Sources of Human Joy

“Not only should you ask questions, but you should listen for answers, and when I say “listen” I mean to pay attention to your feelings about how you should respond to a particular thought, reaction, situation, or problem you are facing. Learn to trust your feelings”.
— Teacher Ophelius

Prolotheos ― Sources of Human JoyTeacher: Prolotheos ―
Primitive man, evolved from the lower primates, was rarely capable of expressing real joy. Nonetheless, the capacity of manifesting joyous feelings has always been a feature of the human personality. In fact, only after the genetic upstepping by the Adamites did humans become more joyful creatures. The sense of the ludicrous is an important dimension of human life and its regular enjoyment provides the necessary equilibrium with the more serious and strenuous activities of daily living. The importance of entertainment activities is well acknowledged in the Morontia Worlds by the existence of a special recreation corps called the Reversion Directors, whose ministry of diversion is most appreciated by all classes of beings. We may distinguish three primary sources for human joy.

Joy from Entertainment. Humans love entertainment. Anything that can attract their attention and make a pleasurable pastime falls in the category. Inside every person there is a child who loves to play and have fun if given the opportunity. In your present technological stage, your main source of entertainment is television. However, watching television is a passive and stationary activity and should be counterbalanced with more interactive and dynamic activities like sports and varied sorts of play. Human wit can be greatly enhanced in entertainment and it can be very effective in producing mood improvement in your species, which is highly beneficial to life in general.

Joy from Accomplishment. The drive for accomplishment is the main producer of meaningful experiences for human beings responsible for all progress in human civilization and, therefore, is an important source of joy. When Andon kindled his first flame of fire, his joy was so great that he almost lost the fire in his celebrating it. Science and Arts are fields that provide the most opportunities for achievement and recognition for the individual with consequent joy. However, social sciences and the family life also can be excellent sources of joy when one cares for the well-being of his or her neighbors and family members. Human beings indeed could better realize and better benefit from the great joy that derives from loving one another!

Joy from Pleasure. Consider these four basic forms of pleasure: Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. They are all intertwined, but the most satisfying is spiritual pleasure through the experience of revelation, service and most importantly, worship — the most sublime pleasure of all. Revelation of truth excites the intellect; service brings the joy of love; and worship ensues the overwhelming satisfaction of communion with the Father of all. Meanwhile emotion is a way to express all of these. Physical pleasure is important, but temporary, both in duration and existence. Here on High, such a sensual gratification will be replaced by the pleasures from the morontia senses and spiritual perceptions.

As you can see, my pupil, the experience of joy in life is not futile and a waste of time. Joy fulfills a need in human beings and it is the very expression of personal happiness — a state or experience that all beings are entitled to pursue. Joy must always be spontaneous, sincere and commensurate. There is a superior joy residing beyond the outer laughter, even the entrancing ecstasies or the most breathtaking emotion, that is, the genuine joy that comes from real inner peace, expressions of love and true spiritual worship. I am Prolotheos, your friend and tutor on High. Peace be with all.

Edited by Linda Abell.

Prolotheos ― Sources of Human Joy ― February 8, 2015 ― Valdir Soares ― Chicago, US of A ― The 11:11 Progress Group
Receiver: Valdir Soares
Session: February 8, 2015



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