Correcting Time


New Era Conversations 37 – Preparations for 2015; Value of Mortals

Monday, 22 December, 2014

Teacher:  Charles, Assistant to the Triumvirate


  • Preparation for constructive programs
  • Value of mortals
  • Our personal responsibility
  • This point in the history of our planet
  • God is immensely caring of his children
  • 2015, a time of change and rebirth
  • Some of Charles’ history
  • Remember to meditate

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New Era Conversations 34 – Leadership; Implementation

Monday, 17 November, 2014

Machiventa Melchizedek, our Planetary Manager (who taught Abraham in ancient times), made a strong message that the heavenly Forces began the implementation phase of the transformation of civilization, and they need the leaders among mortals - led by the spirit and by the high moral ideals. Creative individuals, independent initiators are needed who can perceive a problem or a situation that needs a solution. The message of the celestial administration is sent to every person in the world, to millions of people, so that the leaders and their followers respond to it, and then to begin the designing democratic processes, that empower the public to bring about conscious, rational change that is constructive and progressive. It is made in the context of the principles of social stability based on three core values of social sustainability, which are - Quality of life, Growth and Equity. That message of social sustainability was primarily directed to the whole world in a secular message, in an attempt to make it appealable to all people, regardless of their religion, regardless of their beliefs, but not regardless of the values which are common to all people.

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New Era Conversations 32 – Ebola; Repairing DNA; Overpopulation

Monday, 20 October, 2014

Monjoronson, Magisterial Son talks about:
• The Magisterial Mission is long-term
• The early phases of the cataclysms have already begun
• The violent Islamic States movement
• The public fear of spread of the Ebola virus
• The infrastructures of nations are inadequate to address Ebola
• Ebola and the plagues of past Centuries
• Cooperation is necessary to survive
• Preparation for the threat of a pandemic
• Ebola is not a new virus
• The effect of the Luciferian Rebellion on our DNA
• The decline of Homo sapiens because of defective genes
• Repairing DNA
• Too much personal freedom is detrimental to individuals and societies
• Overpopulation burdens individuals and societies
• Pandemics and cataclysms are opportunities
• The Middle East hopelessness breeds violence
• Meditation is essential to reach life’s potential

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The First Wave

Sunday, 13 April, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
Today we would like to speak about one very important aspect of the Correcting Time and that is to bring a new awareness to the consciousness of the people of this planet starting first by awakening those who we call, “The First Wave”.

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Conversations with Monjoronson No. 68 - State of The World

Friday, 25 January, 2013

- The Value of Loyalty
- The Importance of the Teaching and Magisterial Missions
- “State of the World” Report
- Optimism
- China and U.S. Relationship
- Spain
- The Difficulty with China
- Christ Michael’s Plan for Slow Growth
- The United States
- The Problems of over Population
- Problems Yet to Come
- What Can Readers Do to Help?
- Training for Leadership Roles
- The Hope of the World Is in Individuals

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Conversations with Monjoronson 67 - Grassroots Change

Friday, 11 January, 2013

Monjoronson, Avonal Son

  • Update on Magisterial Mission
  • Monjoronson on the U.S. Political System
  • Emphasis Is on the Individual, the Family and the Community
  • Change Will Occur at the Grassroots Level
  • Importance of the Internet System
  • The Three Core Values of Social Sustainability
  • The Empowerment of Disgruntled Individuals for Positive Change
  • The Future Financial Destiny of American Nation
  • Validation of Transcripts
  • The Key Terms of Discernment
  • The Fragility of Our World
  • The Art of “Knowing” Truth
  • The Truly Discerning Mind
  • The Purpose and Intentions of These Conversations
  • Begin by Validating the Messages in Your Own Mind
  • The Emphasis and Essence of These Teachings
  • Come to Know the Tr’s Personally
  • Admiring the Qualities of Our Creator
  • Living Vicarious Lives Through Others
  • Other Suggestions for Verifying Celestial Messages
  • How to Share this Knowledge
  • Engaging the Secular World
  • The Mystics in the Churches Are Useful
  • TRing Guidelines

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Correcting Time

The Correcting Time is a program of healing occurring upon this planet along with all 36 planets formerly isolated by the Lucifer Rebellion. The Correcting Time includes every every soul living on these worlds. This program began February 1, 1992, according to celestial Teacher Ham and was millennia in planning with many Teachers having trained a 1000 years prior to activation of the program.