Correcting Time Action Group - 23

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: Kona

December 11, 2023

MACHIVENTA: Good morning. This is Machiventa. I want to thank you for creating the space, for bringing yourselves here, contributing your energy and your faith to making this a working group, to making this a place where I can meet with you, where I can co-create with you, and where together we can work on discerning what God’s Will is for our lives and how best to apply that from a planetary manager's point of view and as individuals who are living on this world at this time of tremendous change. So, I would let you know first and foremost how grateful we are for you and for what you are attempting to do.

I think the time has come for me to say this, and this is something that each of you will take to heart in your own way: I am not the voice of God. I am simply a local son of the universe of Nebadon, serving my sovereign, Christ Michael, from the point of view at which he created me to be. I was created fully prepared for the work that I have to do. However, what I lack in this creation is experience. You on the other hand as mortals of the realm were created imperfect by design so you could gather the greatest possible breadth of experience for your contribution to the evolving God of the Supreme.

So, in this age of supremacy we are bridging this gap, and this is the very definition of co-creativity. I offer my talents, my guidance, and you offer up your experience as you grow. And together we meet in this place that we have created together to do the work of our sovereign Christ Michael according to the will of our Father,

Rejoice and be glad in this opportunity for in all of time and space this is a rarity for mortals to participate in the reclamation of a world devastated by rebellion yet chosen to be the shrine of our sovereign Christ Michael as he incarnated here. And so, we stand upon the shoulders of Jesus, of his work, of his faith, and the Father's ability to work his purpose out on this world. We rejoice that we have the Urantia revelation as new information to guide us and we're very happy for the response in this early age of people to The Urantia Book.

We realize that it will cause many different experiences in people and yet we are grateful. We see great things coming together, and in this phase of our work we think of trying to coordinate—trying to bring together all the individuals who have had a unique response to this revelation and now we see if we can gather them up and bring a more coordinated response. The metaphor in this one's mind when he thinks about it is useful: T/Rs are like an instrument. Each one is unique. Each one is in some various state of being tuned and each one presents themselves with a particular quality and tone. And so, you might think of this like an orchestra. I am standing for now on the podium and there are many sections of this orchestra that are similar, yet some are quite diverse. You have from the range of wood instruments to percussion, to horns, and to strings. You have piano, you have voice, and all the information that comes from the celestial side comes through a particular instrument with its own tone. And I can use all of these instruments, and I would gather them all together so that we would make a harmonious whole. And in the gathering together we will be much more than the sum of the parts. This is a process. This has not happened overnight, but the time is evolving where it is worth the attempt to do this with this generation for you represent really the first generation that has come along where we can bring about the budding days, the budding promise of the brother and sisterhood of humankind based upon the conscious recognition of the fatherhood and motherhood of our divine parents.

This is a high ideal and now we are tasked with coming up with the ideas of practically trying to make this happen. This generation is uniquely equipped where you have the revelation of The Urantia Book and you have the evolution out of that revelation of the Teaching Mission. And so, we would not leave you adrift without leadership, without direction. Each of you has your score and if you've ever seen a conductor’s score, you can see how incredibly complicated it is. But if you only listen to an individual part on each of that score, you'll never hear the whole sound that can be produced. So, this idea of coherence is introduced, and it is about coordinating all the individual instruments trying to get us all on the same page in time with all the phrasing and dynamics that are there to make a larger impact on our world.

Think for a moment of what a voice can do in the physical realm to a crystal wine glass; a voice can produce vibration that can actually shatter the glass. That whole thing is nothing but a reflection of a dynamic that happens on the spiritual level, where, as individuals, you all vibrate at certain frequencies and through your stillness practice with your personal guides and Thought Adjusters, you are raising that frequency, proving its frequency, and raising this vibration. Now if we pool that all together and we all have our raised vibrations together, what we can shatter is doubt and fear. We can shatter the illusions of separation and make possible the idea of coherence on a planetary scale. This is truly part of planetary management. It is nothing more than an aggregation of individuals, each of you working on your own personal management of spiritual growth and of your own free will willing to pool together your efforts so that we can duplicate that on a global scale. Some organization, some leadership, must evolve to begin this process of coordinating. And do not be surprised if it is not totally embraced by all those you would wish to play in this orchestra. We at this moment simply send out the invitation and the awareness that this possibility is here for others to participate in as they wish. Meanwhile, we will continue our rehearsals, we will get our score down, we will get our part perfected as best we can. And then when people choose to come and perhaps maybe listen around the edges first and at some point, decide that they also will take the seat that is prepared for them in this orchestra so they can add their part, we will grow.

