Correcting Time Action Group - 20

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: Vicki

October 30, 2023

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa. Is there any way I could possibly convey to you how delighted I am to see this gathering this morning? This, from our point of view, is a monumental moment—to bring together these veterans of all of our efforts over the many decades. It gives us great hope for the future ahead. It gives us a wonderful moment of celebration to think that we can move on now to a phase of our correcting time that has always been projected and in the plans but had to wait until there were certain developments and a certain amount of maturity before they had a reasonable chance to succeed. And now we see that that chance it's not only reasonable, but also absolutely possible and necessary.

I will just take a moment and point you to a process that I think is pretty obvious to some but may not be to everyone. It's a tendency among mortals and particularly immature mortals who have suffered much on this world to look at the spiritual realm and hope for divine intervention—some miraculous moment that the spiritual realm is going to step into this mortal plane and solve issues. Now, the obvious thing is you can see that that's not happening and it's not going to happen. But what is [also] obvious to some, and perhaps not all, is that the way that the spiritual administration works in bringing along the worlds of time and the mortals that inhabit them is through education, through teaching.

If you look back in your history, you can go back to my time when I was on the planet for 90 some years and I gathered around me, over time, a select group of students who I extensively trained and who then went out and kept the light of truth alive in this world. When our sovereign bestowed himself on this world and lived here, he did the same. He gathered around him a select group of women and men [with] whom he spent a great deal of time extensively educating and teaching so that when he left this world, they were here to carry on his work. And so, you can see by extension that the Teaching Mission, the Urantia papers [The Urantia Book], and this Correcting Time is very much in line with that process. And we are continuing this tradition of education, of teaching. Now we have different technologies and so many people can be involved in this effort.

Those that have been reading The Urantia Book for most of their adult lives and those who have extensively read these transcripts of the Teaching Mission can attest that they have been trained—sometimes consciously, oftentimes unconsciously—in their superconscious mind to a point now where we can gather this energy together, this experience, this expertise, and create another effort to educate this planet and those who will come to this work. And so, we seek to do just that. And this effort is but a steppingstone in this process for we are also preparing for a greater teaching effort to take place; for when Monjoronson actually incarnates on this world, there will be a great effort at teaching and educating at first. And so here we are kind of plowing the fields and planting seeds for a continuation of teaching and education that will happen long after most of you are not here, if not all of you.

So, this is a long game that we play. We've been playing it for millennia and we continue to do it. But there are several nexus points that come together now and give us a window of opportunity to make advancements in this mission that would otherwise and heretofore not been possible. And so, this is our call to you. This is our invitation to continue your personal efforts at spiritual growth, maturity, and education, but to also become involved in a more coordinated effort to extend this work out into a broader reception of individuals in this world. It's a bit like that proverbial pebble in the mill pond. The ripples continue to move out. And so, we represent a ripple in this effort that will continue to move out and touch many people. So, we're delighted that you're here and I would now like to make myself available to answer your questions and to help you understand what it is that we're doing and what we're asking you to become involved in. Thank you.

Errol: What is the most immediate educational need in terms of where we are right now? What's first? You need to understand, get, or practice X. What would that X be? What's the most immediate? If there's a string of things that we need to be educated about, what would you say are the first couple, or two, or three, or first?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. That’s a great question, and I appreciate you asking it. If you look back over the past several decades, much of the teaching is still about stillness practice, personal practice, growing and making conscious contact with your Thought Adjuster. But much, in some groups (and I think in particular about the Colorado group and the Planetary Management Group) has been done to educate this correcting time process about social processes. One, to prepare you for the coming cataclysms, which, depending on where you live in the world right now, some people are right in the thick of it, but to also help you see beyond that, to be a core group of humanity that has a clear way forward out of this turbulent and troublesome time when much of the social glue in your current civilization will come undone. So, you have been extensively educated about social sustainability and about what it takes to create sustainable civilizations. So, our immediate goal really is to take this knowledge, this education, this effort, and take it out of the realm of the theoretical, and have this group of experienced and seasoned participants prove the extensive application it can have—to prove the validity of it, to, through experience, set an example for those who would use these revelations and these teachings to sort out a rebuilding process for your civilization. So, the design team concept was given to provide a practical way to align yourselves with these teachings and these principles. So immediately we would think of a leadership team for this organization using these teachings relative to co-creative design groups to set up their organization based on these principles, to have this all recorded and available as examples to others in 10, 12, 14, 15, 50 years from now, so that people can understand how this works. Because it would be quite difficult to take people with no Urantia Book knowledge, with no Teaching Mission experience, with no education to make sense of this. But here in this generation, we have a collective experience of many who have worked hard to make their awareness of their indwelling spirit, of celestial teachers, of Monjoronson, of Christ Michael, of Mother Spirit, and of myself, available to them to reach out and connect with us. And this group of people has the requisite maturity and awareness to take and use these principles and make a really good example of them as a way-showing for others who will come behind and use the record and this example to then duplicate and use in their processes. Thank you.

