Wisdom Cards


MACHIVENTA:  Depression is quite an anomaly that is far more complex than most people understand.  First of all, you are organisms whose organic origins come from the earth.  You, as a species are very old, and so you are affected by the environment where you live, whether it is in the tropics or in the higher latitudes, where the amount of sunlight coming to you has an affect

Hearing voices and discerning their source

Question: The question has to do with mental illness, and it is to do with some of the people who have it, who hear voices in their minds. Can they differentiate the voices that their illness is creating?
MACHIVENTA:  This is a very good and puzzling question that you ask.  It is germane to the acceptance of channeling, as well as hallucinations.  There are auditory hallucinations, as you know.  People who suffer from schizophrenia and psychosis oftentimes have auditory hallucinations.

Recognizing defective thinking

Question:  How does a person first recognize that their thinking is defective?
MACHIVENTA:  It is not so much the “how,” as the “what.”  Neither are we interested in the “why” question as well.  What is it that initiates self-observation?  Self-observation is almost always reflective of the Thought Adjuster’s work within the individual.