Jesus: The expansion of Soul Consciousness With Divine Love ― Vol 3 msg 15

“Often times when the human makes a choice to embrace his or her spiritual nature, a process of self-mastery and self-discovery ensues”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Jesus ― The expansion of Soul Consciousness With Divine Love  ― Vol 3 msg 15Teacher: Jesus ―
This is Jesus and I come to speak to you once again on the wonders and glories of God and His creation which is you and all children of His creation. Whether they be in the material world or the spirit world, each soul is loved by God deeply and profoundly. Each soul has the opportunity to reciprocate in this Love by receiving its blessing within their soul.

I come to speak of soul consciousness and the expansion of the soul in Love and how this may seem and feel to the individual as this expansion continues in prayer and in the blessing of God upon you, His Love flowing into your soul, filling it up with His Essence. As I have spoken previously, the consciousness of the soul is far different from that of the mental consciousness, that consciousness which is so common in your world and considered the only reality and experience of the individual living upon the material plane.

Yet, God has created His beautiful children so that they may experience many levels of consciousness, many expansions and awakenings of truth that are not experienced through the mind primarily but rather experienced by the soul. As the soul awakens in Divine Love, so the faculties and consciousness of the soul expands accordingly. Think of the soul as a container like a balloon, it expands and grows in size as light is infused within it. Although the soul is not limited in this expansion like some material object or aspect in the material world, it is capable of eternal expansion given the nature of Divine Love inflowing into the soul.

The experience of a soul in relationship to God with the insights and perceptions that come with it, feels like expanding light within you. It goes beyond the limitations of your mental consciousness. The consciousness of soul is that of a fluid interaction between your soul, which is created in the image of God, becoming to an extent the Substance of God through the Divine Love and God in Himself and His Presence. This interaction is made possible because the soul and its faculties are awakened by God’s Touch. In this awakening, these faculties are engorged by Love and they come alive. Where once they were dormant and unexercised, now as His Love continues to inflow into the soul and into these aspects, faculties, and gifts of the soul, so the soul awakens and expands in Light and Love. The power of God’s Love, His Essence, makes all of this possible and brings to man another consciousness, a consciousness that is far different than that of the material mind and the common experiences and understanding of the material man upon the Earth.

With this blessing the individual is capable of experiencing a form of understanding of truth that is multi-dimensional and does not rely upon the linear perspectives of the mind, but rather, it is like the expanding globe of the soul filled with Light and Love. It sees and perceives in every direction and is only limited by its expansion and development in Love. Some of you have tasted this sense of expansion and global understanding and perception of the truth with its multi-dimensional nature, and all that comes with it. The joy that is present, the love that is present in this experience of perception and awareness of God’s creation, God’s Presence and all that is of God.

Since the individual was created with a soul, which is a reflection of God, when that soul is enlivened with the Substance of God, then the capacities and perceptions, awareness, insights, revelations that are given in this growing capacity of the soul awakened in Divine Love, the ways that God perceives His universe, the very nature of God in these perceptions and being are perceivable by the soul and its faculties.

This is not to say that the soul becomes God or that God absorbs that soul into His soul. Rather, He ignites and enlivens the reflection of who He is within the consciousness of the individual, their soulfull being, and in this way, opens the door for soul perceptions and understanding of truth, of expressing great love and joy, of seeing from the perspective of the Divine the meaning and purpose of life. The opened and transformed soul is capable of experiencing many layers and aspects of life which the material mind and senses could not possibly know and understand for God gives the individual the capacity for understanding and perceiving so that these experiences are not overwhelming but are full of grace, of joy, of acceptance, and of knowing.

I cannot truly express this experience in words for it is not a wordful thing. It is an experience, personal and wondrous in its scope. Those who have journeyed to that place of soul awareness, expansion of the soul’s capacity to perceive and know, being in alignment with all that is of God and with the consciousness of God, are themselves incapable of truly describing this experience. Because of its multi-dimensional aspects, those feelings, thoughts, visions, perceptions and deep intuitive awarenesses, the depth of knowing that is within the awakened soul’s grasp and experience is indescribable and awesome in its nature.