Do not doubt the over care of the First Source and Center, the alpha and omega, the end from the beginning that knows all. And while I'm not omnipresent or omniscient, this is unfolding according to a much greater plan and a much greater purpose than we can possibly see from our vantage point in the process. So, we must have faith that this is so and carry on and be joyful and grateful for this wonderful opportunity that is ours. Thank you.

Bob: Yes, I have a question. I believe that there should be a raising of consciousness or conscious mind of people in the world. How best can we go and start about doing that business of raising the consciousness of people so they'll be more spiritually minded?

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. We, as a whole, are not engaged directly in raising the consciousness of the world as a whole. We simply are responsible for our own personal raising of our consciousness so that when we pool our efforts together, we may appeal to individuals who likewise find that they want to raise their consciousness and little by little we aggregate a critical mass. When we have achieved a critical mass, we will get a much more massive response from individuals. And so right now for each of us in this group, we are working very hard to attend to our own practice. And then there are some that do act in the role of leadership and are trying to now coordinate these energies. But the best way that I could answer your question is to encourage you to know that when you succeed in creating conscious contact with your Thought Adjuster and raising your own awareness of your relationship to the divine, you are also having an impact on the whole. Thank you.

Bob: Thank you Machiventa. I’ve found that one of the things that helps me is our meetings on Wednesday with Donna. Her prayer meetings are substantially helpful in raising the consciousness of the people involved, and that's one of the reasons I brought this question up; the collective consciousness of that group is very apparent and very palpable.

MACHIVENTA: Yes. So that brings up the idea of fellowship and the benefits of fellowship—working together in relationship. And you can begin to see in this group, Donna's group, and all these other groups as they work with T/Rs and members, the benefits of working together in groups. It exponentially increases the vibration of the whole and is valuable indeed, but also provides an early insight into what brotherhood, sisterhood looks like and feels like. And that is of tremendous value. So even in this group as we fellowship together today, there's a great benefit to the whole for our purpose here, for our intentions here, and it is an area that needs to be more fully studied and shared with one another for that is exactly how this coordinating influence works—through fellowship of like-minded people open at the heart to a diversity of expression, but essentially united in purpose. Thank you.

Deborah: I'm going to present a brief report from the servant leadership team and Machiventa is welcome to comment on it. First off, we want to inform the group that after hearing from the There is a Plan and the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness groups that they want to keep their organizations as is, so we are going to create a new nonprofit for this group. And to do that we need to be clear on what name we want. So, I will be sending an updated ballot tomorrow to the general membership. We will offer you three possible names and a chance to write in something else. We will offer you what you think our URL suffix should be; .com, .org, or .life. And we just want to say that is really actually for commercial businesses so those who were suggesting that in an email keep that in mind because we would be nonprofit so that doesn't really fit. We will also ask for your approval on the vision and mission statements that we created, and I sent a general membership email with all of that in there. So hopefully you saw it and had a chance to read it. We would like to invite Machiventa and John transmitting for him to our next meeting, which is December 18th. So, the general membership knows, we meet every Monday except in December we're going to have to pick a different couple of days because of Christmas and New Year's.

We are also opening our next meeting on December 18th for observers who are non-voting members. So, if you are interested, you'll need to send an email I guess to me because this time it's going to be my zoom, and then I will send you the link. Let's see what else. We're considering our legal structure. For nonprofit and there's the 501 (C)(3) I think it's called. And then there's a 508 (C)(1a), which is for faith-based organizations. So, we have not fully decided, but we are leaning towards a 508, and we would enjoy feedback from Machiventa on that if there's something we're missing and understanding what's the best structure going forward.

So, I believe that's everything that was down here for me to mention. When that ballot comes tomorrow, you have till Sunday midnight eastern standard time to respond to it before I shut it down. Any questions from the group before we ask Machiventa if he wants to comment?

