Spiritual light or spiritual vibrations?

“Those experiences that involve the discovery of truth, the joy of creating or beholding beauty, and the experiences of “being” in a state of goodness—those times and situations where you enjoyed living life are the most valuable experiences for the Supreme Being to experience with you. All the hurtful, shameful, contemptible experiences (non-survival values) will fall away like scaffolding when you make the transition”.
— Teacher Ophelius


Teacher: Judas ―
It is a pleasure greeting you, my dear brother. Yesterday I promised to write about the subject of light in the spirit world, and look, a question came from M___, dealing with the same topic. She asks about “vibrations,” which the spiritualists teach exist in the universe, and that they are of a “higher” frequency in the superior spheres.

Well, let’s first define what is light in the spirit world. Did you wonder once what Jesus meant with “the light of the world”?

Let’s define it this way: Light means a state of harmony with God’s Will and Laws. This harmony can be observed in all corners of the universe. You have already heard that animals live in perfect harmony with God’s laws, with laws at a very inferior level compared to the laws which, for example, govern man’s free will, but still, it is harmony. The same happens with inanimate matter, and, as you have also read, the Love of God and His Spirit are all over the universe, and certainly, both are in harmony with God, being His Own Substance in the first case, or His Soul’s energy, in the case of His Spirit.

That harmony we call “light,” and logically, the closer we approach God, crossing the spheres of the spirit world, the greater the harmony is, the brighter the light is. But in all this we have to take into consideration a very important factor, of which we already spoke in a previous message: I am referring to awareness.

As you know, with the development of the soul, the soul’s perception develops, too. It is a directed and guided development. The spirit or the mortal determines the direction, and they receive help and guidance in their development in agreement with their desires and inclinations.

The progressive development of the soul implies a progressive state of harmony with God’s Laws, but it is a progression at different levels. Spirits and mortals who develop along the way toward the perfect man, approach ever more a state of perfect harmony with the spiritual laws. Spirits and mortals who develop along the Divine path, approach ever more a state of harmony with the Law of Divine Love.

It has also been said that Divine Love fulfils all laws, and so it is. Celestial spirits comply therefore, implicitly, also with all other spiritual laws.

The soul perceptions allow us to see the kind of harmony in which we ourselves develop. The spirits along the Celestial path see, for this reason, the harmony in “natural” spirits, that means, they perceive the light that they radiate, and they describe them as luminous spirits. But they can also perceive the superior harmony, the harmony with the Divinity Itself, in the Celestial spirits. That is why they describe the Celestial spirits as much more radiant and much brighter.

“Natural” spirits, on the other hand, cannot perceive this superior harmony. To them Celestial spirits are very luminous, like the spirits of the sixth spiritual sphere, and they don’t notice any great difference. For that reason it is so difficult to convince the very advanced spirits in the highest spiritual spheres of the Celestial way, because they don’t perceive any great advantage, or more brightness, in the Celestial spirits.

To spirits in the hells or in the inferior spheres, Celestial spirits and spirits of the sixth sphere seem incredibly bright and attractive. They cannot perceive any difference. Only with the decision of continuing along the way toward Divine Love and the consequent obtaining of this Love, is the soul’s perception broadened and the spirits notice the essential difference.

Now, we speak of harmony, harmony with diverse levels of laws, but you could call harmony “vibration,” “goodness,” or give it any appropriate name that comes to your mind. Vibrations of more frequency, of more pulsations, are equivalent to more harmony; it is just another word.

We deliver messages to different kinds of people on Earth. There are diverse vocabularies, and the messages or doctrines of other groups are sometimes simply rejected just because of some difference in vocabulary. However, I prefer to use the vocabulary contained in the Padgett messages, in order to maintain some consistency in our communications.