I say these things to encourage you toward this goal for it can be obtained on the earthly plane. A soul awakened in this way is capable of many things. A soul awakened has many gifts as God has implanted many gifts in each of His children. The combination of these gifts is unique to the individual. The strengths of these gifts vary but they are present within every soul to some degree. Part and parcel of the gift of Divine Love and its experiences and awakening of the soul is in the awakening of these gifts. The gift of healing is developed and awakened to such a degree that it is far superior to that gift expressed through the spirit body and those gifts that are inherent within it, a soul that is not awakened by Divine Love but purified to some extent and expressing gifts of healing which every individual possesses in some way.

As the Divine Love of the soul grows within, so it encompasses the gift of healing and transforms it into something Divine, something magnificent and powerful. With the perceptions and wisdom of the soul, the individual channel is able to be effective and perceptive in its application and the flow of healing energies of God through them to another or to the world. With the wisdom of the soul, the individual is able to be guided by their Celestial guides and is able to perceive with the help of these guides and the budding perceptions of the soul so that in the process of healing and blessing another, it has a depth and expression so that these energies are greatly enhanced and the depth of perception is far more than that which comes from the mind’s psychic abilities and perceptions.

The soul’s perceptions are different from those of the mind and the spirit body. Yet, as the soul dominates the individual, so these things are incorporated and integrated into the soul with its capacities to be a channel of light, healing and love in the world. Guidance from God is easily accessed, available to the individual whose faculties and perceptions have been opened, whose capacities to hear and see and know the Divine influence, intention and will is opened and powerful in accordance to the expansion of the soul in Love.

The example which has been given often is that of myself, how I walked the Earth and my faculties of soul were opened and capable of seeing beyond the mortal vision, of knowing beyond the mortal perceptions and understandings of the mind. Thus, I performed what many called miracles but were indeed the functioning of these perceptions in combination with the flow of healing from God and the flow of power from those angels who were supporting me on this mission and God’s Touch upon me as I walked upon the Earth. The wisdom that I shared with my disciples and followers and those who were willing to listen to me was a flow through my soul from God.

Because of the integration of my soul with my spirit and mind, I was able to speak with profound wisdom, clarity and simplicity so that I could teach many of the Truths of God. As I spoke, and was amongst my followers and my disciples and all who were around me, they could feel the power of love flowing through me for that channel of love was opened wide because my soul was expanded in Love. I was born a purified soul and sustained this purification. So, the expansion of my soul was easily obtained as I attuned myself to God and received His blessings of Love in great abundance.

I have said and will reiterate that these things that I did while on Earth, you may do also. Though you struggle greatly to overcome the barriers and conditions of the earthly plane, you are given great assistance. God blesses you daily. You are well on your way to the purification of your soul and its transformation in Love. For those who truly understand this and ascribe to it, they know within the depths of their soul and within their minds that much is possible upon this journey. For all who partake of this journey, it is important that they have great faith in God and have an enduring and powerful bond of love with God, their souls enamoured and in love with God. In this way, the connection between the Creator and themselves is forged powerfully and cannot be broken, but expands exponentially as you continue in your prayers to seek God and to receive the blessings of His Love.

With this connection, this love bond between your soul and God’s soul, think of the possibilities of what God may bring through you as an instrument, just as He brought through me many blessings, utilizing my gifts and my person as a man walking upon the Earth seeking to serve God. I was a man who had great love for his brothers and sisters, a man who sought to serve in love, to be fully the individual that God has created with the integration of both soul, mind and spirit forming a powerful alliance and integration that brought much forward in my ministry. Indeed, two thousand years later, I am still remembered and acknowledged. Though with many, the perceptions of my ministry and purpose of it have been distorted and to some degree lost. But still, the power of my presence upon the Earth as a truly redeemed child of God, has endured.

Each of you will find your way as a channel for God. Your individual soul, its personality, its purpose, its unique make-up, its wondrous being, gifts and abilities may make a deep impact upon this world, not in the way of gleaning recognition, power and adoration from others, but in the way of serving God with humility and grace, in the way of keeping that channel open between yourself and God, in the way of truly understanding the capacities and perceptions of your soul and utilizing this awareness in alignment with God’s desire to align you in purpose and in service for the benefit of humanity.