Sal: I got a question. I thought this group would be the focal point for the establishment of a new government I thought this group was going to be an umbrella group that all groups would want to come to. I mean I don't see the fragmentation of all these groups starting, and I don't see anybody here from these other groups. This should be expanding to a government. I thought that's the goal of Machiventa—establishing a government in the presence of Monjoronson’s arrival and setting that up. So, I'm kind of new at this game, but I'm an experienced Urantia Book reader, and I've got a lot of experience in a lot of things, and I want to continue supporting this group or the group that's going to be established in the future of a government on this planet. That's what I got to say, and put that into what this group is doing in the future.

Deborah: Okay, well Salvator, even though we're going to start a nonprofit and we want to be an umbrella organization, all those other groups like Donna's Institute of Christ Consciousness; and There is a Plan; and Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. If they want to be affiliates with us, that's what we would like. But I wasn't ever thinking of us as being like a governing body. That's a totally different idea to me. So that would be something I'd like to hear Machiventa speak on.

Sal: Well, how do you claim to be an umbrella group over all these groups? That's what I originally heard and that's what I thought we were going to do.

Deborah: We put out the offer, and they can tell us if they want to be affiliated with us, and then we would have links to them on the website we'll be developing for our group. And in the future to be able to support them even monetarily wise once we get to a point where there are actually funds. Is there more you want to say Sal?

Sal: Well, there's a lot I want to say, but I'll listen.

Deborah: Okay. I don't have any more to say. Is it time for Machiventa to speak on this?

Kona: I raised my hand because I was not aware that this body was trying to be a “government.” I think that's a little premature, but I would love to hear from Machiventa on that. As an umbrella organization, Sal, to address that: It's my understanding as part of the servant leadership team is that we are a place where people can come together, but even if you have a government, governments have different departments and your executive committee, your executive branch, your legislative, and your judicial branches all have different purposes. If you look at any government, every part of the government has a different purpose. So, there's one place where we all come together, but that doesn't mean that we all do the same thing. You know when you have one head, but then you have all of these different pieces. But we have a place where we can come together. But I would love to hear from Machiventa on this as well.

Sal: And the money aspect.

Kona: You want us to collect taxes? No, there will be a space. We're still in the place, Sal, of determining the legal organization and moving forward, and that's why we invited the group to come and listen in and be observers in the process so that you can really understand where we are and how much effort is going into exactly where we are today. I mean it would I think be helpful. I promise you we'll get to the money. We haven't forgotten about that for you.

Cheryl: Yes, thank you. Hello everyone. Hello Machiventa. I want to speak to Salvator's comment about the governing body. I think he was a Jehovah's Witness. I was a Jehovah's Witness at one time, and we had a governing body that was just the central part and from there everything else happened. But it's very similar to what you're doing with the leadership group, I think. You've got the leadership group, and they are what we would still call probably the governing body, and then from you all, these other groups can be associated with and part of. So, I think that's what he was referring to when he was talking about a government because the life that we are trying to live and gather toward becoming light and life and so forth is like a government on our planet. It is something that will have a central part and then it will have all of these shoots coming out from it that will bring our planet up to where it should be from where we are right now. So, I understand what he's talking about there, and I see what he's referring to. You can still just think of it as a leadership group, but it would be kind of like a government body and I understand why he was thinking of a .com, like a .gov too for people to understand that this is something that's going to be going on for a very long time. So eventually maybe we could go to a .gov, but maybe at the very beginning it might just start out with a .org or something. But that was just my 2 cents on that.

Sal: Thank you.

Kona: We might have a hard time in the United States being a government within a government that might not go over too well. So, I don't know that we could think of this as a “government” at this point in time. Just consider that for a second. Maybe people will evolve to that place.

Sal: Political government like the Vatican.

Kona: Yeah, well the Vatican owns their own property. The Vatican is outside, inside of Italy, and so I am not sure that we're quite there. Even our American Indians have a hard time living inside of the United States on their reservations. So, a government within a government might be a little challenging right now, but from that perspective I understand. So, I don't know that I would expect a .gov anytime soon.

Sal: The Seneca Nation is an Indian establishment back east that I know of.

Kona: Yes, we have them all over, and they struggle in their relationship with our government because they're not American citizens. So, it's a real challenge to be a government within a nation.

