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Section is devoted to various topics, grouped by category and disclosure of the various issues of the celestial teachers' lessons.

Social Sustainability

Global Sustainability and Planetary Management—The Revealed Future of Humanity as Seen Through Celestial Eyes

This book is composed of twelve related transmissions as channeled through Daniel Raphael between June 11, 2006 and January 1, 2007. The primary purpose of this series of transmissions is fourfold:
1) to awaken the need for personal and public social practices and policies that support the sustainability of a spiritually evolving world at individual and societal levels, globally;
2) to prevent the decline and fall of human civilizations3;
3) to provide insights and guidance for the development of global sustainability practices; and
4) to do this as a conscious and co-creative4process with us!

Global sustainability, as it is used in the text, embodies twoparameters that are mutual forsustaining a world:
1) physical and material survival; and
2) the continuation, evolution, and maturation of civilizations from the individual, through family, community, and nations, to global levels.

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