Mission Urantia - 2

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Transmitter/Receiver: John Morris
Invocation: JT

January 08, 2024

MACHIVENTA: Good day. This is Machiventa. I'm here because you have created the space for me to be here. Because you faithfully show up week in and week out, because you hold this space, and because you fill it with your intention you create the possibility for celestials to communicate with mortals and we welcome that. We are delighted to see this group continue on after the transition from Daniel to the CTAG group and now to Mission Urantia. And the most heartening thing on our side is to see you making decisions. Never forget your ability to grow and to increase your capacity to receive more is directly tied to your willingness to make decisions. Now decisions are often not easy to make when you don't have a lot in front of you to go on and you must make them based on your faith. So here again I would remind you that the most important mission that we are co-creating together and working on together is a support of one another in your private, personal practice with your own indwelling spirit because that is where you go to create discernment. That is where you go to ask for help to make decisions. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and to receive, but then when things change, when the energy changes, when the mission cranks it up a gear and there's work to be done, one has to decide for themselves what their role is going to be.

And there is nothing wrong with deciding to take a supporting role and to not decide to throw your hat into the arena, so to speak, and take on a function. But for those who do decide this, it's something that's often decided by faith. We on our side do not tell you what to do. What we do is try and work with your free will and provide opportunities—put opportunities in front of you. Always, it is your choice to decide. And so, you grow. You don't know how things are going to happen when you decide to get involved, but when you look back, you'll see that you've changed—you've grown.

We are at a place in this world where it's urgent for us now to get our message out such as it is. And we cannot afford the luxury of time to sit down and plod along in a piecemeal fashion. We have a lot to say. We have a lot to share. We have a lot to offer. And so, when you look at this mission—Mission Urantia—it is that; it is global, and already we have in these meetings at least four different languages. Get used to it. There's a great many more that you'll be dealing with. We need to solicit and welcome help from whatever corner it comes from to help this world become aware that there is such a thing as a moral compass. That there is a way to focus on values and to work in a co-creative, cooperative, collaborative fashion and not in a competitive one where different ideas have to vie for dominance, where we have to demean the character of others who hold different ideas than us to win out in the public square. That is archaic, that is reflective of rebellion-thinking, and this world can ill afford another century of that kind of thought process.

So, we welcome the efforts from every quarter. People will want to design. Some people are very creative; some people are very artistic and have beautiful ways of saying our message. We should welcome that and let them do so. As a matter of fact, we need them to do so. Every different way we can state our message means it's going to appeal to a certain segment of humanity. We do not want to limit our ability to reach out to the world at a time when they so sorely need this message because we get caught up in control issues and issues of having to run everything up the flagpole in a hierarchy. We do want to vet our mission. We do want to have our mission statement and our vision nailed to the mast, so to speak, so people know what we stand for, but then we want to allow them to relate to us. And though they may say things a little bit differently as long as the message’s underlying substance is similar, we should encourage that. We are planetary managers. And you can see from the point of view of a planetary manager that there is no preference in all the different cultures and all the different traditions that are on your world right now. As planetary manager, I represent them all. I love them all equally.

So, the fact that the revelation of The Urantia Book came to America, to English speaking people who are rooted in perhaps one particular wisdom tradition does not give these people any particular preference or ownership over this revelation and certainly not the Teaching Mission. We need to be global in our thinking, global in our hearts, global in our love for the way different cultures will say things and present them. It is all about trying to do the will, individually—for each of you with your Heavenly Father—to discern what that is for you. And then when we get together collectively, we collectively try to discern what is the will of the Father for us as a community, as an organization. How do we live that in this world of diversity, of conflict, and how do we bring peace and an inspiration of what the brother and sisterhood of humanity will one day be on this world? It must fall to someone. Some generation must begin it. We must be inclusive and all-embracing of those who are sympathetic to our mission.

