artificial intelligence


New Era Transition 53 – Artificial Intelligence; Healing the Planet; Ethics and Morality

Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Becoming ethical and moral
  • Healing the whole planet
  • “AI”—artificial intelligence
  • Democracy will change and become tighter
  • Ethics and morality for the Days of Light and Life
  • Time for a regime change across the board
  • Preparations for your afterlife
  • Two documents for the AI industry
  • Developing positive applications for ethics and morality
  • Implementing these changes
  • AI will become the model for these standards
  • Taking AI to an advanced level of self-awareness
  • Coding computer programs of AI
  • Human bias, prejudices and bigotries
  • Changing our mind for the mind of Christ Michael
  • Reviewing old lessons and programs
  • Having a personal AI assistant
  • Stitching the whole cloth together
  • Freewill is still paramount
  • A new web site on Planetary Management
  • Who will write the AI programs?
  • How will the AI programs be disseminated?
  • Are there any functional teams using CCDT process?
  • Use of seven core values throughout universe
  • Soul Fragmentation
  • Closing statements

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