Algimantas Jokubenas

My dears, I feel happy to be able to present you the teaching of Jesus which he has just finished dictating to me.

This teaching will be useful to many of us. It will strengthen and encourage many to regard more seriously their daily lives, their values, and their environment, and especially each person, and their family, will be helped to discover one’s strength within, and change oneself to be a better person and to a goodness which man also can carry to others. And such a person will definitely make his contribution to applying this teaching of Jesus on a practical level and on a daily basis. It will enable everyone to grow spiritually bolder so that this growth from within would manifest itself by commonplace acts from without, and every day.

I have been leading this sort of life for many a year. And by my personal experience I give evidence to the effect that everything you have read in this teaching of Jesus I have been experiencing in reality.

My spiritual vicissitudes culminated during tragic events on the 13th of January, 1991 when military force was used against Lithuanian National Television and Radio which I had been with for 16 years. I started raising questions: Why must man kill another man, why cannot he control himself, why does not he value the life of another person while pursuing his selfish interests, why do we fall into different camps so that we stand against each other which I experienced in my work still long before those tragic developments? However, I did not know the answers to these questions at that time. But my searching already started, and a profound and very sincere searching at that. Only, where to receive the answers? Now it is already many years since I received these answers, and for many a year, I have been teaching others to choose their spiritual path even as the Father and Jesus teach me. It is only thanks to them that I can pass the light I was given by them to others and share the Father’s love with others, and equally with all, and without any calculation. Just the way Jesus shared it.

Therefore I can give evidence by my personal life that the entire teaching of Jesus you have just read is the truth. It is even such truth which insincere people will condemn as blasphemy, even as such insincere people kill their other brethren so as to carry out their selfish schemes.

Therefore, those of you who feel the meaning and light, love and truth of these teachings, do not be afraid of anything, and apply them in your lives even as I do in mine. It is due to this that I managed to establish spiritual and direct relationship with the Father and with Jesus and receive their teachings which I share with my other brethren.

But for the Father’s leading from within which I started to feel so strongly and to which I devoted myself with all my soul, now I also would be among the members of some quarreling political party or among the employees of some company which harms other companies, or among the staff of some bureaucratic institution in which I would enjoy no freedom and I would seek to please my bosses so as not to be fired, and I tacitly would agree with their decisions, or (and that would have been much more likely) I would oppose them for their steps which trample truth, and thus I would be fired as one who impedes the implementation of their interests. However, still most likely, I should have emigrated to the United States, since having an excellent command of English, of the American variation at that, and possessing a steadfast and resolute character, and a sharp sense of striving for truth, I would have carried out my plans there.

However, I was stopped from taking all these steps by the Father who perpetually sent me one and the same thought, even though I did not know at that time that it was His thought: “Let others do the jobs they desire to, let others leave for overseas, let them seek their own goals, yet who will do the work of spiritual education if those who perceive the meaning and significance of this work for all, not only personally for themselves, step aside? And if this job is not done even by those who understand its importance, from where then will light appear among men?“

That was the only thought which would permanently pierce my mind whenever I felt a desire to take up some other activity. And very soon, I would be brought back onto the path of spiritual service exclusively, but with deeper experience and with a deeper desire to spread light to each whoever desires it.

Being led only by the Father from within, during the course of ten years I translated from English into Lithuanian an enormous revelation by spiritual beings of over two thousand pages, titled, The Urantia Book. It is this book that Jesus also mentions in his teaching. It is such a profound revelation by spiritual beings which enormously expands man’s understanding of what is God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, the Paradise Trinity, what is Paradise itself, what are the galaxies, local universes, what a vast creation of the Father’s is, in which myriads of Sons of God, of whom also Jesus is one, operate. What are these suns and how are they generated by nebulae? Who produces these nebulae and of what are they produced? What are these planets and how do they take their origin out of suns-stars?

What is man, how is he evolutionarily developed on a multitude of planets out of a life plasm, while life plasm itself is created by spiritual beings? What are these spiritual beings? What is post-mortal life? What is the difference between the soul and the spirit that preserves our own inner self, bestowed by the Father as personality? What is Jesus, not only as a former mortal that he had just been for a bit over three decades, but who is he in reality? What is his activity and how does he keep his relationship with us so that we can associate with him directly? What was Jesus‘ life like in the time of his human incarnation? What did he teach and why did he teach the way he did? Where did he travel? How did he associate with people? What did he enjoy doing as a child? How did he behave with children of his own age, with his parents, with his teachers at the synagogue school? How did he deal with the Pharisees, and what did he teach men after his resurrection, when he appeared to his apostles and to other believers?

Without being asked by any man, just being led only by the Father from within, I set up the Urantia group in the city of Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) in 1995, and several years later, in Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania. Still later I also did this in the cities of Marijampole and Pasvalys.