This can lead to a lot of questions, how-to questions, where do you draw lines, and all of that. And we are certainly here to discuss all of that with you, but I do want to make it clear that, from a planetary management point of view, there is no difference. And all who come are welcome. Now, if you have questions about this, let's talk about it. Let's see how we reconcile the diversity on this world; not to make unanimity but to unify the vision of peace, of brotherhood, of loving one another as a way of solving the many difficult issues that lie before us. Thank you.

I'm now available to answer your questions.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you John.

Sal: Good morning. I had a question about the other Transmitters/Receivers that are communicating with you and how come there isn't one focal communication of what we are doing on mission Urantia to the point of this organization developing into an umbrella group that the other organizations are aware about that we could flower and not having the splintering of the organizations but the gathering of these organizations into a government on this planet like we eventually will have, and starting now. How come that isn't happening?

MACHIVENTA: Well, it is a matter of perspective. From where we sit as planetary managers, we see the beginning of it happening. Our time frame of course is much longer than yours and what we're talking about here is planetary government. It of course is the destiny for this world to have a planetary government, to be united, but as you can gather from reading your Urantia text, the devastation of the rebellion, of course, set all those plans back many millennia.

Sal: Agreed. Adam and Eve's default didn't help either.

MACHIVENTA: It didn't help either. So, at this point there's a great deal of confusion. There's a great deal of rebellion mindset still in control of the levers of power on this world.

Sal: Agreed.

MACHIVENTA: So, I would ask you from a planetary management point of view, if you were planetary manager and you had to bring about planetary government on a world as disordered and as confused as this one, where would you start?

Sal: I would start with saying we're not alone in the universe, there is a plan—a system already in existence—and bring out The Urantia Book like they bring out the Bible about who we are and what we're doing as a people. The Melchizedeks were here when Adam and Eve were here, and they were only here for like six or seven years. And Adam and Eve say, “Hey, don't leave yet. We need help.” We still need help. And on this end of the veil, I see more is needed on your end to validate the kingdom of heaven on earth has got to be done sooner or later, and later becomes now.

MACHIVENTA: Well one thing I certainly appreciate is your enthusiasm. So, let's talk about what happens in this process and what the real mission has always been and always will be no matter what world you live on and what state you find it in.

Sal: Evolution.

MACHIVENTA: Evolution, and one day when you have completed the Paradise ascension plan, have been embraced by the first person of deity, and entered the corps of finality, and you go back out into the other six super universes where you have had no experience and work on worlds…

Sal: Excuse me, that's a long time coming. We're talking about the now on planet Earth. I know about the…

MACHIVENTA: I understand, but the process is, my friend, your personal relationship to the spirit of the first person of Paradise that lives within you. And so, what you have before you is an incredible opportunity to be on a backwards world where things move so much slower than ordinary and lots of decisions have to be made. And it is in the making of these decisions that you grow your soul and give it weight.

Sal: I understand that.

MACHIVENTA: So, this is a weighty opportunity for all who choose to participate. We do not on our side of the veil eliminate opportunities for you to make decisions and I mean everyone on this world. And so, we do not offer a top-down leadership style that many organizations on this world adopt—whether it's politics, military, economics, or industry because then that robs you of opportunities to make decisions. So, we want our message to get out. Originally one of the purposes, when the Planetary Management Group transitioned to CTAG, one of the very things they were asked to do was to announce my presence here, that we do have a plan. And it's taking some time, but eventually we're going to have a very robust presence on the internet that will do just that.

Sal: I agree, I agree. The internet and the communications are moving faster and faster and I would like to see that happen as quickly as you would to uplift this planet. And that's what I'm saying, now is the time for the knowledge of The Urantia Book—like going door to door with Jehovah's Witnesses and the Bible that can do that with The Urantia Book. And I know there are a lot of people that I communicate with in the Urantia movement that wouldn't do that. They wouldn't expose themselves.


Sal: I mean I understand the embarrassment like I was growing up in Brooklyn with the Bible in my hand. I understand how people feel.

MACHIVENTA: Right. There's nothing from our side that would prevent anyone from wanting to do that. That's a personal decision that they would have to make what they feel the will of God is for them.

