Correcting Time Action Group - 18

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: John Morris

October 02, 2023

MACHIVENTA: All who hear and read this message are tasked with the support of our mission. In the creation of this organization, we are putting a foundation under our efforts and creating a vehicle in which we can move with confidence in implementing our plans. As you proclaim our presence here and announce our plans, we can increase the vibration in the planetary circuits and dial up the frequency of the Thought Adjuster circuits to create an atmosphere of grace that will make it possible for Urantians to connect with the spiritual influences that surround them and begin to awaken [them] to their true purpose and higher aspirations for themselves and this world. To turn back now would be to default on your trust. You must not allow doubt or the difficulties of this project to defeat you. You are given every resource to succeed. Only your perseverance and faith are required for our triumph.

You must learn to work together. You must learn to love each other. None of you have achieved your spiritual progress on your own merits. You have been given much assistance for your spirit endowments and potentials that were seeded in you at the time of your creation. You have been prepared for this moment. In creating this new organization, do so with all the information we have given you on how to create sustainable futures. Use the wisdom you have acquired and learn to apply it. When you are no longer mortal, this will stand as an example for others to emulate as to how to create and duplicate your work in their cultures thereby assisting in creating socially sustainable societies. Can you not see that in doing this you are fulfilling the purpose of the Teaching Mission and creating a blueprint for your world. The achievements of your work will only add credibility to your gift to your world. Your example of the application of the wisdom you have been gifted with will shine for generations and create a path for others to follow. Do this work with patience, joy, and a loving attitude for one another. You are my spirit family. I am your spiritual parent in this. Together let us show creation what we can achieve when we go and co-create a partnership to do the will of our universe sovereign and the First Source and Center. Now is the time to exercise your free will and choose to follow through on the sacred mission of the Correcting Time. Now if you have questions, I would be happy to entertain them and do my best to answer them. Thank you.

JT: Thank you, John. Thank you Machiventa. I'll start things off here from a question from Marty. He says: When the TM began, the teachers introduced and stressed the importance of developing a daily stillness practice to promote Adjuster contact and guidance. More recently, there have been messages promoting the technique of conscious contact. It would be greatly appreciated if you would kindly compare and contrast these two different techniques or practices, as well as provide any other insights or comments you have about them that you deem appropriate and useful to us.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. I do not see a discrepancy between these two practices. In the early days of the Teaching Mission, we had to cultivate within those who were listening and participating, a capacity to receive the messages coming through and to begin to enjoy that contact. That contact happened in a group setting and the preparation for that contact happened within each individual. Now we have had many lessons. We have had many years of patiently guiding people in the contact of teachers, and we would encourage each one to condition their inner space to receive these teachers. And this is done through cultivating your relationship with your Thought Adjuster. Your Thought Adjuster acts as the gatekeeper to connect you with your teachers, with your angels, with me, with Christ Michael. You can have no greater teacher than this gift of spirit from the First Source and Center.

And so, the encouraging of conscious contact at this time is simply a means of facilitating this relationship. There is nothing that's not completely in harmony with our previous teachings; there is only a reminder to continue your efforts to expand your capacity to receive, to increase your insight and your understanding, and to grow in wisdom. By consciously cultivating contact with your indwelling Spirit, you'll facilitate this and so much more.

So, thank you Marty for this reminder to remember our primary connection to Spirit and the primary source of that insight to know and to be able to get guidance on when our intentions are in line with Father's Will for us. Thank you.

Deborah: So Machiventa, in our last organizational meeting for CTAG it came up that in order to approach the Fellowship and the Foundation, the Teaching Mission people ought to acknowledge the mistakes we made in the past in our relationship with them. So, I would like you to comment on that and I would like to hear from you what you thought were some of the mistakes that we've made in the Teaching Mission.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. The idea of coordinating all of those who are receptive and open to the revelation of The Urantia Book and all that follows from that, is an important part of our overall plan. We are few enough to begin with, and we need everybody coordinated and working together to promote the Urantia revelation and all that it contains. So, humility and intention are things that are important for you to examine, and when you look back on those early days of the Teaching Mission, you can see that there was less than humility amongst some of you, and your intentions were less than aligned with the purpose of this mission. You can see from the transcripts that you have received and from these current transcripts that are taking place that it takes a great deal of discernment to stay away from trying to predict actual dates and times when certain events will happen. We do not do that. And the simple reason is that if you're trying to take a matrix of 8 billion plus people and give each one free will, it's very difficult to predict with any certainty exactly when any event will happen. From our point of view and superior wisdom, we can predict trends and we can see with certainty that certain large trends will very likely play out. But as to exactly when that will happen, even we can't see that.

Now you know that your text tells you that the First Source and Center sees the end from the beginning and is never surprised by anything, but it's quite likely that He's the only being in existence that truly knows the timing of events. So, what we would suggest is that before any real effort is made to contact the Foundation, that, as a group, you formulate your intention, you ask for guidance, and you remain humble in your approach. We are all part of a much larger effort. And we do not approach those who are our brothers and sisters in this calling with any sense of superior knowledge or wisdom, but with love, humility, and a desire to work together to see the manifestations of Light and Life come to this world.