Sal: I look at a government in the future of our planet being one government under Monjoronson or the established future of what is being created as we talk.

Deborah: That is a long, long time away Sal.

Sal: I understand.

Deborah: It's a little premature to start to think of ourselves that way.

Sal: You've got to set a goal.

Deborah: But in stages. Babies don't learn to drive motorcycles until they've learned to sit up, then crawl, and walk. So, we do it in stages and the name may evolve as our stages evolve. The URL suffix may change also as a result. It doesn't all have to happen right now.

Sal: But another group, and another group, and another group is fragmenting the movement.

Deborah: Well right now it exists as CTAG. So, this exists, it's just not a nonprofit legal entity yet. And we need to be a legal entity partly so that we can engage with Rob Davis and ensure that all his work in creating those Teaching Mission and Machiventa archives stay for posterity. So, we feel a certain urgency to become legal within this coming year so that we have a legal agreement with Rob Davis,

Kona: But you're inviting legal issues by trying to become a government inside of a government. That's not even in our realm of possibility right now, Sal. We can be establishing a spiritual government on this planet without calling ourselves a government and having us immediately shut down by the Feds.

JT: There is the Kingdom of Heaven and there are worldly, political kingdoms. We don't want to confuse them. We're here to help establish the Kingdom of Heaven, not a new political kingdom on earth.

Kona: Right. That's the same issue that Jesus had; everybody was looking for Jesus to create a new government on the planet, and that wasn't his purpose. We are dealing with the Heavenly Kingdom. And so, and I appreciate Cheryl sharing your history because that informs your perspective and sometimes you have to step outside of your experience in order to understand a new paradigm. And so just because where you're coming from had a governmental organization does not mean that that is the best paradigm for this organization. So, I would really love if Machiventa is available to maybe speak to this.

JT: Machiventa, the floor is yours.

MACHIVENTA: Thank you. This is Machiventa. Oh, how we enjoy this discussion. Welcome to the problems of planetary management. Here we have very diverse experiences, very diverse outlooks, and perspectives, and now we try to coordinate them around a shared ideal. And yes, there will be a single planetary government at some point in the history of this world and there will be regional centers all responding to that government and Light and Life will truly have begun when that manifests. Now we are all suffering greatly from what our text calls the virus of national sovereignty. And so, our whole world is incredibly fragmented, and we struggle with the stages of barbarism, which we have not really emerged from on this world, where these individual sovereign governments can see violence as a solution to their problems, where we can't even treat half of humanity with equality, for women lag behind in so many places. There's a lot of work to be done before any public announcement of a spiritual administration establishing a “government” on this world.

But do not let that disappoint you or discourage you. We will get there. And if you're familiar with the history of the founding of the United States, so many times along that way, it almost didn't happen with 13 colonies all vying for their own individual sovereignty and who could control what. Eventually they worked out an arrangement, but it took a great deal of effort and even then, that arrangement was tested severely. So, our goals in this moment are much more humble although the long-term remains. This group evolved from a planetary management group that myself and my staff working through Daniel for decades revealed and helped illuminate the types of principles and ideas that would have to become largely accepted by a large amount of people on this world to begin to grasp the idea of even creating a sustainable society, let alone a planetary government.

We have to begin someplace. We began long ago, and we began in earnest in this particular Teaching Mission in late 1985 to the early nineties. That coincided with the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. It couldn't really have begun before that was adjudicated, but when it did, when it was, then we could enter into this phase. And I know from a mortal perspective we want to see so much more in a single generation than what is actually possible. This is not a top-down effort but a grassroots effort. And so, we want to build it along the values that we have revealed, that we have worked with, and that we have developed with you in this particular group. And we need to wean ourselves off certain dependencies on previous efforts where people sometimes want to look at myself and others as if we're the voice of God and you can come to us with questions and we're going to tell you what to do. In a teaching mode it’s fine to ask questions and receive instruction, but now in trying to create a social organization, you must depend upon the insights and the spiritual awakening and spiritual maturity of the members of this group to begin to create a more social organization that can in time hopefully grow into an umbrella organization that will be attractive to other groups. In the meantime, we have to make it attractive. We have to get our ducks in a row. We have to continue to create a coordinating body and we must put out our plan for doing so, our objectives that we are trying to reach, and the goals we want to have.