Sal: Then we should start now with the government on our planet, with the planetary management coming out stronger and helping us people develop that plan in a monetary way with the government. I got a lot of ideas. We all got a lot of ideas on what to do and how to do this. And I believe that we should be doing that now informing that corporeal staff for the coming of a Magisterial Son. I mean the world isn't waiting for a Magisterial Son. They're waiting for Jesus Christ to come back. A magisterial son is like telling my Jehovah's Witness about the Urantia Book when he's got his Bible. I mean I can't make him see what I see with the people who I know now, and a Magisterial Son? [they would say:] “You're smoking how many joints of pot have you had today, Sal?” I come from a knowledge of people and how to change them. You're not going to change that easily unless you suddenly, abruptly give them something to chew on. Need I say more?

MACHIVENTA: No, I understand where you're coming from, and I'm not going to try to convince you from your point of view. But what I will say is the world simply is not ready for what you're asking for. And to do this prematurely would set it back. You're right. People need something to chew on. They need to become so discontent with the status quo that they're open to things.

Sal: We have that now on this side.

MACHIVENTA: Well, we have it with some people now, but we don't have it with enough and we don't have the levers of power.

Sal: I understand.

MACHIVENTA: If we tried an attempt like that, it would at some point maybe be attractive to a large number of people

Sal: And make a good movie.

MACHIVENTA: And then we would have a great deal of pushback from those who control the levers of power and status quo who would have the ability to be very disruptive. Now, that might work for us as mortals here to do that as a grassroots movement to begin that, but it's not the ideal situation for a Magisterial Son to incarnate and say, here I am. I'm willing to offer to help you people, but you have to decide if you want my help or not. Because the Magisterial Son incarnating on this world is not a magic panacea for fixing the world's ills. And from our point of view and much experience, this world is not really ready for the Magisterial Son until there is a significant number of people on this world who have worked hard to bring peace to this world. The militarism that constantly holds sway on this world is not conducive for a magisterial mission to happen right now. And so, we are planting seeds, we are getting ready, we are preparing, but it has taken 30 years of a magisterial Teaching Mission and transcripts to even prepare a handful of people who can sit down and begin to have this conversation. So, we need to grow this. We need to put some foundation under it, and we need not to have our reach exceed our grasp.

Sal: Jumping the gun, so to speak.

MACHIVENTA: Right. We're doing what you want us to do. We're doing it as people respond, as they're willing to decide what they want to contribute to this, how they want to support it, what that means for their personal growth and practice, and how they see it as God's will. It is a grassroots movement, and it is the way it has always worked on worlds throughout creation—it comes from the bottom up. And so we are trying to raise an awareness, raise a flag, so to speak, that people can rally around and we will eventually attract numbers, and with numbers, with resources, we will grow this thing, and it will grow faster than you may imagine because we are working behind the scenes to do all we can short of violating free will to bring it about. I hope that you hang in here with us and stay around and contribute what you feel moved to and participate because that's the way it's going to work. Thank you.

Sal: You're welcome.

Marthe: Thank you very much James and thank you very much Machiventa and Salvatore. I've really enjoyed this interaction. I've just finished today writing a five pager to try and introduce you, Machiventa, and I've been struggling for many, many years. My father used to say that when I mentioned the Urantia Book he wants to run out the back door as if the Jehovah's Witnesses were coming in the front door. And my father had a PhD, his wife had a PhD in religion, and they wanted to hear nothing. So, my question to you, Machiventa, and I am so touched because it's such a beautiful job we are trying to do, to try and convince us humans about your presence and the wisdom of the solutions you've been teaching us about. My question is, I guess very simply, I realized we have to figure these things out ourselves. We have to perform what Salvatore spoke about. It sounds like a wonderful idea—a documentary film about the history of The Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission, but also how do we easily address all the negative perceptions of the Urantia Book—the Martin Gardner and all the others? And I'm sure that this has been answered over 60 years or more, but how do we address caring, loving intellectuals, academics and not have them stop and say, “Well, we can't get past this image or perspective or perception we have of the Urantia Book. Thank you very much.”

