Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
648 2021-01-11 Monjoronson Healing a Tormented Heart Vicki Vanderheyden Personality development
647 2021-01-14 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 16 ― The Most Important Decision of Your Life Al Fike Christ
646 2021-01-17 The Urantia Collective of Thought Adjusters The Beginning (5:52) Chris Thought Adjuster
645 2021-01-04 Jesús Jesus ― Lesson 15: The Power of Love Al Fike Christ
644 1916-11-19 St. Paul Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment James Padgett Religion
643 1915-08-17 St. Jerome St. Jerome: The truths of God must not be sought for in his writings or those of the disciples as contained in the Bible, because of many errors therein James Padgett Religion
642 2020-11-25 Thought Adjuster Seventy Times Seven is the Magic Number Anyas Personality development
641 2020-12-31 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 14 - The Mindful Efforts of Humanity in Science and Religion will not Awaken the Soul Al Fike Christ
640 2020-12-25 Thought Adjuster The Real Deal Anyas Christ
639 2020-12-24 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 13 - The Creative Power of Humanity will be Unleashed by the Blessings of God’s Divine Love Al Fike Christ
638 2020-11-10 Thought Adjuster Under The Good Shepherd's Staff Anyas Christ
637 2020-11-24 Machiventa Melchizedek Ode to George Barnard Vicki Vanderheyden Personality development
636 1915-08-07 Augustine St. Augustine says that many of the teachings of the Bible cannot be relied upon James Padgett Religion
635 2020-12-17 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 12 ― The Soul’s Journey to God Al Fike Christ
634 1915-10-26 St. Paul Paul of Tarsus denies the vicarious atonement - this belief doing much harm - Bible contains many false statements James Padgett Religion
633 1915-06-27 St. Paul St. Paul explains his thorn in the flesh, his experience on the way to Damascus James Padgett Religion
632 2020-12-10 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 11 ― Jesus Implores Humanity to Reconcile Their Minds and Souls to God Al Fike Christ
631 2020-12-03 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 10 ― A Changing World and a Call for Unity Al Fike Christ
630 2020-11-26 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 9 ― Shattering the Error and Illusions of the Mind Al Fike Christ
629 2020-11-19 Christ Michael Jesus: Lesson 8 ― Jesus Implores Humanity to Change their Ways Al Fike Christ
628 2020-11-24 Monjoronson Times to come Michel Levasseur Magisterial Mission
627 2020-11-12 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 7 ― Divine Love Mediumship Al Fike Christ
626 2020-10-29 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 6 ― The Soul Al Fike Christ
625 2020-10-29 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 5 ― Comparing the Celestial Heavens with the Natural Love Heaven Al Fike Christ
624 2020-10-22 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 4 ― Journey through the Spirit Spheres Al Fike Christ
623 1915-05-03 Prof. Salyards Laws of the spirit world continued James Padgett Personality development
622 2020-10-15 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 3 ― How the Mind and the Human Condition Manifests the Darkness in this World Al Fike Christ
621 1915-04-13 Prof. Salyards Laws of the spirit world James Padgett Personality development
620 2020-10-08 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 2 ― Choose to Change Your Ways and Your Understanding of the World Al Fike Christ
619 2020-10-01 Jesús Jesus: Lesson 1 - The First Milestone in the Journey of the Soul - Expiation Al Fike Christ