Correcting Time Action Group - 22

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: Deborah

November 27, 2023

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa. Let me tell you how pleased I am to see this group gather once again and hold the space where we can meet, where we can put our hearts and minds together, and discern for ourselves as individuals and for ourselves collectively as a group what the will of our heavenly Father is for us, and how we can support Christ Michael and his Correcting Time and bring this world to a place where light and life can begin to dawn, and we can make ready the space for Monjoronson to begin his mission. We are delighted with the progress that is being made, and we hold out high hopes for these groups that are meeting and for this generation of human beings.

From the time that Christ Michael incarnated here and taught as Jesus until now, there has been a rather concerning decline in the spiritual interest of the inhabitants of this world. And so, your world has slid ever closer to the precipice of a materiality that threatens to extinguish all life on this planet. Through very diligent efforts on the part of many beings, we have arrested that slide, and we now see in this group and in this generation great possibilities and great hopes to turn this reversal of fortunes around and to begin to see the light of spirit shine in individuals all over this world and to begin to feel the hunger that people are having for a new way, for a better way. And so, we take seriously this effort—our work together—and we hope that we can co-create a group and put a foundation under it that will be here for not just one generation or two, but for many generations into the future.

And so, we are excited to hear from you and from this leadership team what you have been working on in the past couple of weeks, and I would ask you to remember my time on this world when I came and gathered around me those who were interested in keeping alive the light of truth. It was also a correspondingly difficult time and the danger of the light of truth going off was real. We brought together interested people and trained them—trained them through education and teaching. At some point the training, the teaching, becomes secondary to sending people out into the world to proclaim this good news that the living gospel of Jesus is still alive, and that faith and hope are still the ways to begin to contact spirit and begin a journey that never ends.

Likewise now we see this group as having completed a training period and are making yourselves ready to become the heralds of a new age, to take our message and our training out to a broader public for the reception there of those who long and hope for new ways to live on this world, to honor this world, to care for this world, and for the inhabitants of it to live together in peace and to truly know the joy of being devoted to doing the will of their creators and seeing that manifest as the sisterhood, the brotherhood, of humankind and the great progress that can be made when humanity and divinity go in partnership.

So, we are exceedingly glad and full of joy [in] this moment to share with you and to be with you and to support you. Thank you. Now if you have questions or ideas, we would love to hear what your plans are for the coming two weeks, for the coming several months, or for the next year. How do you see this unfolding? Thank you.

Sal: I got, I guess it's more of an awareness about what's going on to that level of opening up the circuits that I assume is happening at this point where the world will know about The Urantia Book and that we're not alone in the universe. And of course, the Lucifer rebellion with 37 planets that went into the rebellion and 36 that we know of besides ourselves that exist that are probably visiting here for the last hundreds of thousands of years. And the awareness of that knowledge should be known and the circuits being open to that administration that already exists that we earthlings will have to adapt to. And of course, the whole idea of the spiritual world with the physical world, I call it analog to digital, manifesting with this communication that we're doing now. Can you comment on that?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you for your question. There's a process in play that will eventually include a greater awareness of the cosmic family in which we live as a part of on this world and the interest in our world in particular from our sister planets. But there needs to be before people become too, and I would say, distracted with this knowledge, a foundation of spirituality and awakening at an individual level to support this knowledge being practical and useful to individuals. So, the evolution of this process needs to really begin by making people aware that they're not alone, that there is a plan, we don't exist as a population in isolation, and that their Creator has gifted them with his spirit that they can contact and begin to have this inner awakening that provides the foundation upon which this other information will rest. It needs to be an experiential process for an individual and not just the knowledge process in their minds—they need to awaken at the level of their hearts that they are truly connected to spirit, that it's personal, and it is something that they can cultivate and grow. Because on a world that is truly seen as being at the evolutionary stage of barbarism, as individuals, we see in each of you a need to do some inner work to where you can become aware of all the animal tendencies that you are a reflection of, that you inherit—the drive for survival, the drive for reproduction, for food. There is no morality in the animal world as to how these drives play out. Now that needs to be interfaced with your spiritual inheritance, and the seat of your identity needs to begin to be transferred from this animal inheritance to your spiritual inheritance where you can feel at a very real level that you are not your thoughts, you are not these drives, but you can gain some space on them and sit in the position of being able to observe and witness them without having to dramatize them.

