Celestial news and events


Waiting to Throw the Switch

Teacher, Posturon - System Center:
Greeting to you my new friend! I AM Posturon, and I AM a System Center of the order of the Supreme Power Centers. It is my responsibility to dispatch certain energy lanes of power to your planet, Urantia. Specifically, these energy lanes serve mind capacity and the interface between the Thought Adjusters, and creature mind, with the influence of the Supreme Being in the system of Satania. When a planet is subjected to rebellion, all superfluous and non-vital circuits are cut off from that planet and are isolated from the rest of the local universe--and this includes certain aspects of the Supreme Being's influence and His emergent activities with those systems in rebellion. Because your world and the other former apostate worlds are now in recovery, mind circuitry and its originally intended function with the Third Source and Center, through the Local Universe Mother Spirit, are to be expanded to enhance creature mind capacity for greater spirit receptivity.

Сorrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been shut down on Urantia, August 31, 2018

Teacher Xsamuel
Greetings people of Urantia! I AM Xsamuel, of the Absonite order of consciousness engineers. I AM here to announce that officially, the corrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been completely and permanently shut down on Urantia, Friday, August 31, in the year 2018!

Formal inauguration of implementation – Aug. 21, 2017

core values of social sustainability

Machiventa Melchizedek:
Yesterday was the eclipse in North America; it was also the Birthday of Jesus, Christ Michael, in his mortal lifetime, and so you must think and know that this is an auspicious time in this year for the work that we are doing — and you would be right. What is unknown to you through the years, this birthday is what I would call an inauguration time of the implementation.

Today is Universal Thought Adjuster Day

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my dear friends, I declare September 6th on Urantia, “Universal Thought Adjuster Day.” You won’t find this holiday printed on your calendars, but let it be printed on your hearts. Today we honor the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator that lives within us and who so patiently and lovingly guides us and shares every thought and experience with us, for we are never alone and always shall we have this all wise Fragment of the Creator at our side through the trials and the triumphs. How truly blessed you are to be divinely chaperoned as you journey inward toward paradise—to have eternal life, and to know that one day you shall stand in finality of perfection before the Father and receive His majestic welcome and intimate embrace. “All honor and glory to you, my beloved Indwelling, for you are the reason for my being!”

The Neuro-Network – A New Campaign of Light

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my dear friends, we would like to speak about what is currently occurring on your world and what is happening on our side of the veil. The Correcting Time initiative and those Spirit agencies involved in the rehabilitation of your planet have entered into a new campaign of what we call “Neuro-Networking.” What does this mean? It means that any “Light” resource on your planet—any individual, group, or organization willing to make a positive change for a better world, shall be presented with opportunities to grow their work by connecting them with others who share common interest or goals where the combined effort of the network can benefit or serve the greater good for the souls of this world.

In The Company of The Lord

The United Midwayers of Urantia and their Cousins from Abroad: Dear Lord, we have served you faithfully for two thousand years, seeing the ups and downs of civilizations on Urantia, seeing how some mortals attempted to comprehend your message and live by it, while seeing how other mortals chose to betray your message instead in the pursuit of the fulfillment of empty personal goals. We have served to the best of our abilities, given the difficult spiritual situation of this beloved planet of yours. So many still do not comprehend the true nature of what you came to achieve here with the incredible privilege of your bestowal. In your name and that of our Universal Father we continue to attempt to help humanity to sow the seeds of love, but sometimes the heart of man seems so dry, so barren, that it makes our work very difficult.

Its time to be about the business of the Father

Christ Michael: “Greetings, this is Christ Michael. To all you students on the path who desire to be my disciples, who desire to do the Will of my Father, and who desire to serve your brothers and sisters on this world, I invite you to work with me in this Correcting Time. Just as I ordained and sent out the seventy evangelists, more than 2,000 years ago, to reveal the love of my Father and your Father, I now am in need of workers who are as dedicated, loyal, and willing to consecrate their will to the knowing of the Will of our Father". “There is much work to be done, my children, and I am calling on a new generation of disciples to abide in me, and through this abiding love, you shall become like a river of living water that shall flow into the hearts of those who are searching in the dark, thirsting for this living water. The time is now, my children, for those of you who hear me to gather around and kneel at the stone as I pass my hand over your head and ordain you into the fellowship of my trusted ambassadors".

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, my beloved children! This is Michael, who once lived in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. On this day when many people remember my resurrection, think of me as your brother, one who understands the human condition and how life is lived here on this world. My death on the cross was NOT a sacrifice to appease God for humanity’s sins….NO! I willingly went to the cross to demonstrate the natural outworking of events that human free will choice makes. My resurrection is proof positive that LIFE exists beyond the physical realm, and that I go before you to prepare a place for you in the universe family once you leave your planet of nativity.