Thought Adjuster, young souls - old souls, Reincarnation

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Thought Adjuster, young souls - old souls, Reincarnation

Hello here in the forum,

I have read the Urantia Book and some posts from this forum. The Urantia Book teaches great cosmic knowledge, but on the subject of reincarnation I would like to say the following. In an article you wrote that there will be numerous soul losses because too few people would decide to live on. Well I'm saying it's not because there is a soul reincarnation program on Earth that you can read up on and check on yourself and other people if you can reflect. It is a book "Young Souls - Old Souls" by V. Hasselmann/ F. Schmolke or the American version "Michael's Teaching", old souls. For me, reincarnation and the teachings of the UB are not mutually exclusive, since the said soul teaching postulates a limited reincarnation time and represents a maturing program for a soul on an evolutionary planet. In my opinion, this limited cycle of reincarnation of the soul was introduced because of the rebellion that had happened before, because too few souls decided to continue living after one life because of this drop in consciousness. They are thereby given many opportunities to choose to do so while attaining wisdom and the capacity to love while still meeting the challenges of an evolutionary world. According to these statements, the soul incarnated here goes through a kind of growth program, beginning as an infant soul, moving on to the child soul, moving on to the young soul (adult soul), moving on to the mature soul and finally to the old soul. These 5 cycles have 7 stages each, so there are 35 stages, each with a different motto, that automatically build on top of each other. This includes a total of 80 to 100 lives, the soul matures automatically. The infant soul is about, I quote "First steps into being human, discovery of the body", the child soul is about, I quote "joie de vivre and exploring the world", the young soul (also adult soul) is about, I quote " Strength, power and conquest", the mature soul is about, I quote "responsibility, problem awareness and introspection", the old soul is about, I quote "authenticity, loneliness and farewell" and it opens up to the next higher spheres. During these cycles, they increase in their individuality and their ability to love, and their compulsive and instinctive acting out. Karmic entanglements are also described here as limited, beginning in the late child cycle, progressing through the young cycle, being resolved in the mature cycle, and ending in the early old cycle.

If you put this in relation to the 7 psychic circles in the Urantia book, which describe an advancement, I do not think that this can be achieved in a single lifetime. Urantia offers not only sickness and suffering, but also interesting and joyful aspects and many different opportunities to learn and to have certain experiences that I do not think would be possible in a single lifetime. According to the Urantia Book, all human beings would be an Infant Soul 1st Stage 1st Incarnation. But that is definitely not the case, because one can clearly see that people here have different levels of consciousness and different levels of maturity, and secondly, infant souls would never read scriptures like the Urantia Book, nor would they be able to understand them, and an infant soul could too not decide for an eternal adventure, because she is not even able to think about it, because she acts purely instinctively. Only mature or old souls can do that. The people here in the forum are at least mature or old souls. In the book "Young Souls - Old Souls" the infant soul (which has its first life on Urantia) is described as follows: Among other things, it says, I quote: "Fragmentation, separation, individuality and a newly experienced biological-genetic identity are what the path of incarnation requires. But for the infant soul, this newness is merely a confusing, threatening, and disturbing incomprehensibility, since it has no mental categories at its disposal to mentally comprehend or even understand what it felt and experienced like a nightmare.” End of quote. An infant soul in its first life on Urantia reacts mostly purely instinctively and it is about sheer physical survival, exploring the functions of the physical body, perceiving light and dark, hunger and thirst, sleeping and waking. The superstition described in the UB and the fear of ghosts are located in the cycle of the infant and child soul, so they are only temporary phases in the soul development.

With the levels described in great detail, you can easily check which level you are on. According to this soul teaching, this is how the memories of previous lives begin only in the late mature cycle and intensify in the old cycle, but it is not a must, since the soul matures without it. In the same way, enlightenment experiences are located in the old soul cycle, but are also not a must because the soul matures without them. For me it is like this: a soul completes this limited maturity program here until it decides to continue living on higher worlds than earth. And the same Thought Adjuster is always present, which can be seen in the past life memories, because these people can remember past lives here on earth and not past lives on other planets. The personality of the soul matures during lives on Urantia and the experiences of the previous life are carried into the next life, but the identity with a previous life is discarded. This limited reincarnation maturity program came about because too few souls have chosen to live after just one life since the rebellion here. But if you read the chapter about infant souls, then it becomes clear that such a soul cannot decide for it. Here in the forum it is also written again and again that the majority of people would act so very materialistically, but the young souls (adult souls) are in the majority, and these souls have the need to immerse themselves in the matter over several lifetimes to try in this one. Only the mature soul is willing to tackle the problems here and want to improve them. And only the least represented old souls feel the desire to cross over into the more subtle spheres, and I know only very few who want to leave here.

I mean, what is 8,000 to 10,000 years of incarnation compared to eternity? Certainly the Universal Father, Thought Adjuster and Guardian Angel have sufficient time and patience for the cycle of incarnation on Earth to be completed. And for these beings, the time a soul spends on an evolutionary planet is just a moment longer from their vantage point. My conclusion from my extensive and intensive research as well as from my own experience is: There are the souls that start here on Urantia (that's most of them, I call them planetary starter souls), then the souls that have been on other planets before (mostly a higher consciousness was anchored there than here; that's a lot fewer than them planet starter souls) and then the descended souls from higher spheres (these are really very few). However, in my observation these are also angelic ones and not just Michaels, Judges' Sons or Melchizedeks, for these perfect beings have their perfection because they were created that way; they lack their own experience of experiencing imperfection and becoming perfect through a long process. If, for example, a Seraphim incarnates on an evolutionary planet, then his order of angels will also benefit from his experiences and he will then know how an ascender began his long journey. And when these beings incarnate here, they have the opportunity to participate in this evolutionary maturity program just like the planetary starter souls. This concept of soul ages also explains many circumstances, problems, situations on this planet and also why not all humans are spiritual, why wars have been fought etc. I am convinced that the topic "young souls - old souls" helps to explain reincarnation.

best regards