Kona: Hi Machiventa, wonderful to have you here in this space. I'm going to combine a couple of my questions. I wrote out seven different questions, and this is addressing moving forward on our planet as a diverse planet. We have a lot of diversity with regards to racial diversity, languages, religion, and I've been very involved in the queer community. So, we have also non-binary persons and lots of transgender persons on the planet. My question is: In some of the readings I have read and also seen where the ultimate perfection is like one race, one language, one religion. In our very diverse planet and coming from a planet that has been an experimental (decimal) planet as well (we’re moving away from that) I’m wondering, considering that that’s kind of a hot topic in our society, is in order to avoid any perception of colonialization or becoming just one race and then that race takes advantage of that idea and says “We are the perfect race. Everybody is going to be like us,” where we have such a history of genocide, how can we possibly even think about having that conversation in a diverse planet without alienating the diverse peoples that we have here. I am a proponent of Love. I was raised with the concept of diversity and loving the diversity on our planet, and I find that to be a very hard concept. And maybe that’s thousands of years away and not even a question right now, but I’m wondering how best to be that glue that you’re talking about when our society begins to unravel as we are seeing it unravel in our diversity because we do not yet have one language, we do not yet have one religion, how can we respect the dignity of every human being on the planet where they are and still be moving towards this idea of one race, one religion, or one language? I hope that question is clear, and I’m also wondering how to, especially with the queer communities, how to receive people who are not heteronormative and what message can we give to people that are not heteronormative as far as the Love of the Father and Mother? I know what I communicate, but I would love to hear that from you because I’m not familiar yet with where that is in the teachings, in the Teaching Mission, or even in The Urantia Book.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. What an interesting question. There are many facets to it, but I would begin by pointing you to the example in The Urantia Book of how Jesus lived His life. And when you dig down past the actual teachings that he left behind and look at the example that he demonstrated through his life, we see that in an age when women were essentially chattel property of men—they basically couldn’t do anything without a man’s permission—how he had the courage to set aside women to teach and to preach the gospel. And so, he worked at a very individual level, and he radiated his love without regard to diversity. So, when we think about this mission and how to accomplish these things you are asking it begins in the stillness practice of every individual here. When you connect with your divine spirit, when you truly feel love as a daughter or son of our Creator and you get to know Mother Spirit and her nurturing and her regard for every human being, then the answer to these questions has to begin in individual lives of people who wake up and become aware in a spiritual sense to live a life of unconditional love.

So now you have been educated in the Seven Core Values of social sustainability, but these Seven Core Values are really the language of the sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity. They are the common place where all diversities can meet. This one likes to talk to people and say to them when conversations come up relative to some of the cultural issues in our society: Look, we all want the same thing. I’ll tell you what I want and then I’ll listen to you tell me what you want, and let’s see if we don’t want the same thing. So very simply this one says: I want an equal opportunity to access opportunities for growth so I can grow to the limits of my potential and provide a quality life for myself and my family. Do you not want the same thing?

And so, we begin at the levels of these values that we all share, that are all embedded in us, and we build from there. The eventual reconciliation of Urantian civilization where there is one race, one religion is centuries in the offing. We in this current generation have the ability to plant seeds that will grow in that time, but much of the actual, practical outworking of that will have to wait until Monjoronson is literally incarnate on the planet and establishing his teaching centers and education around the world, but in order for that to happen, we have to be fruitful in our effort in this moment. So, it’s a process and if you have faith in your own personal growth and you look back and see how the Urantia papers, your own personal contact with your Thought Adjuster, and your own stillness practice have proved fruitful for you, then you can see how this is going to proceed; it’s going to proceed one open heart at a time. We’re here to invite those seeking to become more aware of what’s available to them to help them first in their individual growth, and secondly in their relationships—in their families, in their communities, and then in their nations, and so on and so forth.

So, I hope that I’ve given you something you can use. Thank you.