It's a tricky place for this world right now for individuals to awaken to this awareness and it is the Thought Adjusters that will bring this about. A careful reading of our text, The Urantia Book, will open up many minds to the possibilities of other inhabited planets, other inhabited beings on them with the whole universe of Nebadon and beyond having an intense interest in Urantia as a result of Michael's bestowal here. We must begin with offering relationships—unconditional love, calling people to begin to take responsibility for their own spiritual practice, to move beyond the religious understandings of the traditions where people basically give away their free will and accept man-made theologies and dogmas.

So it is an early stage in this expansion of knowledge, and for those who are longtime Urantia Book students, Teaching Mission students, and practitioners of other spiritual paths that have brought them to a place of spiritual maturity, it's not very surprising to understand that there are other worlds with other beings who are intensely interested in us and who are also present in some forms on this world looking to assist us, to help us. But that being so will not be our focus for quite some time. So, I hope that I've given you something that you can use, Sal. Thank you.

Sal: Not really. I understand the concept of spirituality that people need. I was raised, of course, a Catholic and then my parents became Jehovah's Witnesses going door to door back in the forties and fifties and trying to get the Bible to people [and] be aware of that level of spirituality. And The Urantia Book would be a similar type of confrontation to the world right now. And there's a part where we need something more of a physical appearance I would say (I don't know if that's the right word, but you know where I'm coming from) to the point of shocking people in a way. I think you know where I'm coming from. I think you know more about me than we can express to other people right now.

MACHIVENTA: Well, what I will say, Sal, is that the awakening of people is an entirely personal matter between them and their Thought Adjusters. We are not in the business of trying to shock people awake. Also, as you can see, many people came to The Urantia Book from a Christian faith, and some of them have merely [taken] their reliance on the Bible as the infallible word of God and transferred it to The Urantia Book. And now that is their rock and their foundation, and they're happy with that. They're content with that. They are kind of run aground, shall we say, on that reef of a text that they consider to be the authority. But that's not the point of The Urantia Book, and it's not the point of what we're trying to do here because the only authority for your spiritual growth is of course your own personal evolution and spiritual contact with your Indwelling Spirit. Ever and again, over and over on this world, have wonderful promises of new beginnings been hijacked by this well-meaning intention to do something now, to do something for this generation. And so, we are here to make the announcement that there is a plan, there's a spiritual administration, and there are spiritual processes people can plug into, including The Urantia Book, but always must free will dominate.

And so, it's a patient and a long game. The circuits have been connected; new circuits have been laid where old circuits couldn't be rehabilitated. The spiritual vibration on this world has been up-stepped. There has never been an easier time on Urantia when it's possible for people to connect with their indwelling spirit. And so, we make that as easy as possible and as widely known as possible. And we watch and we wait to see who responds and then we foster and encourage them. But there will be some time before there will be a missionary effort on a worldwide basis that will be well organized and go around to perhaps make more clearly known what our intentions are. It won't happen soon, and it won't happen with this group of people.

So please understand that you are the beacon of light where you sit, where you stand, the way you live, the way you serve that will establish the beachhead for this revelation, including The Urantia Book, to make a toehold on this world and to really attract others to it. It won't be the book itself; it won't be any organization itself, but your personal lives of unconditional love and service to your fellows that will settle this rebellion once and for all. Thank you.

Kona: Good morning Machiventa. Thank you so much for being here. As part of the servant leadership team with CTAG I have a practical question that we're addressing. We're becoming more familiar with and the organization that Jeff has so graciously established as the 501 (c) (3), and not having read the minutes yet from way back when, my curiosity is if your message that you want shared with the world is your desire to be on that particular website,, or if the name of the website doesn't really matter as long as it's your space? That's my first question. And my second question is: I've read the one message that is on that page right now and so my second question is what's the next message? Because I would love to see us begin to share that message. And then my third question is, because I work with business organizations and do social media, I'm wondering if any thought had been put into sharing your messages on other platforms other than a website. Could that be shared via a YouTube channel or anything else to reach other people in different formats?

