Understand the Primary Relationship

“The universe is a very big place and mind can go anywhere in it, for it is not bound by time or distance, so therefore your imagination is the vehicle for exploration. We would like you students to “pair-up” with a spiritual friend, someone who you are comfortable sharing spiritual experiences with, and create an intention for a synchronized meditation where you will both be participating in the meditation at the exact same moment”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
My Dear Students,

There is but one way to secure your continuity in eternity, and that is to recognize that you are host to the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator Father (Thought Adjuster). You are the vessel that carries the Divine Fragment and by understanding that there is a relationship between you and the Father—through His Indwelling Spirit, you have a way to progress beyond the intermediary planes of Urantia and move directly to the morontia spheres of ascension. It is essential for your progress and for those soul fragments that you carry—to understand the Primary Relationship.

Many of you often ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” First and foremost, you are to achieve an understanding that you are a child of the Creator Father, whether it is here or hereafter. Many Urantians live out their lives oblivious to this “inherent fact” and this can delay their birth into the morontia life. This “delay” is not to be understood as a failure of soul progress, but a recognition by the Thought Adjuster that more light is needed. You may, in fact, make progress by “seeing the face of God in others,” but until you discover it in your own heart, you may need remedial experience beyond this lifetime to mature your soul to a point where the Indwelling Spirit of the Father can guide you in “higher realms”.

I speak plainly to you—the rebellion on your world has caused great confusion in the minds of Urantians. Your transient lives and the variety of conditions there (environmental, genetic, and lack of opportunity) make it difficult to achieve the needed experience to see through the confusion of your world. Much of it has to do with your willingness or unwillingness to act on spirit leading (attunement)—it is the Adjuster’s problem. Often it is the confusion and distraction from the outer world that blocks dialog in the inner world—it slows progress. The Thought Adjuster is patient and provides a way for you to “see the light”.

It is the Divine Love of the Father for His children that every opportunity is provided for you to fuse with His Indwelling Spirit. Your survival into eternity is the desire of the Father—that you may take on the Grand Adventure of time and participate in the Great Plan. It is the Adjuster and the “dream of the sleeping survivor” that facilitates the remedial help needed for these souls to continue in probation. Blessed are you that understand the Father/child relationship now, for you (and the soul fragments you carry) are surely bound for the shores of the mansion worlds.

Light and Life is a state of consciousness that permeates from the inner world to the outer world. It is the outer world that becomes the reflection of the minds of those that “see the light” and act on the leading of the Adjuster—to bring an equilibrium to the outer world with what is being experienced in the inner world—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

The Great Plan requires all things and beings come to perfection in time and in eternity. If you, my dear students, are now consciously participating in that plan, then by assisting your fellows in the understanding of the Primary Relationship, you help move your world closer to that enlightened age. There is no greater method whereby to “assist” others than to lead by example. Your world, more than ever, needs leadership that looks within first—to the heart, then to see the face of God in others.

I see the Light in you,

I AM Uteah

Trinity Teacher Uteah ― Understand the Primary Relationship ― 8 June, 2020 ― Chris Maurus ― Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Receiver: Chris Maurus
Session: 8 June, 2020



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It’s very important the

It’s very important the relationship between God and us, but I think that our problem is to stay focus on the inner message. We need to teach to our mind how to maintain the focus on the spiritual fragment 9

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Yes, this is true. In one of the lessons, Nebadonia said that

Yes, I agree, this is true. In one of the lessons, Nebadonia said that we need to devote time to the practice of Stillness, at least seven minutes, but every day.

You need to have a notebook and pencil at hand to immediately write down what you begin to hear. Any words without thinking about it. This kind of feedback helps your mind to become a receiver. This is a constant process of fine-tuning, which is carried out by the Celestial personalities, and thanks to this constant practice, your brain becomes adapted to receive/transmit. When you immediately record what you hear at your end, Celestial understands what works and what doesn't to make the necessary changes.