Because of the crisis that the world is in and those terrible conditions which powerfully influence your world, God is focusing many blessings upon those individuals who are willing to receive them, who are open to this deep Touch from God. God has forged a great purpose and intention, seeking to uplift humanity and to save humanity from its inevitable fate of self-destruction given the trajectory of its present circumstance and condition. Thus, you are favoured, beloved souls. You are favoured by God’s Touch. With this Touch, comes the opening and awakening of the soul given your desire and efforts to receive His great gift of Love. The Holy Spirit is an active agent of God and is becoming a very powerful agent in the world. It is for you to attune yourself and align yourself with this agent, this aspect of God that conveys His Love. Seek it out with fervour and earnestness, and be focused upon the opening of your soul and its awakening so that you may display and know these things of which I speak, these gifts that are within you and are in need of their nurturing and opening through the blessing of Divine Love.

Each of you are capable of perceiving in your own way the wonders of God. None of you are blind or deaf or dumb in the ways of the soul. Each of you are created perfect and whole in these ways and capacities of the soul. Though as I have said, these capacities and the expression of these gifts of the soul and faculties of the soul are unique within each individual. Therefore, your experience of these things cannot be compared to another. Although there are many similarities, the unique way in which you perceive and see and know is yours alone and is not replicated in another individual. This is not to say that truth is not present, having its golden thread woven through all souls and is consistent in its existence in God’s universe. Rather, how that truth is seen and understood, the journey which you make to come to know it, is unique. The actual truth can, in the ways of the mind of the soul, be absolute in its understanding. But indeed, as the soul grows in love, which is an infinite journey, that understanding will expand and be added to in relationship with the expanding perceptions and capacities of the soul. The core of truth will remain the same. The understanding of it will expand with the soul. So, truth can be absolute but the perception of truth and the experience of truth will be forever changing and evolving as the soul changes and evolves. This concept may be easily interpreted and projected upon by the material mind. Yet, that which I speak of is not truly understood until one is well upon their way toward truth and sees for themselves that which is part of that journey with the individual’s understanding and experience of truth.

In the way of your mind’s understanding and vocabulary, I would say that the soul is a highly subjective thing. It is a thing of experience, feeling and understanding within the consciousness of the individual so that the true experience of the soul cannot be readily understood by the material mind. Though there are faculties within the soul which allow the individual to communicate and share with other souls of equal gifts and capacities. This is done frequently amongst those who inhabit the Celestial Kingdom. Our ways of communicating are far different from yours for we utilize the faculties of the soul to share and intermingle our experience together, not just with another soul but with many souls.

We have a bond and connection with one another which would be hard to describe to those of you who live on an earthly plane where you often feel separate from one another. Even with your loved ones, there is that sense of separation. Though you have the desire to remove that separation, this barrier between you, often it is not possible. But indeed, there are times in your lives where you are in harmony with your mate or your loved one and feel and know their thoughts and have some understanding of who they are and this gives great joy indeed. Imagine this expanded and multiplied many times over, you can see that our experience together as angels in this place of soul consciousness, that we truly do see and acknowledge one another and have the grace and beauty of sharing experiences together in the glory of God’s Love.

The unique experience of the individual soul can be shared in this way with other souls who are developed and transformed in Love. This too you may look forward to, beloved souls. Though this experience is not of an imposition of one’s soul to another for there is great empathy and sensitivity given in this regard. It is a mutual experience and one that can be extremely powerful between soulmates. Our world and consciousness is very different from yours. Yet, your world is destined to share to some degree the consciousness of which I speak, the experiences of the soul growing and expanding within each individual upon this Earth provided they choose the journey that will bring about this awakening.

Within your souls and many souls is a deep desire for this experience, for at-onement with God, for that is what a soul has been created for. The purpose of a soul is to find at-onement with God, an at-onement that they once had as a soul in the consciousness of the soul before it incarnated. Yet, God has has given purpose to the soul to find individuality and to make the journey of life in the material world, the spirit world, and possibly within the world of the Celestials given their choice to do so.

Each gift of life is a blessing whether that be of the material or the spiritual. Each gift enhances the soul, gives the soul another way and instrumentality of expression, allowing the soul to expand and grow in ways that in the world of soul before incarnation they could not. The gift of a material body and the possibility of choice and free will creates personality and experience within life that helps form the individuation of the soul. As the soul progresses into the spirit world there are many more discovers, possibilities, gifts and options of expression as it grows within the spheres of the spirit world.