And so, this is all part of the process, but these are early days and so we mustn't become discouraged if this takes a while. It would really be wonderful from our point of view to see some of this preliminary work strongly in place before many of the members responsible for that work begin to transition to the mansion worlds so that we have a body who is sensitive to and particularly focused on planetary management on the whole. And eventually we will amalgamate and attract to ourselves the willing participation of others who share our goals. This all has to do with the timing of it with a sufficient number of individuals who are awakened enough spiritually to a point where coherence, where cooperation, is very attractive to them and where they see that as the will of God for their service. And so, we are at a point of kind of nailing our colors to the mast and hoisting them aloft so others can see what we're about and then will have to choose their level of participation. And it's not surprising in the beginning if there is some hesitancy and some caution. We're just barely getting our feet wet in this process.

And so, I would urge patience, cooperation, and the seeking within in your own personal practices for a heartfelt response to this effort. How do you see yourself fitting in? Maybe you don't, and that's fine. For those that do, we need to think of the goals that we're trying to achieve and how best to do that as we cooperate and learn many valuable lessons on what planetary management is, how difficult it is, and how wonderful the process of trying to do this is for your individual growth and eternal futures to participate in this. So, while you keep the high ideals and the big picture in mind, we also now must come up with practical ideas that will one day make it possible for us to bridge that gap and create a constituency and a circumstance that Monjoronson can walk into and begin the real establishment of planetary government and Light and Life. It is a way off for us, but it's definitely on the horizon.

These are the two viewpoints and perspectives that we must continually balance back and forth and find a practical way to get there. And I would not take from you this incredible opportunity to grow in a very real experience in your participation with this and the principles of planetary management. You will go through ages, you will end up on Paradise, you will be mustered into the Corps of the Finality. And the speculation amongst beings much higher than myself is that all this training, all this effort is to groom prior mortals for the management of the planets, the systems, and the universes now in early stages of evolution in the four visible, known areas of outer space.

So, consider this an incredible opportunity to ready yourself for future service and do not be despondent, do not be impatient, and if you're critical of anything, be not critical of others who are participating in this, but look inward in your own quiet practice and find what there is in yourself to criticize as ways of identifying what it is that you need to work on so you can personally grow and be of greater service and cooperation with others like-minded as you are. Now if you have other questions, I'm happy to take them. As far as the organization—the legal entity—and what form it takes I think that is something that is a wonderful thing for you to wrestle with and decide amongst yourselves through conversation. There's a lot to be explored there and a lot to be said. I would not provide answers to that and rob you of the opportunity to have those conversations. As far as naming organizations, as far as these kinds of details, this is the nitty gritty of management and you're more than capable with our encouragement of coming to the right decisions. And even if you make decisions that later on need to be corrected, it's all part of the experience you are enjoying and having as budding planetary managers. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much Machiventa. I had a very specific question and that was whether the spiritual administration of our planet was involved in the establishment of the U.N. and the decisions that went before that? The co-creative design team I think was led by Eleanor Roosevelt. I wondered how much spiritual involvement went into that. Thank you very much.

MACHIVENTA: Yes, thank you for those questions. If you look back at the history of this world and your vision is such that you can see the hand of God behind certain events that happen on your world, then you can know within yourself that we have always been working where we can—with human assent, cooperation, and free will—to uplift this world and to create opportunities for different perspectives to evolve and become established. This world is, in its current state, not really ready for planetary government. It simply is not ripe. However, as you look at these organizations that are struggling to deal with planetary issues, global issues—the UN being the premier body trying to do that, but also efforts at cooperation like the European Union and regional groups coming together—it's all part of the evolution of human mind on this world that will eventually lead to a single planetary government.

The U.N. has some great successes and does some wonderful work, but you can see the corruption of that idea in the establishment of a security council where you give five members of over 140 or 160 individual countries on this planet veto power. And how that is used for selfish means to protect self-interest and works against the very foundational ideals of the U.N. And so, evolution continues apace. It would be better from our point of view if we looked at how they unveiled the Urantia revelation. It did not start from the finite and work to the infinite. Instead, they started with the infinite and revealed the big picture in which the context of our world could be truly seen.

