Desire to have a Tangible Experience

“Start to pray silently for each one of your brothers and sisters in your circles and connect with the Creator and asked that they be awakened and connected to the new frequencies that are coming on-line”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

My Dear Students,

You have read many messages about the presence of the Indwelling Spirit of the Father—the Fragment of the Father that lives in your mind—the Thought Adjuster, and reading alone through the conveyance of human language can only create an idea about this from the viewpoint of the author. Your persistent appetite for more knowledge in understanding the reality of this Divine Indwelling tells your Adjuster that you are wanting an experience to quantify the ideas that you have sought to understand. If It is your supreme desire to have a “tangible” experience in the relationship with the Adjuster, then are you removing some of the limitations that have prevented you from achieving that experience.

It is important for you to understand the knowledge of the Thought Adjuster as a constant in your thinking—as a possible reality—an idea that make sense to your mind—that an all powerful, all knowledgeable, all wise, and everywhere present Creator would want to have the intimate and unique experience from the viewpoint of a child personality—to monitor, to guide, and to encourage this child to make decisions that will lead to greater and greater revelations of its Creator? Recognize that your interest—your desire for more knowledge is actually coming from this ever-present reality of the Thought Adjuster —that you are being divinely led to a greater revelation of this existential reality.

Many of you would like to hear the voice of your Indwelling Thought Adjuster speak to you in an audible voice and tell you how loved your are; how you are being guided; and how to “be” in a relationship with a fragment of divinity. This I assure you, should you survive and ascend, that you shall hear this audible voice within you—just as those men who heard the departing Adjuster of Jesus speak at his baptism in the Jordan river saying, “This is my beloved Son who I am well pleased—take heed of him”. The Thought Adjuster can speak to you and truly does speak, but in a quiet voice, for now, for the Thought Adjuster is ever mindful of your spiritual development and what type of guidance is most beneficial to your growth in the present moment of your journey.

Your desire for greater contact is noted by your Thought Adjuster and so shall you be guided to the opportunities that lead to the decisions that bring about a tangible experience that you are truly and divinely Indwelled by such a Spirit. Some of you have and will develop your energy bodies to feel the “shimmer” of this Divine Light in your nervous system—a validation and a show of affection that you are the child of a beloved Creator. This “heavenly touch” can be felt at times of supreme sincerity and communion with your Thought Adjuster. When you experience moments of unspeakable joy, or true moments of gratitude—worship, the expression and acknowledgment that you are a child of the Father, you may feel an overwhelming sense of peace and well-being—of being unconditionally loved—for truly you are! This is an “energetic gift” from the Father and it is available to each of you.

If you have not yet experienced this gift of divine affection, please seek it out and present yourself to the Thought Adjuster in a moment of supreme sincerity and gratitude. Quiet contemplation, stillness, or meditation having the intention to be alone with your “soul-mate” having feelings of peace, meekness, openness, tenderness, and complete sincerity are best for receiving this “shimmer of light”. Be persistent and do not give up should you fail to attune yourself with Spirit—it is your persistence and sincere desire for a greater revelation of Spirit that shall lead you to that blessed experience.

The Way is open to you,

I AM Uteah

Trinity Teacher Uteah ― Desire to have a Tangible Experience ― 28 June, 2020 ― Chris Maurus ― Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Receiver: Chris Maurus
Session: 28 June, 2020



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