Rebecca: It seems to me that now is the time for The Urantia Book. If there was ever a time, it is now. And I just want to get some advice on how we can spread the book more and make people aware it even exists.

MACHIVENTA: I couldn’t agree more with you. The Urantia Book is the context out of which the Teaching Mission grew and which the Magisterial Mission and the Correcting Time will grow. So, part of the work ahead, and this will have to sit on the periphery until we have a strong enough organization, and we build credibility, but there needs to be a healing between the Urantia Foundation, the Urantia Brotherhood, the CTAG group, and all these groups that basically got their start with reading The Urantia Book. They all have a common basis. There is no real reason for this group to duplicate what the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Brotherhood are doing to spread The Urantia Book and the Urantia papers around the world, but we can give a boost to their efforts by coordinating ourselves with them and by them accepting and coordinating themselves with us. It’s work that has yet to be done, but much behind the scenes preparation has already taken place to make this happen in the near future. So, I think that by working with those who have it as their express mission to promote the Urantia teachings is probably one of the best ways that this group can facilitate spreading the knowledge. And also on our website, in our communications we do not shy away from acknowledging The Urantia Book and provide links to it and to promote it in the course of the dialogues and conversations that we have in executing our mission. Thank you.

Michelle: I have a couple of questions. One relating to the last question that Rebecca asked. I’m fairly new to The Urantia Book. I’ve only been reading for about three years and I’m even newer to the Teaching Mission, but I’ve discussed The Urantia Book with many people and I’m wondering: The Urantia Book was written at a quite high intellectual level. I have worked for many years with people with disabilities in education and community support. We support people in our homeless disabilities of differing levels. So, I recognize that the vast majority of the people on this planet would not have the intellectual ability to understand a large part of The Urantia Book. I’m just wondering what’s the best way to engage those types of people—people that would not be drawn to it because it would be “above their heads.” I’ve had thoughts of using AI technology to rewrite sections of the book so that it’s geared to a lower reading level—put into plain English, even for children to put it at a 6th grade reading level. You can throw that into ChatGPT, and it will simplify the language. Is that something that we should be considering going forward or are there other ways to engage people that The Urantia Book is not a fit for that way.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. Of course, when you look at all these examples of how different teachings came to be as far as my time on the planet, Christ Michael’s time here, and so forth, the primary way to communicate The Urantia Book to people is through loving service. There are many people who don’t really have an interest in the more cerebral presentation of the Urantia papers so they will get their knowledge of it through those who can incarnate this revelation in their own lives and live a life of unconditional love and service to their fellows and it isn’t necessary that everyone become a student of The Urantia Book. What is necessary is that a critical mass of humanity on this world does and can then use this information to serve a much greater mass of humanity to come to a fundamental level that they are children of Divine Love and that there is a plan for them to survive this mortal career and have a never-ending relationship to this Divine Love. Much of this effort will await a time when humanity is more receptive to these principles and these teachings. This has to do a great deal with the process of purification that you see going on in your world right now of the effects of the Lucifer rebellion and the rebellion mindset.

So, personal service, engaging in your stillness practice, and seeding the consciousness of this world with the energies of Christ Michael and Divine Love goes a long way to assist this world into receiving these teachings, but when it comes to disabled people and those with development issues, they will begin to grasp the truth of all of this through your loving service. Thank you.

Michelle: Thank you. My other question was, from my limited understanding so far of the Teaching Mission and what I’ve read, you and the other celestials have other projects going around the planet that are not necessarily related to the Urantia movement. And I know there are other groups which purport to receive messages—a lot of them say they are channeling Jesus. There is a Divine Love Sanctuary organization on the west coast that I have been in contact with before. The lady’s husband, I believe, says he channels messages from Jesus, and everything I have read about them and the conversations I’ve had with them through email I would say they are very much in line with what we are doing even if they don’t necessarily read The Urantia Book. And she even says she has met other Urantia readers and believes we have very similar values. So, I’m just wondering for the purposes of this group are we trying to reach out and include people from these other groups that are not necessarily within the Urantia community to assist us with these efforts or have they got their own vision and plan that is being directed elsewhere?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. You can see around this world that there are many spiritually oriented groups saying very much the same thing. They all reflect the understanding of those that found them, but this particular effort, in the short term, will be focused on putting a foundation underneath the Teaching Mission, the Correcting Time, and using The Urantia Book very much as the context for all this though there is much that is similar in Divine Love Sanctuary and what other groups are doing. At this time, it really doesn’t serve our group to reach out to them, invite them, and partner with them until we really have our own identity and our own group fairly well solidified in what we’re doing. There will come a time when there will be an outreach program, an invitation, and mutual support of all messages of Divine Love. They’re fine to do what they are doing, and they do a service. Where someone fits in this whole spectrum of diversity about the expression of how Divine Love is popping up all over the planet has very much to do with your stillness practice, with your conscious contact with your Thought Adjuster, and where your indwelling spirit leads you and guides you. There is a divine plan for each of your lives, and as you seek to cooperate with it, you will find your place in the firmament of the cosmos and in where you are to be of service. Thank you.