So those are my three curiosities. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Sure. Thank you, Kona. This is Machiventa. We have no preference how you as a group name a website even as how you describe the plan that is here and what forms of what you call social media you use. These are all questions that you must wrestle with and come to points of decision and clarity. I'm here to assist you in terms of co-creation, but what that means for me, now, with this group, is that my input will come after you do some work. In other words, we are no longer in a situation where I am giving transcripts and guiding you, for this group has a unique opportunity in front of it. And I wonder if I could try and paint that picture a little for you. The context of course is the paradise ascension career and the fact that for eons of time and many ages, those who chose to participate in this ascension career are literally being trained in universe administration—in every possible facet of it. Now you're not the recipient of this training so that when you get to the Isle of Paradise you can sit and just enjoy it. You're being trained for future purposes of the paradise deities. So, the analogy I care to make about that is that this particular work we're doing here now is similar and that for those that for decades listened to New Era Conversations, the Planetary Managers Group, and pursued these transcripts, it was a training in planetary management and now that training needs to be put into practice.

So, if you would tell me what your ideas are, if you're thinking of changing a website name, if you're thinking of other platforms, draft a message of my plan. My plan is straightforward. I'm here to bring this world into the era of light and life. I'm here to guide mortals in making decisions using these seven core values so that they are sustainable, so that their institutions are sustainable, and so that they survive for many generations and help bring this world to a place where light and life can manifest here. If you carefully review these transcripts and all this material, I do not think it would be too difficult for some of you who are excellent wordsmiths and know how to write to draft a coherent outline of this plan.

I'm not trying to be difficult here, Kona. I'm not trying to be evasive, but this is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and transformation as well as the collective growth and transformation of this world. And by gathering together in this format there is before each of you the possibility of personal accelerated growth which will serve you well in your eternal career. And so, I would encourage you to first make an effort at these things and then I'm happy to comment on them and offer suggestions and ideas. If you carefully look at the process by which we brought you to this point as a planetary management team on this world, you will see that it began for many years with education. The early Teaching Mission was all about teachers finding attentive students and then developing these students. Now here we are decades later, asking you to take all this effort that you've made and that we've made and use your human free will to create this organization and then we will have something that we can truly interface with and truly offer ideas and creative ideas to help you. Thank you.

Kona: That's very helpful to be able to use our creative side. So, I thank you very much for that. I think at least for me, and I can't speak for others, but at least for me I was thinking that you would be giving us a round of messages to post, but to be creative with what's already been given I think is a beautiful thing. So, thank you again for that.

MACHIVENTA: You're welcome. And there's a reason for that, from our point of view, to [not] have me leave you with messages to post—to speak directly to a greater world. For those of you who have been on a spiritual path for decades it's easy to receive the messages that come from me and my team, but it would be easier for this kind of revelation to be downstepped through the human mind so that those who are at the very beginning or even haven't begun yet but are contemplating and maybe thinking about beginning, could more easily assimilate it and relate to it. Thank you.

Bob: I wanted to ask a couple things. First, do you think it's important to have as a priority to focus on younger generations to bring younger people into this group instead of us oldsters that have been around for quite a while? And a lot of us have experience in these things, but I feel that younger people need to be developed to come along. Bea is probably about the youngest one here and she's fairly young, but not real, real young. So, I'm thinking that first of all, we need to emphasize bringing younger people into our group. And secondly, I feel that we need to prepare ourselves for what's coming ahead. We need to be able to have the physical wherewithal to support ourselves in dangerous and sparse times. So, I'm thinking it's important for us also to prepare ourselves with food supplies or have a food source that is definitely long-term and that sort of thing. So, what would you suggest for that sort of support? And that's what I'm asking.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you. What I would suggest is that these kinds of questions are the subject of your stillness practice, your intimate relationship with the indwelling spirit, and that you truly seek to make conscious contact with this spirit to up your relationship with this spirit to the point where you can feel this presence. Then you must use your decision-making capabilities to feel what's in alignment with the will of Father for your life. And then you must follow that direction. It'll be different in various ways for each of you. There will be some commonality, but there will be very many unique differences in how you do that.