The soul has the opportunity to grow exponentially in Divine Love and the Essence of God and all that that entails. Each aspect and step of the journey is a gift, a beautiful gift from God given in love, given in such a way that the value, the profound treasure that is life is immense and awesome in its scope, for God’s gift of life allows for this magnificent journey. Even through the trials and pitfalls of the material life, all that one experiences can be a gift to the soul. Even those dark things that come can be transformed into things of light, into morsels of wisdom and perception giving great empathy and love for another who may have shared a similar experience. Within the soul, that empathy and wisdom expand and turns into great love. In time, as the hurts are healed, as the difficulties are rectified and the darkness becomes light, joy comes to the individual, true joy and true forgiveness for those who have imposed harm to that individual.

You see everything in God’s universe is directed toward harmony and light. God does not open the door to darkness for that is always the doing of man, but God will ensure that the door will be closed in time for each individual and that they will know the purification of their soul, whether that be of the natural love purification where the soul is freed from these conditions or as one progresses in Divine Love. This purification must come and will come for this is law in action. Purification must come with spiritual progression and it will with every soul in time. No matter their condition, no matter the choices they have made upon the earthly plane, they will come to a place of purity in time and will progress through the spheres, no matter how dark they are they are destined to inhabit spheres of light, coming to that place of purity and perfection.

Those who come to that place of purity and perfection have within them a measure of perception of the soul and experience of the soul that allows them access to the many truths and many things of God. What is lacking within these perceptions and experiences of the soul are the capacities to love in the Divine way and to perceive in the Divine way. They love and perceive in the way of the natural man and within the limitations of it. In the Divine flow, the awakening of the soul and its progression, there is eternal expansion, eternal pursuit of truth that expands in the consciousness of the soul without limitations. Thereby, the individual experiences within this unlimited journey and development the expansion of their gifts, of their abilities, going far beyond that of the natural man and the limitations of its progression.

The soul is a magnificent thing. The soul is meant to be at-one with God. Many upon the natural love path do not truly understand this nor are they aware of certain capacities and abilities of the soul, those gifts of the soul that can only be awakened by the Divine Love. Therefore, the Divine Path is the highest path, the superior path of growth and spiritual development where the mind becomes absorbed and transformed along with all aspects of the individual absorbed by the transformation process of the soul. All is changed within the individual so that they cannot be considered human for all traces of those human qualities which define the individual are absorbed and transformed by the Divine Love in sufficient quantities.

It is working now upon you, beloved souls. Those of you who have drunk a measure of these Living Waters are being transformed and changed. You are turning into something new and wondrous, something that is in greater alignment with God and reflects God in a deeper way, having more substance of the Divine Essence and Being thereby expressing this Essence, this consciousness of God through the consciousness of the soul. As the soul embarks upon it’s eternal journey toward at-onement, so this consciousness grows, so a sense of closeness to God expands and becomes clear, powerful and wonderful, something which I cannot describe but only encourage each of you to pursue, for you will know a joy and wonderment, experiencing the wonders of God beyond any capacity that you can image at this time in your life. Your journey will be endless, beloveds, and your journey will be one of love, joy, fulfillment and deep and profound peace.

God’s intention is that each of His children may partake of the fruits of His Soul, that they may come to know the wonderment that is of the Divine and all that is given in this great gift of Love. May you find your way, beloved souls, and know the perceptions of the soul expanding and growing in Love, seeing the world through the eyes of the soul, hearing the wondrous music and vibrations of the universe of God’s creation, understanding the intricacies, harmony and grace that is God’s universe and creation, knowing beyond knowing what is truly of God. It is given as you pray for this gift that grows within you, a seed sprouted, a sapling growing and infiltrating your consciousness. It will be a time of integration, of merging of your true soulful self with all other parts of your being. Then, you will know the words that I speak in ways and understanding that will bring profound meaning to these words, profound experience to this journey.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother truly. I am your friends always. I am Jesus and I love you. I gather you upon this path so that you too may experience what I have experienced and what many others have experienced as they grow in Love. God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in His Love.

Jesus ― The expansion of Soul Consciousness With Divine Love ― Vol 3 msg 15 ― July 28th, 2022 ― Al Fike ― © Soul Truth ― Gibsons, B.C. Canada
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Session: July 28th, 2022



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