Numsort ascending Date Celestial Teachers Topic of session Receiver Category
586 2020-06-04 Thought Adjuster Take a Knee Only to the Father Anyas Society
585 2020-07-27 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 96 – Education, Social Institutions, Spirituality, Core Values, Viruses Daniel Raphael Social sustainability
584 2020-08-02 Trinity Teacher Uteah Leverage the Potentials Chris Thought Adjuster
583 2013-07-10 Thought Adjuster The Mind of the Observer Oscar Consciousness
582 2020-07-29 Thought Adjuster What is versus what appears to be Anyas Personality development
581 2020-07-26 Trinity Teacher Uteah The Circuits are Energized Chris Thought Adjuster
580 2020-07-13 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 95 – Inflection Points, Will-Command, Co-Creative Designs for Sustainability Daniel Raphael Social sustainability
579 2020-05-01 Thought Adjuster Prescription for Prayer Anyas Thought Adjuster
578 2020-07-19 Gabriel of Salvington An Apocalyptic Showdown Chris Activity of Heaven
577 2019-07-07 Prolotheos Is Urantia In for a New Great War? Valdir Soares Politics
576 2020-06-29 Monjoronson In the Name of My Brother Vicki Vanderheyden Magisterial Mission
575 2020-06-29 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 94 – Pandemic, Qualities for Sustainability, Fear Not Daniel Raphael Spirit of Truth
574 2020-04-20 Thought Adjuster Who Made Whom in His Image? Anyas Personality development
573 2020-04-27 Thought Adjuster About thought-forms Anyas Consciousness
572 2019-05-24 Thought Adjuster If you only knew how empowered you are! Anyas Spirit of Truth
571 2020-05-24 The Beloved One In Love Lies Abundant Healing Lytske Faith, Morality, Love
570 2020-06-28 Trinity Teacher Uteah Desire to have a Tangible Experience Chris Thought Adjuster
569 2020-04-24 Trinity Teacher Uteah A lesson in remediation Anyas Personality development
568 2020-06-15 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 93 – Justice, Racism, Social Evolution & Social Sustainability Daniel Raphael Social sustainability
567 2020-06-12 Thought Adjuster Promote a culture of peace! Anyas Personality development
566 2020-06-21 Trinity Teacher Uteah To Be or Not to Be Chris Thought Adjuster
565 2020-06-03 Monjoronson Truth Comes in All Colors Vicki Vanderheyden Personality development
564 2020-06-14 Trinity Teacher Uteah Discover a Life of Meaning Chris Christ
563 2020-06-01 Machiventa Melchizedek New Era Transition 92 – Religion, Discernment, Authority, Social Issues & Progress Daniel Raphael Correcting Time
562 2020-05-18 Monjoronson The Current Reality of Vaccines Vicki Vanderheyden Healthcare
561 2020-06-08 Trinity Teacher Uteah Understand the Primary Relationship Chris Thought Adjuster
560 2020-05-31 Thought Adjuster The Miracle of Pentecost Anyas Christ
559 2020-04-30 Monjoronson Take Care of Your Young Ones Vicki Vanderheyden Education
558 2013-06-28 I AM About Patterns Oscar Personality development
557 2020-05-25 I AM Metaphors of the Inner World Chris Thought Adjuster