventa, from the last transcript, however mumbled it was because of the electronic difficulties, you mentioned philosophy several times, which was unusual because I have always wondered in human philosophy, there used to be a lot of writings years ago of different views of philosophy, different concepts and there seems to be less of that today. I’d like to know from you, what is your interpretation of what the philosophy of life is on this planet today and what the philosophy should be as a definition?

MACHIVENTA: You give me two questions I choose not to answer as they will lead to rabbit holes of speculation. The interest in philosophy at this time is to motivate individuals in the mainstream of societies to begin thinking philosophically, that there are other values to be given to life besides the material goods that you have sitting in your carport, or in your living room, or on your hands in rings and the clothes you wear and the house you live in. The question of philosophy is important to regenerate the social healing of your world. Right now you realize that most mature democratic nations are in a slow spiral downward toward social disintegration and so on. The healing source of that is to reevaluate life and living in philosophical terms. To be able to have a mind that thinks philosophically about “What is this all about?” to ask those questions, not “why is this occurring?” but what brings about this result that we desire? And so, you would ask those questions philosophically, and answer them in practical terms. I could give you an “end result philosophy” but you would be better advised to read the Urantia Book as to the philosophy in Nebadon and Salvington. Those are so remote from human life and living that they would be not understandable by you or anyone else on the planet.

As you have seen the industrial revolution, the acquisition of material goods has led to profits and the sequestering of profits to a very few people. At one time, those profits were dispersed to many, many people and it assisted others who had less, to earn more through their life’s energies. This has taken your civilization away from philosophical thinking. The most philosophical people would be the Hindu and the Buddhists and those who are in alignment with the Universe vibration of love and oneness. Philosophical thinking is a lever, it gives you leverage to think about the realities of life beyond the material goods that you earn and the labor that you force yourself to do to earn more money to make deeper debts and to pay off those debts and never, never get out of the pit of indebtedness. As you see, the earlier students have said that there are millions of people on the world who think as you do. They, too, have been thinking philosophically, they have been thinking that life is more simple than staying in debt and trying to make more every day, which you mentioned two weeks ago. You have begun to see the insight of life and living.

It is very difficult for those who are already on the treadmill of debt and work to jump off the treadmill, to become not a hermit but one who lives thoughtfully, one who lives philosophically, one who searches for the quality of life outside of materialism. Qualtiy of life is at the heart of philosophy that we wish to transfer and embed in your cultures now. We have been talking about this for a great deal of time through the seven values that have been discussed at length and have been written about at length. You see, quality of life can only come about through your mindedness, through thinking with empathy for your children. Are you a good model for your children? (and when I say “you,” I mean the collective “you” of the audience here, not you personally.) And so, “you,” the collective “you” would think about how you are living. What models am I setting my children up for? Am I setting them up for failure? Am I setting them up for unhappiness? How about my grandchildren and great-grandchildren? What will become of them? How will they live?

And as you know, the materialism of your world will come to a crashing end during the cataclysms. What we are doing by looking at life philosophically with the social and political and economic balance of your world is to think of those in terms of philosophical balance. When people become at peace in their thinking, then they will express that thinking in their lives and become great models for their children. This is truly a slow process. You know yourself from your own personal career that it is neigh-on impossible to jump the track and get off the rails of materialism and start over again, as it would be a personal decision, and may not be the decisions that would be reflected by your spouse or your children or your friends and neighbors and relatives.

Stéphane: Thank you, Machiventa. That was a very comprehensive answer to a very broad question. But in terms of philosophy, it is a contemplation of values and meanings in life. Would you say it is a bridge to spiritual living?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you are correct. It is a bridge to spiritual living. When you have heard the song, or the lyrics, “Isn’t there more to life than this? Is that all there is?” then is the time when there must be guidance, mentorship, and tutelage for the individual student who has asked those questions. That means the individual is open and ready for deeper thinking, and though they may reject that thinking, those philosophical statements, nonetheless, are planted in their minds. They will begin to think about that and may generate a conscious decision to either reject those philosophical statements and wisdoms or accept them and go on to deeper meaning and values.

12. Anxiety

Stéphane: In order to be having a clear mind through these thoughts and ideas, it seems like we need to get rid of anxiety in people’s minds and anxiety seems to be rampant. And yes, we’ve thought about mindfulness and trying to remove anxiety and clean living and healthy living, etc. I’ve recently heard about bio-feedback as a means to reduce anxiety and that’s where the 21 centers on the brain and skull are exposed to electrical or electro-magnetic signals to try to change the brain activity at different frequencies. Can you comment on the “effectivity” or how effective this can be in lowering anxiety and thus provide a means for clearer thinking?

MACHIVENTA: Certainly. Those technologies are truly a coping mechanism. They do not lead the mind or train the mind to release anxiety-thinking. They are means of reducing the vibration of anxiety, but it does not answer the question of the causes of the anxiety. What are the originators, the instigators of the anxiety? Most people do not have a real actively insightful mind to answer the question. That is why we have advised those individuals who are discerning to have a proprioceptive way of thinking that they do not get sucked into analyzing their own thinking, but they observe their own thinking. The question, in lieu of those technologies, you would become self-aware. You might say, “Gosh, I am anxious” and you would ask the question and search into yourself for the cause of your anxiety. Many people, even those who are quite intelligent are unable to answer that question because it is based on some assumptions that they are unaware of. It is best to have a clinical psychologist or a good friend, a mentor, someone who cares about you as a whole person to assist you in examining the sources of your anxiety.