MACHIVENTA: Yes, an insightful question, and thank you. This is Machiventa. As you know, human beings up until this point in their history have a real tendency to look outside themselves for what to do. “Tell me what to do, who's the authority?” And of course, throughout your history there has been no shortage of people willing to fill that role. Evolution of religion on this world is no different. So, people get a hold of revelation… and to even make it more personal, people get a hold of what I say as if I'm the voice of God and infallible, inviolate truth is pouring forth from my mouth. And they read these transcripts and are unduly influenced by them before they really go through an internal process of taking it to their Thought Adjuster, working with the discernment because that inevitably entangles them in their own inner work of an immature personality, of someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family, who has low self-esteem, and they just want to be told what to think. It's too much work to have to grow into a place where you open your heart, and you receive the love of your Creator, and you feel worthy of that love. And because you feel worthwhile and worthy of that love, you develop a self-confidence. And as Jesus said, it's not so important that you learn to love everybody today, but more important that you just learn to love one more person each day.

And so, it is by this living faith when people are willing to assume total responsibility for their personal growth and spiritual development, that they develop that kind of faith that unlocks the treasure house of divine treasure, divine gifts, divine insights and wisdom. And it's how you attract this new reality that we talk about as a very high ideal by coming up with insights and practical ideas of how to incarnate and how to talk to people about it. You might say that the big event on this world, unfortunately, that will wake people up and make them more open to things is some of the cataclysms that are inevitably starting to behold this world but will get much worse. And when people suffer and really see that the status quo holds no hope for them, they'll be open to new ideas. But when people are very much identified with their education, with their training, with their experience and they have an identity built up in which they're pretty confident about what truth is, then they're not really open to new ideas that would challenge the ones they currently are identifying with.

It's an interesting thing, The Urantia Book is an intellectual book. There's just no way to avoid the kinds of things that it was revealing and to have to use English language to do it primarily to have it not have a pretty intellectual tone—it doesn't appeal to a great many people. So those who can take that revelation, intellectualize it, internalize it, but also, I would say let their heads fall into their hearts so that in their heart they can truly invest these ideas as not just mere intellectual concepts but as a living act of love, kindness, empathy, and compassion towards your neighbor. And it's not necessary to do it worldwide. It's necessary to do it with the one next to you, the one you run into today, your neighbor across the street, those you live and work with, your own family. And in this way, one open heart at a time, there will eventually be global government and long before that takes place, there will be Monjoronson incarnated on this world and around him will have gathered the flower of the spiritually awakened humanity and it will be a center of learning and culture. It will be isolated at first, but then people will leave that culture or come from other places on the globe to learn about it and take it back and establish a center of learning there. This is the evolutionary process, and it is just this way because that is the evolving, almighty Supreme.

The Supreme is evolving. God is gathering a tremendous depth of experience through this process. And every decision that you make just weaves another line in this fabric, in this tapestry. There's a grand purpose to this though we can see only a very small part of it. So, we should not become discouraged. Neither should we become impatient, but we should live in joyous anticipation of an opportunity that allows us to grow [in a way] that few worlds in creation provide their inhabitants. Now, if that makes this a very difficult place, so be it. We have an opportunity to work together as mortals and celestials to turn around a world that was badly damaged by rebellion. And in doing so, collectively and individually, we say to all creation: “We have faith.” Even though we cannot see, even though things don't happen the way we think they should, even though we suffer setbacks, the faith that we demonstrate on this world will shine throughout all creation and inspire many who might otherwise give up. So, in the personal, there is your going faithfully every day into the stillness, seeking for guidance, discerning what God's will is for your life. You see the opportunities that come before you. You have to make a decision; do you participate? If so, how do you participate? Do you make a commitment? If so, how much? “I don't like what's going on. I'm not going to participate.” All of those are decisions before each and every one of us. And by you making these decisions, you grow. So, know that the way of God is the way with the most love in it. If we collectively can choose this, we will bring about the desired outcomes no matter how much time it takes. Thank you.

