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Father’s Teaching On Viruses And Diseases

Algimantas -
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, and I AM, I worship and glorify you, and I desire to receive a teaching from you on the origin of viruses and the method of their proliferation as I wrote my own teaching in which I said that viruses are produced by human low frequency vibration general circuit and by the frequency within an individual, and it is the only cause of their appearance within and among us.
I was asked on our Forum about the origin of viruses within animals and beasts, which I would like to hear from you, as well as an expanded response on passing viruses to others.

Father’s teaching about us under difficult conditions of quarantine

Algimantas –
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, thank you for all the gifts of experience bestowed by you, thank you for the current difficult ambiance due to the spreading of the coronavirus for it is namely this condition that shows to all that former wrong decisions and seemingly a shining material wealth and glamorous partying have been, are, and shall always be illusionary because everything which is true and real gives one satisfaction and a wonderful elevating state of mind in a living relationship with you even in these hard circumstances when the whole world starts to feel an ever growing confusion so that even the leaders of the most powerful countries and the richest representatives of business now losing billions of dollars of their wealth and which has been overestimated by its value – they are all in a complete confusion. It is in these hard conditions to all the world which is for the first time in the humanity history is molding a clear distinction and the humanity cleansing, and this process has already taken an imprint in everyone’s sub-consciousness and divided everyone’s life on Urantia prior to and after the coronavirus – even though this virus shall already be continuous similarly to the AIDS virus – man shall reconcile himself with this sort of the environment, and he shall not be able to hide himself within his family or within the dwelling quarters of the single ones for long as it shall be necessary to go out to work even in these circumstances – to sow grain, to reap crops, and to bake bread.

How should we go along now, what should we get ready to, and what should we wonder and marvel at?

The Eternal Mother’s teaching on us being perfected by our Paradise Parents – The Paradise Trinity-I AM

My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you – feeling your Love and Care for from within, and I do desire to receive your teaching on perfection and perfecting us on the way to Paradise – your dwelling abode and our destiny – bestowed by you upon all of us on Urantia – as you have commanded us – Be perfect even as I am perfect.

Father’s Teaching On Concord

My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, and I am asking you for your teaching-response – what is concord as now people cannot live in peace so that in this sort of concord they would live and would not fall to anger for a long span of time because now some sources of tension and conflicts spring up everywhere – in the street, within family, at school, at work. Could we keep on this mutual concord for a longer time?

Spiritual Globalization

Eternal Son-Mother-Brother:
Globalization as such is a process which is instigated in your soul by us – Paradise Trinity – to the whole of creation for we desire you to feel our love and get united into the family of creation which we have started out of love.