The One Great Gift

Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson ―
The one great gift all mortals share, without exception, is time. The value of time is incalculable, for who can evaluate time? Time is only an immeasurable part of eternity, consisting of moments, but it is a most important commodity as time in eternity allows for evolving humans to make good and right use of their time. Still, most mortals live life as if they exist outside of eternity whilst each moment counts to make your short-lived existence here on the planet worthwhile.

You all are here to learn and ‘pass your exam’ at the end of your temporary existence here in order to qualify for life in eternity. Time is given each new day as a clean slate on which each mortal charts his or her mental, emotional and, above all, spiritual progress with the gift of free will. To help you along with your life’s curriculum the Universal Creator has given all of you a divine blueprint with which to build your life.

All of you of normal minds, capable of moral decision-making, also received a Fragment of the Creator of All to help guide you through the morass of difficult decision-making, which is not easy on this disordered and backward planet as you lack visible representation of the celestial world.

However, this fact alone gives humans living here the special distinction that they can believe without seeing and they are called Agondonters because of this status. This is considered to be a very special talent which will be of extreme value in the planned for, but as yet unformed, universes of outer space. You humans here are provided with an extremely rare opportunity to make good use of this great gift called time, to prove yourselves worthy, trusted and dependable co-creators with the eternal Creator.

Many celestials are available to help you make good and right use of your time and God-given minds to develop the talents you were born with to help this planet catch up with the more normally-evolving inhabited planets. All planets in God’s universes in space-time have one purpose in common: to move towards the ultimate goal which is perfection, and to be settled in Light and Life.

Do humans actually realize the grandiose gifts they have been given; to become co-creators in your temporal life here on this planet? As this is your single opportunity to make up your mind to live forever, albeit some questions will be asked like what values did you gather in your soul that will help you progress in the life to follow?

Are you aiming towards perfection with self-discipline towards self-mastery and work on ridding yourself of animalistic and greedy attitudes? Are you gaining ground in loving yourselves and have you started living by the golden rule of doing unto others as you would like to be treated?

And most importantly: are you developing an ongoing relationship with your Fragment from God within, who is always waiting to guide you onto the right path? There are many ways of making use of this precious gift called time. Do spend it wisely, so you will have no regrets at the end of this short mortal life.

A Mentori Spokesperson ― The One Great Gift ― February 4, 2015 ― Lytske ― Urantia ― © The 11:11 Progress Group
Receiver: Lytske
Session: February 4, 2015



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