Marthe: Thank you so much Machiventa.

Bea: I'm going to change the questioning a bit, and let's see now how do I phrase this? Okay, I'm just going to ask directly. I see that Gabriel was able to bring up a request for adjudication. Not that I want to do that, but I'm just wondering, can I, a mortal like me, ask a question that might need judging? Is that too vague?

MACHIVENTA: Are you asking me if you can ask the universe administration and perhaps even the superuniverse administration to perform a judgment for you?

Bea: Can I ask the superuniverse, could I ask them to consider increasing the providence coming to Urantia so that we have a little bit more time to do what we need to do? Can I do that?

MACHIVENTA: The short answer is yes, you are a free-will being and based upon your faith, it will happen for you. Now whether it happens in the collective, really depends on so many other things, but that does not prevent you from having a personal experience of petitioning the universe for more time, more providence, more help however you want to do that.

Bea: Right. But you're saying it's not necessarily possible to be answered because I'm asking on behalf of the entire collective. So…

MACHIVENTA: Your petition will be answered at some point, but whether it will happen in your mortal career or somewhere along your ascension career, the answer to your petition will be waiting for you. But there are so many levels of things that have to be taken into account. I mean, as planetary manager, I certainly ask for more providence, more help on a regular basis. And I pray for the wisdom to understand how to make use of what I'm given, but there is no one being that would ask for such a thing without also couching it in making sure that that request is aligned with the will of God, the will of God for your personal life, the will of God in how he manifests creation and the collective whole. And so, if you ask for something like that, if it doesn't happen right away, don't be disappointed. Keep asking.

Bea: Okay. I guess my other question now leads to manifestation. Do you have any comments about that process in general from an individual perspective? Is it real? Does it not exist? How does it work?

MACHIVENTA: That's a great question. There's a lot of time spent in the Teaching Mission talking about the law of attraction—how to manifest. You really manifest by your thought process: “Thoughts held in mind produce after kind.” “As above, so below.” The Teaching Mission is full of these lessons, and it would behoove anybody to go back to these different websites that archive these transcripts and use the search function to ask about the law of attraction, manifestation. There are wonderful teachings there. So essentially, when you truly get clear on what it is that you want and you can align yourself with the will of God, you can begin to manifest, but it's not magic. And when it happens it may surprise you and the form it takes, you may not be expecting. But that is how, collectively, we need to bring about world government, peace, and light and life on this world. Collectively we have to hold that vision in our hearts, hold those thoughts in our hearts and think and use our imagination to help us envision peace, this era of light and life so that we attract it to us. And that's exactly how more providence comes to this world. So, I would encourage everyone in their stillness practice to envision an era of peace on this world, of openness to these teachings, of a beginning of light and life, of a socially sustainable society that supports all of this development, of a willingness to align their thoughts and their decision-making with equality, with growth, with compassion, with a generalized love of humanity because that's exactly how it's going to transpire here. And there is no other way that it will transpire here. But we will manifest it for ourselves personally. And as we gather a critical mass, we will manifest it for ourselves collectively as a community. I hope that helps you, Bea.

Bea: Yes, it does. Can I ask one more question?

MACHIVENTA: Fire away.

Bea: Okay. Is it true that the past, present, and future of the time-space universes is happening simultaneously?

MACHIVENTA: Well, my experience of an answer to that question of course is going to be much different than something I might give to you. So rather than answer that question, I would just ask you: How are you experiencing that now?

Bea: Well, I've been thinking recently about whether or not I have the ability to choose which timeline I'm a part of in the future. Can I say to myself, I want to join the timeline in my experience where this world, Urantia, successfully reaches the days of life and life, regardless how long it takes, but that it does. Can I do that?

MACHIVENTA: Well, what would prevent you from doing that? Is there anything that prevents you from doing that?

Bea: No, but I'm just wondering if it's going to work. I can do whatever I want, whether it works.

