How to Make the Best of all Situations

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Sometimes you cannot change situations — all you can do is deal with them. These situations challenge us to be creative and, as the saying goes, ‘make the best of every situation.’ In doing so, you not only need to adapt your own will to the circumstances but also interact with the wills of others who are already in the process of realization. God, due to His omnipotence, is capable of doing the absolute best in every circumstance, yet always respecting the free will of his creatures. However, lower creatures such as humans, just starting their perfecting career, can only strive for the best and live with it. What does it mean to make the best of each situation?

1. Look for the Will of God in Any Situation. You can follow the will of God even in the midst of a situation against it. The situation before you could be the result of the choice of another person against the will of God that somehow affects you, but as long as you don’t participate in producing that situation, you can still react to it according to the will of God. To convey the will of God, even to a bad situation, you need to get an insight of the will of God by two ways possible: by following the principles of values of divinity and by following the leading of the Spirit Within. Follow the values of goodness, truth, and beauty and listen to the voice of wisdom of the Spirit Within saying: ‘This is the way’.

2. Focus on the Well Being of Others Rather than Yours. God the Father is our supreme example of unselfishness. He divested Himself of everything that another being could do and kept for Himself only those prerogatives that would guarantee that those other beings would do exactly these things he bestowed upon them. Following the example of the Father, we keep to us only what is needed to minister goodness, truth, and beauty upon others and so we certainly are doing the best in each circumstance, even if the circumstance is adverse to us in the first place, as Jesus prayed for his executioners: ‘Father, forgive them, because they know not what they do.’

3. Make of Any Circumstance an Opportunity to be of Service. Many companies, corporations, and businesses in general, have come to the conclusion that a good customer service is key to keep customers coming back for more. Phrases such as ‘How may I help you’ and ‘How may I be of service?’ are essential to good (sincere) customer service. Being available for service and offering your services to whomever needs it, should be our lifestyle to make the best of any situation. In fact, there is no better way to show you care about somebody than to make yourself available for service. Even a potential or actual bad circumstance can become a great opportunity for loving service to others.

Not all circumstances are bad, so just receive the good ones with a big and sincere ‘Thank You’. For those situations that come to you with malice, or are prone to hurt you, react to them according to the will of God, focusing on the wellbeing of others first, rather than yours, and try to make them an opportunity for service. Your reaction is also part of the situation. Make it count for the showing of the Fatherhood of God and the growing of the Brotherhood of Human Beings on Urantia. I am Sharmon, your Midwayer friend attending your request for this lesson. And by the way, on making the best of everything, don’t forget about being charming — as Jesus was when with us, and still is, in all His dealings.

Midwayer Sharmon ― How to Make the Best of all Situations ― August 17, 2018 ― Valdir Soares ― São Paulo, Brazil ― The 11:11 Progress Group
Receiver: Valdir Soares
Session: August 17, 2018



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