New Era Transition 42 – RoundUp on GMO foods; Ethical Corporations; Racism; Refugees

Monday, 2 July, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Why Christ Michael sent his Correcting Time
  • Focus is on societies and families
  • The collapse of the insect population
  • A question on the solar cycle
  • Is a Republic the best form of government to implement the seven core values?
  • Rebellion against the churches
  • Implementation of the seven values into corporations
  • Unethical behavior leads to immoral activities
  • Decisions impacting shareholders’ returns
  • Changing corporations’ mission statements
  • Employee ownership in corporations
  • Use of RoundUp on GMO foods
  • Does use of RoundUp affect animal foods?
  • Ethical corporations
  • Rise in racism—hate or fear based?
  • Question of allowing refugees into nations already overpopulated
  • Clarification on word, “intention”
  • Personal versus social morality
  • Machiventa’s list of top issues we face
  • What is the current carrying capacity of the earth to support humans?
  • Some countries declining to have children
  • Is abortion against the Will of the Father?
  • Is suicide or euthanasia appropriate at the end of life?
  • Machiventa’s closing statement

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New Era Transition 01 – Strategic planning; Global warming; Time

Monday, 8 August, 2016

Monjoronson, Magisterial Son; 
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


  • Strategic planning report from Monjoronson
  • Finding good collaborators for this work
  • Initiating ideas for sharing the six core values
  • When children grow up isolated because of illness
  • A question on the Bahai faith
  • Request for in-depth sessions on certain topics
  • Questions on building an eco-village
  • Global warming
  • Dangers of plastics
  • The Danish Island, Samsø
  • Transition vs. transformation
  • Collaboration vs. competition
  • Question on time: past, present and future
  • Perspectives on climate change
  • Student report on social and material sustainability
  • Machiventa’s closing words

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Preparedness (Part 2)

Saturday, 22 May, 2010

Teacher Ophelius:
Today's message about preparedness (part 2).  We spoke previously about preparing of the soul for survivorship and the meaning of values that are truly important for those awakening souls who are to live through this Correcting Time. Because you live in a body of flesh and blood, you must not only prepare the soul, but you must prepare to sustain the body through these difficult times ahead. 

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Sunday, 18 April, 2010

Teacher Ophelius:
Today's message is about preparedness.  The Correcting Time is NOW my beloveds, and for many, it is very real where they are.  You see it on your televisions and read about it on your Internet, yet most of you are numb to it because you think, It won't happen to me or It wont happen here.  Many are suffering as the disruption of their daily lives becomes a reality.  They wake up to the cold hard fact that their lives will never be the same again and there is no going back.  This is happening in the physical and the spiritual realm for them.  Some are digging out of the rubble of an earthquake; others are choking on the ash of a terrible volcano watching their homes burn and crumble; while still others are wading through the flood waters of a storm looking for their loved ones.  Nothing will be the same for them, yet they are the survivors of the Correcting Time and for them they will start anew and they will be stronger for it.  They have become the pioneers of new thinking and living.

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New Era Conversations 45 – Gender Equality; Option Development; Over-population

Thursday, 30 April, 2015

Teacher:  Mantutia Melchizedek

  • Mantutia’s projects in the Correcting Time
  • Report on Daniel’s workshop in Georgia
  • The abuse of females by their male partners
  • The female gender has much to offer at all levels
  • Take on the humility of children
  • Culture bending
  • Option development
  • The “glass ceiling” still remains
  • Cultural Anthropology in “real time”
  • The rioting in America’s cities
  • Over-population and under-employment of youths
  • Over-population is a problem in global warming
  • Building a higher quality of life for everyone
  • The pushback of males
  • Changing the male dominance using the three core values
  • Autonomous eco-settlements
  • The complexity of developing stable, peaceful societies
  • The success of the Correcting Time rests on each individual

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New Era Conversations 23 - Coming Events

Friday, 6 June, 2014

Teacher: Monjoronson Topics: • Events are developing; • Melting of the icecaps; • Displacement of populations; • Moving into conscious evolution; • The Mission is to prepare the global population for what is to come; • More individuals will hear from spirit; • Planning retreats for training and education; • The Millennial generation; • Funding a training and education retreat; • The adamic particle; • Circuit versus stream of energy; • Various questions from our readers; TR: Daniel Raphael

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Self-Defense and Vigilantism

Tuesday, 7 August, 2012

No mortal in any world of time has the right to, based on his or her own understanding of good or bad, kill suspected criminals, unless this is done in self-defense or in the defense of loved ones at the time of the commission of the crime. That means, the appearance of “vigilantes” is not encouraged as it is not known whether the “suspected criminals” at some point in the future will decide to accept Father’s mercy and repent.

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