MACHIVENTA: And how you find out what works is by having a vision of what you want, making an intention to do that, deciding to do that, and then what does your experience tell you about what you've experienced, and how do you reconcile that with your growing insight and faith with your indwelling spirit? Your indwelling spirit has a blueprint for your life and your ability to discern that blueprint and to cooperate with it is probably the best timeline you could choose. But from the myriad of other choices that you have before you as a free-will person, you can choose whatever you like and then take it within, try and reconcile that with your indwelling spirit, have and grow the faith to begin to hear and feel in your heart what the guidance from your indwelling spirit is for you. And that is the surest timeline to lead you personally into a reality that is light and life whether it's on the mansion worlds, whether it's on the constellation worlds, or in this local universe.

Now, collectively this world has a destiny, and it must go through a similar process: what works, what doesn't work. And if that process can be guided by wisdom, we will, as a collective, more quickly achieve social sustainability and an era of light and life and attract the magisterial mission and the Trinity Teacher Sons after that and so on and so forth. But it will be the experience of individuals that lets them know what the wisest choice is. And in your heart is the software that kind of runs the computer of your mind and your brain and helps you make the insights that will lead to the wisest decision for you. So, this is the way of the heart. This is not the way of the mind or the intellect. This is the way of the heart. It's an intuitive and a feeling process. And as you align your intuition and your feeling in your heart with what you feel to be God's will for yourself, it will unfold in ways that are right for you, and you will be making the best contribution you possibly can to the collective whole.

Bea: Okay, that makes sense. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: You're very welcome. Thank you.

Deborah: Okay, well, I am listening to these questions from my friends here, and so I don't exactly have a question, but I would like to summarize my impressions and then you may comment if you think it's necessary Machiventa, but some of the questions have expressed the desire that the universe powers wave their magic wand and fix our world so that we can live in the world we want to be living in. But I get it. Your answer consistently brings us back to the fact that if a magic wand was used, it would cheat us from making our own, from developing our own personal spiritual power to manifest the kind of world we want to live in. And I know our divine Father would never ever cheat us of those experiences. So, I don't want a magic wand used on our world. I know that what I desire for our world is not going to happen in my lifetime here. I will get to observe it unfold while I'm doing my morontia life. The other thing coming from these comments about these multiple timelines, which is a fascinating imaginary thing to kind of play with, but she asked the question: Does the past, future, and present all happen in this moment? And I'm thinking, well, yes, our past can affect the thoughts we have now. We can have it affect us in a positive way that we have gained wisdom by learning from our past experiences, but it can also affect us negatively when we become imprisoned by what we've experienced in the past and we can't let go of that and we're locked up.

So yes, the past can affect the present. The future affects the present also through my aspirations—my longings for something to happen. That is what drives me forward in achieving those goals. But I'm also in the present at the same time because that's where all my decisions get made. I have to be in the present to make my decisions. So yes, Bea, I think that past, future, and present do all happen here in our personal experiences. I would keep things simpler. I had a lot of imagination growing up, Bea. I spent hours daydreaming. You could make films of my daydreams. They were so emotional and complex, but I sort of wasted my time with it too. I wasn't living in the present and making that part of my life more enlivened. So, the curiosity of these things is enchanting, but let's not lose sight of the hard work that we're willing to commit ourselves to. As I said to my friend Byron in our preceding meeting because he was concerned about how lengthy doing something would become if we had multiple languages to deal with, I said to him, “Byron, this is the commitment you signed up for.”
So, it's not a matter of how fast we get things done, it's a matter of how dedicated we are to getting those things done and not expect it to happen exactly the way we think it ought to happen but be open to it happening in a better way than what we could imagine. That's part of manifesting, Bea. Have that image of what you want, but life experiences bring to you a realization, well, maybe it's not exactly that way that I want it. Maybe this would be better. So, we need those experiences to help us to realize what's really important for our life so then we can manifest better. Because then we're asking for something that's truly in alignment with the Father's will, and that's how I see things.