Yes, in a general sense, a succession plan is a good idea. Yes, in a general way, it would be prudent to prepare for many possibilities that your world is facing, but neither I nor my administration will seek to relieve you of the responsibility to develop your own decisions in these matters because it’s simply where the work is. That is where the growth comes from, and that is how you progress, rung by rung, step by step in the spiritual ascension process. So, I wish you all the best of luck with that and let me know how it's working out for you. Thank you.

Bob: Sir, I appreciate what you say. I, myself, have answered these questions for myself. I know that I'm trying to get the younger members of my family involved with this. Also, as an individual I have prepared somewhat for most eventualities, including long-term need for food supply. Like my family has at least six months of food supplied for it. I’d like to increase that of course. We would also like to procure land in Texas where we hope to make ourselves food independent. And as far as younger people being involved, I'm trying with my family, but sometimes the younger generation takes a while to learn some of this stuff. So, I think we all need to think about these things because as we can see looking at the [video conference] screen, most of us are older and do we have family members, do we have friends, do we have neighbors that are younger that we can involve in this process so it isn't just us older people involved, but that there's a younger generation that will be able to carry on after we're gone? I think that should be a major emphasis. That's a major emphasis in my life, and that's what I found out. And I think everyone here should take that to heart and try to find out for themselves what they need to do according to what you are saying. And that's what I have to say.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you.

Jeff: Machiventa, I'm very glad to hear that your plan for a new grand commission is ahead of us and we can look forward to that at some point. A number of years ago, Rick, who lives in Mexico, asked you a question on why the people on the NOCO call were all, within four or five years, about the same age. And he asked you why that was so. And my recollection of your answer was: well, there are things that just come together with certain groups of people, and you didn't say it was in the air, but you said there was a time window where there was a receptivity that was available, and as Julia Fenderson used to say, The Urantia Book found them. My question to you is: is there an age group of people generally that your actuaries would suspect are in that window at this time? So, if there is, we could concentrate our limited firepower so to speak on that audience.

MACHIVENTA: [That is an] interesting question. Most of you are children of a time on your world when there was a generation that simply didn't buy the status quo. And so, it was a time when people felt free to go and do their own thing; sex, drugs, and rock and roll, back to the land movements, and so on and so forth became a hallmark of that generation. And that generation was open. So, if you look at your world and try to see some similar patterns there, if you think of it in your current moment in this country, and in other countries around the world where there's a great clash of ideas taking place between more progressive ideas of how to run societies and people that want to turn the clock back and go back to a time that seemed to work better and they felt more familiar with. And if you look at the generational divide there, would you not see that late millennials, Gen X, and such persons are very much disenfranchised or disenchanted with the current status quo and are maybe receptive to new ideas? And wouldn't it be wonderful to get these new ideas to them in a coherent way with enough organization behind it before they become jaded and lose hope? So, the opportunity is ripe again for that type of generational receptivity, and we would love to take advantage of it. Thank you.

Jeff: Thank you.

Deborah: Hi Machiventa. So basically, I'm just going to comment on your comments, and then we'll see where this takes us. I am sensing our natural human impatience to get results especially in our lifetime. And in order to do that we often use our celestial helpers such as you as crutches to tell us what to do because we're worried we won't “get it right.” And what I'm getting from you is that “getting it right” isn't the most important thing here, but it's just doing it and learning from the experience. And as we work together, especially in our CTAG group, it's important for us to take full responsibility for making those choices to build an organization that will help improve the spiritual economy of our world. And we can only do that if we continually tap into our connection with our Thought Adjuster. So that is what I'm getting from you—that this is all part of the process of learning spiritual administration, which is what we are going to be doing as we ascend to paradise. So, with that said (I know you already know this, but others in the group don't), CTAG has been working and meeting with people like Bob Davis and working out agreements for preserving those archived transcripts. We have worked together to craft our vision and mission statements and a declaration of who we are and what our roots were, and we're working on learning new ways to communicate with each other that will be more effective than the old email.