Michelle: Thank you.

Errol: I’ve been a very dedicated student of The Urantia Book for over 50 years and I’ve also studied other teachings with equal intensity and passion not the least of which is A Course in Miracles and The Keys of Jeshua—Jesus showing up and communicating through Glenda Green in 1991 and those teachings. My point here is I am persuaded by all of that that the real core issue that we need to address is the issue of operating out of duality—separation—and as much as I’ve studied The Urantia Book I’ve never really found anywhere in The Urantia Book where it really addresses that, and you could argue that The Urantia Book is very dualistic in the sense that it is us over here and them over there and I’m really interested to know what you would have to say about the issue of non-duality addressing the fact of the fear-based ego mind based on separation and to the degree that it is operative and controls our lives as opposed to being unity oriented and love oriented. I want to know if you have anything to say about that issue.

MACHIVENTA: Certainly, and thank you for your question. This issue is addressed in the Urantia papers and in the Teaching Mission, but perhaps not directly in terms of confronting duality. If you think about how often the Urantia papers mention the Thought Adjuster, indwelling spirit, or Mystery Monitor, on average in that book about every three pages they refer to that. So, when you really understand what that’s all about you know that they’re addressing the very issue of separation and the fact that we are not separate. The First Source and Center has reached out across an incredible gulf of reality to put a fragment of His spirit in every normal minded human being so that the awareness of yourself as duality which was, of course, inherent in the creation of incomplete, immature, non-perfect beings created with free will and to begin the process then of experiencing the gamut, going from incomplete and imperfect to one of complete and perfect. That is what is happening in time/space—this experience of imperfection becoming perfect. But we don’t do this as separate from our Creator. He has already provided for non-separation. So now you have to go through a personal experience of bridging that gap in yourself through your own stillness practice with your own indwelling spirit. And when you realize—truly realize—[that] you are not separate then duality ceases to exist for you. You still have your little self—your self that was created out of the dust of this world with all its animal inheritances and bellicose nature, and you have the experience of trying to transfer your seat of identity from this little self to your larger spiritual inheritance which includes this indwelling spirit, the Spirit of Truth, and Mother Spirit’s Holy Spirit. And that is part of your gift to supremacy—the age of the Supreme—where your individual bridging of duality and experiencing the growth along every step of that to become non-dual. Truly, [you] will not become non-dual until you have fused with your indwelling spirit, and even then you will still experience your fused state as still not perfect and you will go through much training before you stand on Paradise in the presence of your Creator and receive the divine embrace.

So, this is not primarily a mental process. This is a process that very much involves your heart—your feeling relationship to the Divine and how you are able to experience that in your daily life. Much is made of duality and non-duality as if they are binary choices, either/or, but it is both/and—simultaneously and at the same time. You are both not separate and yet you live in a dual reality. You are not perfected either.

So, have fun with this and don’t allow it to be an impediment or a stumbling to your growth and understanding, but certainly take these kinds of questions within and ask your spirit teachers and guides not how the world can overcome the seeming duality we are in, but how you as an individual can bridge that gap in present, centered awareness and experience non-separation with your Creator while at the same time, paradoxically, seeming to live in a world that is duality in its form and its substance.

I hope that I’ve given you something to think about. I am in no way trying to be evasive here, but neither would I impart more knowledge that can be received. It’s like the example of trying to put a quart into a pint jar. You grow day by day in your capacity to experience non-separation as a reality in your own life as you practice unconditional, divine love with those around you, and that is the fashioning of your unique thread in this mosaic of evolution in time/space that is the Age of Supremacy and your contribution to this. Thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Correcting Time Action Group 20 ― October 30, 2023 ― John Morris ― CTAG ― US
Received by John Morris
Session: October 30, 2023



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