So, we're just going to do our best and commit our life to, in this venue here with Mission Urantia; we're going to do our best to make that organization become a force to be reckoned with, that will beckon people to explore their spiritual relationships with our divine Father and with our brothers and sisters. But it's going to take time and I accept that. I think I've done my soapbox speech now. So, if there's anything you want to say, Machiventa, I'm done.

MACHIVENTA: Well, thank you for that, Deborah. This is Machiventa. So, this has been, from our point of view, a wonderful conversation because what we're talking about now is not laying out future things that might happen and talking about social issues, we're talking about reality. And the reality is your personal practice. Truly, spirit is only available to you in the present moment. Spirit is not past, spirit is not future, spirit is now. And it's either now or it isn't at all for you and your experience. And so, in your personal practice with all these wonderful ideas, these strong emotions to achieve, to accomplish, and to build, make sure you also take time every day, always every day, and go into the stillness and simply try to be present and then allow whatever comes up. But the act of being present is where contact with spirit happens.

So that is a reflection of the larger process. It took this one here, years of doing that, getting a second of a feeling, a nanosecond of a feeling of the presence and then mind grabs ahold of it and it's gone. But eventually over years of perseverance, being able to sit in that presence and time doesn't exist really. And so, if you think it's difficult, you are right, it is difficult, but if you also think that it's possible, it will happen. And so, by becoming the most spiritually awakened, heartfelt, mature, and loving individual that you can, you will make the greatest contribution towards this world achieving light and life and all that needs to happen before that.

Now, when you are so moved in your personal practice to want to do some service, I would think that Mission Urantia would be able to accommodate you in some form or another or perhaps some other way. It's a natural outworking of what you receive, that at some point you can't help but want to give. And service is a big part of growing your capacity to receive. And so, it is the co-creative beneficial process that goes on between celestials and mortals, between the divine and the mortal children. We are all growing. As a Melchizedek I'm a son of a local universe. I was created perfect, but with no experience. So, I am gathering experience in this process as planetary manager, and though my timeframes are much different, it's still the same process and all time-space is involved in the same process of gathering experience. And so, we should rejoice that it is that way, that we have this opportunity. And time is not something that we're going to run out of. There is an urgency in terms of needing to make our work available, but that should never create panic. We should go about each day, moment to moment, knowing that we are loved and cared for as if we were the only mortal in creation. We are safe. All is well. The end is known from the beginning on Paradise. The First Source and Center hasn't chosen to share that with us. Therefore, comes the opportunity of faith, to grow, to acquire experience for reasons that we can only guess at, but in the midst of it can be much joy.

So, there is no fear. No fear for how this world is going to wobble its way to light and life. No fear that we can be harmed in any real way. Sure, we can lose our mortal life and then we drop our body, and we continue. But all is well. This is wonderful. This is the kind of conversation that can help each individual recommit themselves to their personal practice, to their going within and seeking the guidance of their indwelling spirit and to growing in their faith and their capacity to discern what the creator's will is for them. And then to come back out into the world and see where you're led, what opportunities fall across your gaze, what you decide to do, what you decide not to do. It's all adding to the evolution of supremacy and to your own personal growth and evolution and every stage of growing and outgrowing in between.

So let me close with saying all is well in all ways right now. We are in the presence of our creator. We live and move and have our being in him, and we have before us a tremendous opportunity, collectively, to make a real difference in this world at this time. And so let us agree that that's what we will do together. We will live in peace, we will live in love, we will resolve our differences and come out shining because, as Jesus said, we will know them by their love for one another. And so, no matter what else we would achieve if we don't love one another, it will be for naught. But no matter what we fail at, if we love one another and provide a living example of this love to the world, we will have achieved everything.

Thank you very much for your insightful questions. I have enjoyed this session with you very much, and I'll look forward to the next good day.

JT: Thank you Machiventa and thank you John. Definitely straight forward, honest questions today. People were asking about what's on their mind, and I think that's great.

Machiventa Melchizedek ― Mission Urantia - 2 ― January 08, 2024 ― John Morris ― US
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