So, we try to work in these early stages from a spiritual point of view. If you carefully read your text, you will see that many times it mentions that the spiritual is truly the power that will bring about the reclamation of our world and establish Light and Life. So, we work from that spiritual point of view as well. We know that unless there's a constituency of citizens in sufficient enough numbers, to prematurely work from a secular point of view and try and establish planetary government would fail and may set us back centuries if not millennia. However, it can't be ignored. We must also work to educate a sufficient amount of humanity in the practical ideals and principles of democracy, of social sustainability, of how to create sustainable individuals who will more or less back into the spiritual understanding of these higher ideals. Because in these values, once you get to the secondary values of empathy, compassion, and the generalized love of humanity, in order to truly implement those values, you must very quickly deal with implementing the golden rule—of treating others as you would like to be treated. And therein lies the possibility for peace on this world, and how much from a planetary government point of view can truly be done until there's peace on this world where humanity is willing to give up war as a means of achieving peaceful ends? It hasn't happened. It will never happen. War doesn't come first and then peace. First peace in the hearts of a sufficient number of individuals comes, and then you will have no more war. So, in the meantime, as we have done all along, we work with whatever open-minded individuals we can find, gather them up as such as we can, and we work to the limits of their capacity to receive these high spiritual ideas and spiritual help, and we move the ball forward one yard at a time.

So when you think of the individuals in this group, and then you think of yourself as to where you fit in this group, and then you look at where this group fits into the general society of Western civilization, you get a feel for where the spiritual capacity is to truly put aside the human ego and cooperate in large groups with issues of sharing the natural resources of this world equitably, with issues of equity in terms of your economic models, and with issues of representation in terms of your political institutions. And then you get to your religious institutions and their traditions and their current teachings.

You can see that there's a long way to go. So, we are grateful that we have started with this group of people who have managed on their own to shake off the traditions of their current social institutions and are willing to strike out on their own to seek a better way. And in your seeking, you have found a better way. So wonderful! Let's continue the seeking. Let's continue our efforts. We represent a beachhead. With the adjudication of the rebellion the circuits of this planet have been rehabilitated and new circuits have been connected. It has never been easier for individuals who are truly seeking to connect with their indwelling spirit, higher spiritual principles, and greater understanding. And however it is that they can manifest the fruits of the spirit in their life, we are willing and we will gather them up and embrace many diverse processes and ideas to create a world where peace can prosper and humanity can then truly begin to collectively address many of the issues and problems that we're facing today.

That is a rather long-winded way of answering your question, but I'm trying to give you a planetary manager's perspective of these issues and how they happen over long periods of time in little incremental ways, but that, in the end, how they all work together to evolve the human mind and heart to one day be ready for planetary government based on spiritual principles and leadership. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you very much Machiventa.

JT: It seems that’s all we have for today. Do you have a closing for us?

MACHIVENTA: Sure. This is Machiventa. I would briefly encourage you to, in your quiet time, in your stillness practice, and your meditations, to have pen and paper handy. And as questions arise during the time between these meetings, I would encourage you to write them down. There's a saying on this world: no questions, no teachings. And so, by you asking questions it allows us to address them in a way that has a context within the human mind so they can be more easily received by you. And I would also just say in closing briefly that we love each of you immensely. We are completely observant of your responses to this work, to the spiritual urgings, to this increase in spiritual vibration, and the spirit gravity of this time, and we are always sensitive to how we can adapt our efforts so that they can be easily received by you.

And so, we would encourage you to keep moving forward—individually and collectively—and know that we are with you and in your individual practices you can begin to contact Spirit, you can begin to contact me, you can begin to contact Christ Michael and Mother Spirit and ask questions of them and receive answers. And we would hope that your faith would soon grow to the point where you would do this on a regular basis. So, by increasing your individual capacity to receive Spirit you also increase the collective capacity to receive spiritual insights. And I would ask you not to lose sight of this important work that goes on at a parallel to the group work that we're doing. I'm happy and looking forward to being present at your meeting on December the 18th. And I'll happily join, and John will also be there to facilitate my ability to talk with you. And until then, I wish you all very well and leave you with our love and blessing. Good day.

JT: Thank you both. I certainly feel the love in the room.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Correcting Time Action Group 23 ― December 11, 2023 ― John Morris ― CTAG ― US
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Session: December 11, 2023



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