So, some of the mistakes of earlier times are to truly be had in the reflection on those times by those of you who were at those times and who were present. And when you have taken time to reflect upon that, talk with one another about that. Ask your Thought Adjuster for guidance. How might we do things differently? Glean the lessons from that time and then apply them to this time. Part of social sustainability is to become learning cultures. It starts with learning individuals to actually do a sort of an internal forensic on your memories and your participation in those times and ask your Thought Adjuster: How could we have done things differently? Is there a better way? And can you guide us in helping to do this in a way that works together to unite us, to harmonize our efforts, and to achieve the manifestation of the Father's Will in these efforts? Thank you.

Deborah: Thank you Machiventa. We are going to do this as we want to be at our best to help you in your efforts to bring this world back into alignment with divine ways.

JT: Machiventa, it seems to me like you are maybe referring to the events in Naperville back however many decades ago that was. And that seems to be where the Teaching Mission lost a lot of its credibility with the establishment institutions of the Urantia movement. Is that in your mind or is that something you're talking about, and do you have any suggestions on how maybe to approach that mistake with these Foundations?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, and then there was the issue of Vern Grimsley and all sorts of others who were full of a lot of energy and well-intentioned efforts, but it took a great deal of credibility away from this. It wasn't that we considered it a fatal error. It's very difficult for humans to not want to see something achieved in a short time. It's understandable, and we don't fault you for this; but yes, when you go out there with a sort of hubris and you think that you can predict an actual event in time and place, if you really examine that, would you not see the influence of your ego in that? And by having that event take place, what are you hoping to do? Are you not hoping to see a certain instant recognition of yourselves as an authority—someone that can predict the future and it actually comes true? It is fraught with disappointment and does not follow our purpose and our insight into how humans will respond to that. It is to call upon an organization a great deal of scrutiny and outside pressure that would be almost impossible to not fracture the organization and splinter it into rival groups.

So, what we would suggest is that you own that mistake when you talk to others, you be humble about it, and you simply don't try to defend yourself from it but acknowledge that it was an error and that you have learned much in the meantime. There's so much to work on that does not need actual predictions of dates and events and that kind of calling attention to yourself. So, [have] humility. And again, I turn you back to your process within—seeking guidance from your Thought Adjuster and really establishing that contact so you can discern between your own thoughts and actually the presence and guidance of your Thought Adjuster. Now, had that been done in prior times, you may have avoided some of these pitfalls. It's certainly the surest way to avoid them in the future. So, I hope I've addressed your question, James, and if not, let's continue to explore this.

JT: I think that answers my concerns.


Marthe: Thank you very much James and thank you very much Machiventa. I think that the previous answer was in many ways a cautionary tale for all of us. And my question is very related to that and that is that those of us who have followed the teachings who think we understand the emphasis on family development, the emphasis on conscious contact, it is so easy for us to imagine that we know what needs to be done next. And I'm in such a moment where we've just come out of a dialogue with a thousand women and we've been invited to a new dialogue happening within a week of the council of churches in South Africa, an interfaith meeting.

And one kind of assumes that all this is part of the steps we are taking forward towards the unfolding of divine intention of the Teaching Mission agenda [and] the Magisterial Mission. How, and I absolutely take the caution of each of us asking every day in our own conscious contact what the next step is, but how can you caution us against this thinking that we know what needs to happen next? Because I think all of us are so eager to do something that would have an impact, especially when decisions are made that might impact a whole country. How can we daily let go of what we think we know needs to happen and align ourselves closer to what you tell us and what our Thought Adjusters tell us what needs to happen. Maybe if you can just guide us. I guess the easy answer is listen to your conscious contact practice, but how do you guide us in this time that's coming when you've told us that we are on the cusp, that we're reaching a nexus point? How do we guard against thinking we know what needs to happen next because I think I'm already guilty of trying to conflate things because I think, ah, this is really important? We know women are part of an answer. We know those with a spiritual inclination are part of an answer. How do we walk carefully and not think that we know what needs to happen next? Thank you. Please guide me.

MACHIVENTA: This is Machiventa. Thank you, Martha, for your heartfelt question. It gets to the heart of this matter, to the crux of this matter. There is this seeming dichotomy in human beings between their inner world and their outer world, and growth in spirit will one day eventually bridge that in such a way that there won't be a discernible difference. Human beings of a more mature spiritual age will be in constant contact with their Thought Adjuster throughout their days, but for most of us right now, for most mortals involved in this work, it's a difficult remembrance. So, remember to see God within all those that you come into contact with and each one you pray for. This is a practice I would have you accept as a matter of habit so that it becomes entirely natural for you to see all as part of you and therefore part of the living God. In humility, in turn, you practice soulful listening and that is one of the great benefits of conscious contact when you can be more present and soulfully listen to the needs that people bring before you. And they express this not so much in their words, but in their vibration, their energies, and their looks. And to humbly be able to state your truth and recommend what you feel to be necessary without conveying an attitude of superiority but one of simply service. This is a time of grand awakening—to see the Creator in everyone. All are made in His image. All have these seed souls. So, try as best we can to appeal to people's souls and then allow that seed you plant to germinate. And where you find a glad reception, people will be curious and ask more. And where you don't find an opening, simply bless people, and allow them to have their own journey with spirit. This is a difficult and an acquired art, but it's perfect for growing your spiritual awareness. Your wisdom must have these experiences to grow the kind of character that will be required for you to ascend the universes of time and space, and actually journey to Paradise. So, welcome this. This is a wonderful opportunity. Bring that attitude of open-mindedness, open-heartedness, joyfulness, and all-is-wellness to every meeting, to every contact you have with others, and bless them as children of Light, which they truly are. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much.