In a message from Helen Padgett, she informs her husband that Dr. Stone was mistaken as to vibrations, that this was a bad conception on the part of spiritualists. I want to draw your attention to the fact that Helen didn’t reject the word vibration per se, but that she rather explained that Dr. Stone confused God’s Love or the Holy Spirit with those vibrations. Certainly, this concept is completely mistaken. The Love of God is not a form of vibration, but it is the Father’s Own Substance, the Holy Spirit forms part of God’s Spirit, vibrations are only the measure of harmony in which they are with God’s Laws and Will. In both cases you can say, consequently, that harmony is absolute, radiating absolute light or vibrations of the highest frequency, being a product of their condition.

I believe that it is clear now what the word “light” means, or its synonym “vibrations,” in this context in the spirit world. You are the light of this world, because by obtaining the Heavenly Father’s Love and activating It, you are more in harmony with our Creator.

This “vibration at some common frequency” makes our communication possible. I remember that there were questions about how somebody may know their spiritual guide. Well, they have to try to achieve this common “vibration.” At first, they may feel their guide, then they will hear their inner voice more clearly, and finally, they may even “truly” communicate with him. It is a process which each person may follow. Each and every person is a medium in this sense. It is worthwhile to invest some effort in this direction. I see that you feel very happy with this achievement.

It is also possible that several mortals “vibrate” at the same frequency. They will think at the same time of the same thing. Did you realize lately, how someone thinks of some topic, and you receive a message on the same topic? This is no coincidence. In this sense, there is a common spirit of humanity, which is most powerful. If you learn to use it and how to channel it, it is powerful in both the positive and in the negative meaning. You can experience the negative effects daily; it is necessary to give this spirit some positive use. On this important topic we will speak some day in the future.

Concluding this message, I would like to answer M___’s question on the word “AUM” or “OM,” which the Orientals use in their meditation practices. This sound is not a magical sound, but it has the effect, because of its monotonous character, of clearing the mind, of dimming that “background noise,” of which Jesus has spoken to you. It is a very similar effect to that, which is achieved by the prayer of the rosary, the monotonous repetition of words that may even cause susceptible people to fall into a trance.

There are many ways you may achieve a good meditation, ways for all tastes and conveniences. And the answers that you will get will be different, as all people are different. The central message will be the same, of course, but the presentation depends on the people who receive the answer. There are so many different kinds of people: The intellectuals, who have to ask and doubt everything, requiring concrete proof, and they always investigate the reason. This is not bad; this is why they have reasoning powers. Ask and you will receive answers. Investigate, there are no secrets which we should not dare to explore. On the other hand, there are people who develop their faith without necessity of proof. Blessed are those who do not see and yet do believe.

You are one of those intellectuals who need proof of everything. But don’t worry, this is not bad, just continue this way. It is a legitimate way of approaching truth. It is not the easiest way, nor is it the quickest way, but it is legitimate. Thinking about it well, those who believe without necessity of proof have the same soul knowledge. This is what faith is, there is no necessity to adjust their material mind to this deep and absolute knowledge. In your case, the conflict between the mind and the soul continues, but you realize that your mind loses ground every day.

Now, when I am about to leave you, I want to tell you that I like the portrait you made of me very much. I was a little bit thinner, but it is a good image. Thank you. You have also received a vision of Andrew. Perhaps you may one day paint a gallery of all the apostles’ portraits? It would surely be very attractive.

Tell M___ that the angel she drew is not the product of some “automatic drawing,” but of inspirational drawing. Her guardian angel really impressed her with this image, which has helped her a lot, and it will continue helping her to elevate her tuning in with the spirit world, and especially with her angel. We can present ourselves in diverse forms, and the wings symbolize our agility. She drew the radiant heart, the transformed soul, and I just want to tell her that her guardian angel lives with me in the Celestial Kingdom.

Tell Mar____ that if she has got the impression that I am with her, she is not mistaken. She has received impressions that I sent her, and eventually she will know how to receive them more clearly.

Always remember that besides your guardian angel there is another spirit, who knows you all, and who often is with you, giving you his love ― our Master Jesus.

Now I leave you and I give my blessings to all of you.


a spirit born again in the Heavenly Father’s Love

Judas ― Spiritual light or spiritual vibrations? ― September 7th, 2001 ― James Padgett ― © Soul Truth ― Cuenca, Ecuador
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Session: September 7th, 2001
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