During the two summers of 2005 and 2006 I traveled around Lithuania with The Urantia Book, explaining its message and preaching the living word of the Father on the streets of many large and small cities. I slept in a tent in the forests. During my first travels, while in the forest near the city of Kretinga, in the Western part of the country, Jesus appeared to me at midnight and I associated with him for two hours. And it was then that he appointed me his apostle and Father’s ambassador. And it was then that he thanked me for so boldly preaching his gospel, and it was then that he told me that I had even expanded his gospel from the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man to the brotherhood of the entire creation. Only after this appearance of Jesus, I recalled that, during my classes and during the last six months, I would really add that not only men were brethren but even all spirits, whatever high order they might belong to, they also were our brethren.

And it was then that Jesus authorized me to carry on preaching this expanded gospel of his, teaching, and healing other brethren in his name. And this appointment and empowering were subsequently confirmed by the Father as I communed with Him.

You may read about my experiences with the Urantia Book, about the appearance of Jesus as well as the teachings given to me by the Father on our website – or – where I share my stories on my association with the Father and with different people. The same as I did in 2005 in  the United States, on the streets of the cities of Philadelphia, PA, Denver, CO., San Francisco, CA., and Salt Lake City, UT.

I carry on doing it now if it does not rain and if it is not cold, mostly on Gediminas avenue, in the center of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. And I cannot help wondering myself, what a powerful support is coming from the Father, while I preach His living word even on the street of contemporary unspiritual cities.

At the request of Jesus I established the temple of God the Father and His Son Jesus. It is not I who gave this name, it was passed to me by the Father’s spirit. And from that time, and it was on the first Saturday of September of 2002, I have been leading a Saturday weekly prayer service at our temple. And the prayer is pouring out of the spirit. And I experience such a magnificent spiritual bond with the Father, with Jesus, and with my other brethren so that which Jesus speaks of in his teachings is really true and I do experience it personally. And my other brethren also begin to share similar experiences of theirs.

I walk where I am led by the Father, I do what I am taught to do by the Father because my will is fused with that of the Father out of love for Him. And I stopped saying: “Father, let your will be done, not mine.“ This I used to say earlier when I did not yet fuse my will with the Father’s will, when I still had to suppress my own will and accept the Father’s will. Our wills became one. Therefore, I now say: “Father, my will is that your will be done.“ And I am extremely happy that I do not need to break my will any longer so that it would correspond to the Father’s. Now my will is the same as the will of the Father, and this is a wonderful experience of bliss for my soul. And it is perpetual, all the time.

My life is completely devoted to my spiritual service to the Father while serving my brethren. Therefore I live only on donations.

If your heart has any desire to make its own contribution to my activity, then, you are welcome to donate in support of my ministry.

Ask the Father’s spirit, indwelling your mind, how much you might support my ministry by regularly depositing your donations to me, Algimantas. And you will be prompted from within. The Father’s creation requires sharing everything in love and not because of one’s duty or obligation. And if you share something with me, out of love, you also will receive, even more than you give me, for the Father’s creation operates on the principle of sharing, of giving, and, by this, also receiving, provided that this sharing is truly based on love.

The entire creation is one FAMILY with the Universal Father at its head who is constantly and ceaselessly pouring out His love upon all, and upon everything, without any discrimination. And I also promote this Father’s law of love and sharing when I go out onto the street ministry with The Urantia Book in different cities.

For donations you may use my bank account:

The name of the bank: AB SEB, Vilnius, Lithuania
BIC (Banking International Code): CBVI LT 2X
My bank account no.: LT057044060001373528
My name: Algimantas Jokubenas

The bank gave me an example what to write. And it is as follows:

Please, pay (an XXX sum in your currency) to AB SEB, Vilnius, BIC: CBVI LT 2X for further credit to Algimantas Jokubenas,
Account No.LT057044060001373528

Note 1: In case you might use on-line services for remitting your donation, please, in the account No. do not make a space between LT and the DIGITS for a space might be considered by the computer program as a separate sign and it would take it as a wrong bank account number and the money shall not reach me.

Note 2: When donating, please, point out that this is a donation for a spiritual ministry since donations are exempt from the state taxes.

It is more blissful to receive than to take – but while giving, you also receive. I give freely that which I receive from the Father and from Jesus. And I am sustained only by the Father through your sincere donations.

Jesus taught his apostles:
"Consider the lilies, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin; yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is cut down and cast into the fire, how much more shall he clothe you, the ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom. Oh you of little faith! When you wholeheartedly devote yourselves to the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, you should not be of doubtful minds concerning the support of yourselves or the families you have forsaken. If you give your lives truly to the gospel, you shall live by the gospel. If you are only believing disciples, you must earn your own bread and contribute to the sustenance of all who teach and preach and heal. If you are anxious about your bread and water, wherein are you different from the nations of the world who so diligently seek such necessities? Devote yourselves to your work, believing that both the Father and I know that you have need of all these things. Let me assure you, once and for all, that, if you dedicate your lives to the work of the kingdom, all your real needs shall be supplied. Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included. The shadow is certain to follow the substance.” (The Urantia Book, 1823-03)

I trust Jesus and the Father. I have chosen this path of the Father’s Love and Truth, and I will proceed along it further on for the benefit of all…

Peace be upon you.
With brotherly love,

Source: Revelation by Jesus Christ: I SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN

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