MACHIVENTA: You're welcome.

Jacques: Bonjour Machiventa, another day with you. I have heard what you have said about the errors of the past and I have also heard that from you, from Monjoronson, from even Jesus it was said to us that this day we have a tremendous help of seraphim teachers, which are all available here. And also, a great help from mother Nebadonia about applying, I would say, this spiritual pressure all around the world. So, I think we can use this spiritual pressure to connect to other people and have in mind that in the background that this pressure is applied. So as soon as we meet people, as you said to Marthe, with an open mind, an open heart, with kindness, with love, if we have this in our mind as a background, I think this will help a lot knowing that we are not alone in this task. Do you want to comment?

MACHIVENTA: Indeed. Thank you, Jacques. When we speak about the spiritual pressure on this planet, the reconnection of the circuits, the laying of new circuits, the creation of circuits such as the kind that we're creating here in this CTAG group, and the joining together to seed into these circuits potentials for other souls to be able to respond to, the fulcrum for doing all of this is love. So, if you would know the will of your Creator for yourself, you have only to remember that the will of God is the way of God, and the way of God is always the way with the most love in it.

So, when you come to a problem that is a particularly [difficult] Gordian knot—difficult to sort out—and you approach it from the point of view of a problem to be solved, you've already set it to be more difficult. But if you approach that same problem from a heart-open way of love, that this problem is something to be embraced, to be loved, to be seen as an opportunity to express the Father's Will in that moment, then you begin to cooperate with Seraphim, with Midwayers, with teachers, with myself, with Christ Michael, and we are more in harmony in our efforts to bring a solution to that problem. We do not see it as a problem, we just simply see it as it is, and to become a lover of what is, is a great evolution in your personal spiritual practice and also in the conscious state of humanity at this moment. Yes, we have issues. Yes, there are problems. Yes, there are 101 million things we would like to see put on a more solid path to Light and Life, but it always happens in the present moment. And so become a lover of what is and know that all is well. And then apply yourself with all your potential and your abilities to solve whatever issue it is that seems in front of you at that moment, but always do so with love, gratitude, and a willingness to listen and hear other points of view from other people who also feel they have something to contribute. And when we all get together in an attitude of love to do the will of our heavenly Father, these problems can be solved easily, and we will see miracles happen.

So, this is an exciting time, this beginning of a transition time that we are in—a time when a new light is dawning on this world and you're fortunate to be here at this place and time to see this, to begin this, and to help it gain a foothold on this world. And now we would draw others into this Light, not by going out into the darkness and dragging them by the scruff of their neck into the light, that would hardly achieve anything, but by simply shining as brightness so they may see this Light and be drawn into it. Thank you, Jacques.

Jacques: Thank you.

JT: That seems to be all the questions we have for today Machiventa. Do you have a closing for us?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. This is Machiventa. Let us consider what it means to be of service to Christ Michael and his correction time. The greatest service you can provide is to bring forth the fruits of the spirit in your individual lives. Nothing you can do in the outer world can be more significant than the lives that you live. By your demonstration of the reality of the inner life and your connection to your Thought Adjuster through your actions, you seed the possibility of future growth for subsequent generations. When you consider that the way this world will be prepared for Light and Life by the awakening of one heart at a time, then you can see the contours of the long game we are playing. Many generations will pass before the ideals of social sustainability and spiritual awakening progress sufficiently to allow for the incarnation of a Paradise Son. We have much work to do to prepare for such an event. Do not let your tendency to focus on the material distract you from your primary obligation to grow as an individual and be that living demonstration to your peers of a life dedicated to doing the will of our Creator. This generation is really the first to live out from under the spiritual quarantine of the Lucifer Rebellion. You represent the turning point in our efforts to bring Urantia out of the shadows of this darkness and to begin to promote the life of Christ Michael in a coordinated and concerted way—the Correcting Time plan.

As we gather up the many individuals around our planet and seek to implement this program, you must maintain your inner growth that brought each of you here. It is not an either-or effort, but one that requires action on many fronts. I simply remind you that your real power to do what I ask comes from your inner connection to your Thought Adjuster. Do not neglect your stillness practice while we seek to organize ourselves into an effective effort to grow the awareness of spirit in the minds and hearts of our contemporaries. My love for you is great, my joy ever-growing for your commitment and your dedication to our efforts. Be in my peace. Goodbye.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you John.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Correcting Time Action Group 18 ― October 02, 2023 ― John Morris ― CTAG ― US
Received by John Morris
Session: October 02, 2023



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