The Progressive’s Handbook for Reframing Democratic Values

by Daniel Raphael, PhD
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Created:  November 16, 2015 
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Progress only becomes meaningful
when a set of values exist
to direct it toward growth.




          1. Reframing the Persona of Democracies 

Part I Getting There From Here
          2. Understanding Social Sustainability 
          3. Human Motivation
          4. Ideology, Morality, and Decision-Making Using The Values of Social Sustainability
          5. Reframing Policy Analysis and Formulation Using the Values of Social Sustainability

Part II Organic Democracy
         6. Why Do People Form Democracies?
         7. John Dewey and Organic Democracy

Part III The Emergence and Empowerment of Progressives
         8. Foundation for the Appearance and Rise of Progressives
                 -  The 1st  and 2nd  Stages of Democracy
         9. Building on the 2 nd  Stage of Democracy
        10. What Does It All Mean?

Part IV Creating Solutions
       11. Comparing Characteristics of the 3 rd  Stage of Democracy To the 2 nd  Stage of Democracy
       12. It’s All About Decision-Making
       13. Opening a Progressive National Strategy in Local Communities
                  - Social Sustainability Design and Validating Schematic
       14. Progressives in Organizations
       15. Empowering Progressive — Reframing Political Dialogue

Part V   Creating the 3rd  Stage of Democracy
       16. Upgrading Democracies to Type II, Double Loop Learning Organizations
                 - Organizational Chart
                 -  The 3rd Stage of Democracy

               2 Types of Sustainability
               The 7 Innate Values of the Homo sapiens Species
               Dr. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
               Social Sustainability Design and Validation Schematic
               Priorities of Decision-Making in a Socially Sustainable Society
               Organizational Chart
               Flow Chart Illustrations

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The Progressive’s Handbook 
Reframing Democratic Values


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