Anxiety obviously is a conflict, a conflict of one thing and another thing. “I want to be happy, but I am only happy when I am driving my Corvette, for which I now owe $50,000 that will take me ten years to pay off.” That is a conflict. And so, the definition of happy must be realigned to some other new level. This is where the tutorial of some means, even a simulated tutorial online, could be of greatest assistance to assist an individual to examine their anxieties. The terrible difficulty of anxiety is that the other side of that is depression. Both are dangerous. In the extreme, they can lead to suicide. People cannot live with their state of life in anxiety or depression. When people are in anxiety, they are so scattered they cannot find the answer to their problem, even though it may be right there in front of them. When a person is depressed, they are so numbed by the events of their thinking of the world around them, that they are also incapable of finding solutions and their way out of depression.

It is very important for those who are in the middle ground between those two extremes to have a mechanism for examining their anxiety. There are texts that we have found in your libraries that can be useful for examining sources of anxiety. Anxiety is caused by at least 1, 2, 3 or many “agitators” in your mind. What you want is peace of mind and how to get it. What and how you achieve that peace may not be accurate because what you want may not be what is good for you.

Stéphane: Machiventa, are these books known to Daniel?

MACHIVENTA: These books are known on line and if you would use your search engine to find self-help mechanisms for anxiety, you would find something that is appropriate for you and you would be interested in.

Stéphane: Thank you.

13. Raising fruits and vegetables

Liz: Machiventa, as you know, I have quite a large—well large for me—vegetable and fruit garden and I am constantly tempted to put chemicals on it to grow bigger, better fruits and vegetables. I resist that temptation for chemical fertilizers because while I know the science behind growing plants, it seems to me there must be a more spiritual component with working with the earth. I don’t know if the earth has a consciousness or a way in which she wants us to deal with her with regards to growing our own food. Now that summer is over and the garden is lying fallow for the season, I’m feeling like I should double my efforts for yield in our own garden to feed us in the coming season. Do you have anything to say about any of that?

MACHIVENTA: Most certainly! You are very fortunate that many people have felt the same way, and we advise you to do your research on the techniques of Findhorn. There are other agencies that have tried these approaches and they work quite well. We suggest you start with that.

Liz: Thank you very much; I am well aware of Findhorn and so I shall.

14. Cash on hand

Roxie: I have one last one that is related to, unfortunately, money again. In the past you have told us that we should prepare for the cataclysms by having enough cash on hand to carry us through, and yet at the same time you have said that any cash that isn’t invested is being horded and wasted. I’m confused for people like me who have so little money that we have to be very careful with every bit of it. Do you have any suggestions on how much we need to put away, or any of those kinds of things that would be helpful?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you can be concerned about that when you become a multi-millionaire. (Laughter) You are safe the way you are with your level of income and savings.

Hearing no further questions, let us bring this to a close.

15. Machiventa’s final comments

We sense and see in you the frustration of living with a limited spiritual development on your world. In reality, so are we. We are limited by the fragility of mortals, the unfaithfulness of mortals, the lack of confidence in their spiritual relationship with the Divine within them and that they look for quick answers to long-term problems that have taken decades and centuries to develop. The programs that Christ Michael has developed in the Correcting Time are a high-speed motion picture of what morontial and spiritual life is like, [of what] the usual procedure/process/development is on 9/10 of all worlds in Local Universes. Those are standard worlds that are following a particular pattern of development and growth for the people on that world.

You however, are living on a world of incredible and even extreme diversity of thought, action and opportunities. This is a world that is in great fear, and it is only upon the courageous actions and beliefs and trusts of individuals who were mentioned earlier today, those millions of people who are of one faith, and one union who will help us pull this Correcting Time together and into an effective eventually. The difficulties that you see are reflected by our own thinking about the common situations in which we are working. This effort of ours, with you now, is totally co-creative. It is limited by you, and is expanded by us, and we limit what we can do for you that you are willing to experiment and co-create with us. The greatness that you seek is the greatness that we seek as well and will empower you once you accept that. The options may be scary to you to live simply, to live a high quality of life without materialism, yet on the other hand you will be fulfilled as an individual and assist your children to live more easily in the uncertain times ahead.

We have, Christ Michael has, developed a program, a nexus in the future that will bring about great change in your world. You will know it when you see it, you will recognize it and we ask that you support it in the ways that you are able to in the lives that you lead. You truly are the possibility and potential of the future and our saving grace for Christ Michael’s completion of the Correcting Time program. Know that we love you, and in love there is an expansion of all consciousness on all levels, in all beings, even those who reject it. Thank you and good day.

Machiventa ― New Era Transition 75 ― October 21, 2019 ― Daniel Raphael, Colorado, US ― NOCO group
Received by Daniel Raphael, Ph.D.
Session: October 21, 2019



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