So, we really have been doing a lot. It doesn't look like it has borne complete fruit yet, but I just want everyone here to know that it does take time. We want to do this well and not rush things, and you will see results in the next coming year. I know that you will.

The only thing that I know we haven't mentioned in the stuff that we've written up is to actually use the phrase seven core values. We use the phrase sustainability and I think we're leaving the details for other things that we're going to create. So anyway, unless you think it's absolutely essential that we have seven core values put into our mission statement in addition to sustainability, it probably won't be there. So, I know that you know what the vision and mission statement is. You've heard Martha and me typing away and talking about it. So, any comments you want to make? I know I've been kind of wordy. I'll leave it to you.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, Deborah. We do appreciate all the work that's going on, and we do not intend to leave you isolated without contact and comment. I won't use the word correction because it’s not my intention to correct what you're doing, but simply to co-create with you and allow you to have the experience of actually growing into what it feels like to manage this planet—it’s incredibly challenging. It is not necessary that the words seven core values be incorporated into a mission statement, but the concepts that these seven core values support in terms of social sustainability are wonderful to have in there and necessary to have them there in some form.

When we look at the organization of this group, we would encourage you to publish drafts of mission statements and intentions and solicit comments from the larger group so that you can keep your finger on the pulse as leaders as to how people are seeing this vision. Everybody sees it slightly differently. And so, it's like herding cats to try and be a leader sometimes, and yet we want to keep everyone informed. And the reason that is important for us is that we are learning as much as we are teaching. And it's not just the planetary management of Urantia that's learning, but these other worlds; those that have suffered rebellion and those that haven't will learn techniques of planetary management because of the unique situations that we're dealing with and how severely this world was impacted.

And so, the coming out of that with this unique group of people here will be a back and forth with your larger membership and with me and my team. And out of that will come marvelous principles that will reverberate throughout the ages to the benefit of Nebadon, our Superuniverse, and to all of time-space. So, this is no small thing. And by asking for you to stretch yourselves as individuals and to really invest yourselves in your personal relationship with your indwelling spirit, and to really try through your human endeavors to put in place what you feel the will of our creator is for you and bring to life an organization with a mission statement, with intentions, and a plan for social sustainability and spiritual development, it would be of immense benefit to many, many other worlds and not just this one.

So, I'm hesitant to take a role that makes you dependent on me, for if I could simply dictate, and I know you're not asking me to do that, but if I did that, then I could do it from Norlatiadek-from the constellation world. But we must have this real experiential experience to make it usable and suitable for the Supreme. And so, the gifts are many on many different levels as well as the benefits.

So, I think that you're doing wonderfully, and I think that there's not a lot of direction I want to add at this moment other than to encourage you to keep developing these things and to keep working on them. It will take some time for a basic organization to manifest, but it will. We watch with interest, and we will provide guidance as we feel it's necessary. But right now, it's just a lot of preliminary work that has to get done and you're doing wonderfully, and we are in awe of your efforts, and we support them. We are really heartened by the diversity and the amount of people that continue to tune into these meetings and show an interest in this work. And at some point, there will have to be a way found to help these people plug in to some facet of it and make a contribution. Thank you.

Deborah: Thank you very much, Machiventa. I think it helps all of us who are here from CTAG to feel good about what we're accomplishing so far and to feel more confident that we are going to achieve this.

MACHIVENTA: Indeed. You are. We will.

Deborah: Yes, we will.

Marthe: Thank you very much. Good evening/afternoon, Machiventa. Thanks so much for guiding and leading us. I wanted to ask about our understanding of your plan. According to our understanding, we know that your plan includes the practice of silence or conscious contact, these minimum values of social sustainability, the co-creative design teams using these values, the fact that the family is the smallest unit of planetary sustainability and that we need centers for sustainable families, of course on planetary management, level three democracies, the fact that our souls are eternal, and that there's your presence, the presence of the spiritual administration, and the fact that we have a planetary destiny that also includes reaching the days of light and life. Have I left out any element of your plan apart from the fact that we know you've asked us to preserve and promote all the texts that speak to celestial-mortal interaction and showcasing your presence on earth at this time? Many thanks Machiventa. I know that was a mouthful.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, Marthe. And thanks to this leadership team and to all who come with open hearts and minds to contribute to these efforts. I think you pretty much encompassed the elements. The only element that needs to be woven into all of that is this living gospel of Jesus and how that augments all of these elements and how he worked with women and men to open them at the heart level to be receptive because this is not just an educational process through the mind. This is a feeling process through your heart. And what we are really trying to help humanity do is to become vulnerable—vulnerable so that they can let go of fear. Fear is the huge channel blocker in your personal practice and in our collective efforts. And so that is also an important part of this—the vulnerability. Without vulnerability there is no courage, and courage is necessary for people to step out in faith and begin to develop this relationship with their Thought Adjuster.

And so, you have marvelously summarized the elements of this plan and it is proof positive to us that you have the ability to put this together in a coherent fashion and word it in such a way that doesn't need a lot of further dialogue on my part, but that maybe it can use the odd critique here and there and the odd tweaking. So you're well on your way to accomplishing the first basic steps of this organization, which is to put together an organization that can begin to make known this plan of Christ Michael and how it's a heartfelt effort exemplified by the living gospel of Jesus and the way that he worked with people to create all the rest of it—sustainable families, sustainable democracies, sustainable individuals, and so on and on. I hope that I've given you something that answers your question there, Marthe.

Marthe: You certainly have Machiventa. I have one sudden interest question and that is, it struck me this week that both Jesus and you arrived in Palestine and that we are now going through the most horrendous catastrophic time in Palestine. I just wondered how that makes you feel and if that is worth sharing.

MACHIVENTA: I will comment on that briefly. From the point of view of planetary management and from the point of view of Salvington what we're seeing in general on this world is a clash of ideas between the rebellion mindset and the mindset of Christ Michael and Jesus. Now, where this clash had its most intense confrontation was in Palestine. And so as much as it breaks our hearts to see humanity performing these atrocities and these wars, it is a place of great purification. And so, it seems that the deepest cleansing takes place there. It’s not necessarily so, it need not be that way, but it seems that that's where the greatest energies of rebellion are located and where the greatest resistance to spirit is found. It creates great need on our part, but human free will being what it is, in this moment it's creating horrific pain and suffering. And you can rest assured from our point of view, from the angelic core of Mother's spirit that is here, the Midwayers, and many others, everything spiritually possible is being done to mitigate this. And yet the purification goes on and we pray for the awakening of those that plan this and carry this out to come to an awareness that they will never achieve their goals this way and that they should begin to care more about the individuals involved under their governance and their care than these ideologies and this energy of destruction that is the difficulty of human free will on a world such as this at this time. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much.

JT: Machiventa, do you have a closing for us?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. Again, I would just say to you all thank you. There will be no light and life on this world unless some generation takes upon itself the responsibility. Our master said that his yoke was light, and many people seem to think that light is the same as easy. But I would give you a new way to think of that saying, the yoke is light because light is the salvation of this world. It is the dispelling of darkness. And so, our task is to bring this light to this world, to firmly establish it once and for all so there's never a danger of it going out again and then progress will unfold from there. We're in the midst of that process and because you have responded, because this generation has been open to new ideas, we are here. And so, we are grateful for you. We support you in many, many ways. We encourage you and we are available to speak with you and to assist you and to encourage you in your individual practice.

One of the things that is missing from our conversations are questions about individual practice. And so, I would ask you to think about your practice; where you might be suffering, where you might be stuck, where you might be frustrated, and begin to ask those questions as well in these conversations because through the assistance at a personal level as well as a collective level, we will move forward with the greatest possible efficiency and expedience. Now I will take my leave. My heart is full of gladness and full of peace for I can see now on the horizon the efforts of many millennia beginning to bear fruit. And we are grateful to you for that. Good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you John.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Correcting Time Action Group 22 ― November 27, 2023 ― John Morris ― CTAG ― US
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Session: November 27, 2023



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