Teaching from the Infinite Mother(Spirit)

Algimantas —
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, for you are The Source and Center of Evolution which is full of life and experience for our sake, as it is you who is The Author and Director of Evolution out of your Love Might and Reality Insight Beyond Universe Limits, I worship and glorify you and ask you this question -- shall we ever come back to our conscious decision-making state of mind in peace?

The soul

Sunday, 19 August, 2001

Teacher: Anonymous
The opening of the soul is not a passive attitude; it is something active, where you have to put your will and your efforts. You like comparisons so much, as many people do, because they facilitate an easy way to explain things that otherwise would be very difficult to render in words.

Well then, imagine the soul like a ball of glass, completely transparent, “open” to the passing of light. Its transparent surface allows the “Light” of Divine Love to enter. Even more, it allows a total communication with this wonderful world of Divinity. It also allows the light glowing inside, this flame stimulated by Divine Love, to shine forth, visible for everybody, manifesting its presence.

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What Would Jesus Do?

Sunday, 31 January, 2021
What Would Jesus Do?

Teacher: The Beloved ―
Dear one, be a slow learner, for this means that each time the lesson will take a deeper ‘toe-hold’ in your heart, your soul and mind.
For one to thoroughly understand some deeper meanings does take time, and so does the steady gathering of wisdom. It is through the lessons learned that one garners the invaluable experience of deserving to serve on the next rung of the evolutionary ladder towards perfection. It is truly all that simple.

To attain purity of heart, and sincerity of mind, is not for the faint-hearted. It takes much self-discipline and effort to arrive at a degree of self-mastery. This often means for you to become self-scrutinizing – to realize that things could have been done differently.

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Rapid Response Solutions 2 – The Ways of Love, Discernment, Idealism of the 60’s and Millennials, Celestial Expectations

Monday, 8 February, 2021

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • World Economic Forum simulations
  • Feeling the Love
  • Spreading the Love
  • How individuals experience love varies
  • Helping the political situation
  • The importance of discernment
  • Using discernment
  • Your world is extremely cranky, but…
  • A new hope
  • Sharing the Progressive’s Handbook
  • Praying with the angels
  • Competing factions
  • Idealism of the 60s and millennials today
  • Voter turnout
  • State of the media today
  • Twilight of The Urantia Book
  • The “why” question
  • Celestial expectations
  • Garner the wisdom of these days

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Jesus: Lesson 20: Its Time for the Soul Awakening of Humanity

Thursday, 11 February, 2021
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
My beloved and beautiful friends, it is my heartfelt desire that you may listen to my words and be inspired by them, that you may study these texts that have been delivered, not only through this instrument but through others, so that you may come to understand the teachings which I have put forth, for these teachings are of the truth. These teachings are the way to the salvation of the soul, not through the belief and mindful understanding of my words but through putting these truths into action, applying them in your lives, making them a true and living doctrine within you so that you may indeed come to be with God as I am with God, as many souls are with God who have adopted the truth and applied it to bring their souls into alignment with God. The very act of prayer to receive this gift of Love, to beseech God to infuse His Love within your souls is the key to the salvation of the soul, for the power of this Love transforms the soul and brings it into at-onement with God. Not in some miraculous way that is instantaneous, but in the way of prayer, consistent and applied daily to receive drop by drop the inflowing of this great gift from God.

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Caligula, a Roman Emperor and murderer of Christians, finds his soulmate

Monday, 11 October, 1915
 Caligula, a Roman Emperor

Teacher: Caligula ―
I am here, Caligula. I was the Roman Emperor and the murderer of the Christians, and have since that time, and for my sins, suffered all the horrors of a hell which I can’t describe. Suffice it to say that the hell of the Bible or of those who interpret the Bible, is not equal in its torments and horrors to the hell that I passed through. I tell you this that you may know that every man will have to pay the penalties for the evil deeds he does when on earth, and as my deeds were so extremely evil my penalties were correspondingly great.

But thank God, I have paid my penalties and am now enjoying the happiness of the Christian heaven, for I am now a follower of that Jesus, whose followers I persecuted.

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Hearing your inner voice

Friday, 17 August, 2001
Jesus ― Hearing your inner voice

Teacher: Jesus ―
I am here, Jesus. All people have the ability to perceive this internal voice, and in fact, everybody hears it, but in most cases, they don’t listen to it. And there are three reasons for this to happen. First, it is difficult to distinguish it from your own thoughts, because we, the spirits, have to use the instruments that the human puts at our disposition, that is to say, his or her mind. And in that mind, we formulate the answers or suggestions that we wish to convey. Of course, this voice doesn’t ring distinctively, and since it originates in your brain, it is part of your mind, the same as your own thoughts are part of your mind, with the one exception that this voice was implanted into you, impressed upon you, as right now I am impressing you with these thoughts.

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Jesus: Lesson 19: The Nature of the Universe and Humanity’s Place Within It

Thursday, 4 February, 2021
Jesus: Lesson 19: The Nature of the Universe and Humanity’s Place Within It

Teacher: Jesus ―
May God’s great blessing of Divine Love flow into your souls so that you may be transformed and awakened in this highest and most holy of blessings upon you. I am Jesus. I have come yet again to speak to the world and to bring truths to the world. It is my fervent wish that my words will be heard and considered, that that which I speak of to foster the spiritual progression of humanity may be taken seriously and applied so that the souls upon this Earth may aspire towards higher truth and greater light within them, for this is a most important time in the history of humanity, it is crucial for a great change is coming.

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Jesus: Lesson 18: The Future of Humanity is Set in God’s Plan

Thursday, 28 January, 2021
Jesus: Lesson 18: The Future of Humanity is Set in God’s Plan

Teacher: Jesus ―
God bless you, brothers and sisters of the Earth plane. I come once again to speak of spiritual matters and truth so to inspire you to come to light and love and God in order to nurture your soul and prepare you for the next step on your journey of life. I am your brother and friend, Jesus. I continue to have great love and focus upon those of the Earth plane, for this plane is a most crucial step in forming the beginnings of one’s journey to God. Every soul must in some way upon some path come to God in time. Whether you do so on this earthly plane or come to understand this journey when you transition into the spirit world, your souls will invariably draw you to God, for God has created within you a soul that knows God, that can know God deeply provided it is awakened in His Love.

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Rapid Response Solutions 1 – Opening Intro to RRS, Democracy, Lessons to Learn

Monday, 25 January, 2021

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Rapid Response Solutions and the past tense
  • Your Stage 2 democracies are naïve
  • Stage 1 democracies
  • Stage 2 democracies
  • Getting to Stage 3
  • A betrayal of democracy
  • Lessons to be learned from US acts of sedition
  • US is in decline as a democracy—Germany and Italy before WWII
  • Genocide and the Disappeared
  • Making sense of ethics
  • Priorities of decision-making
  • Applying this to January 6 acts of sedition
  • What needs to be done for the survival of your nation
  • Possible era of social devolution
  • Ever lived through a revolution?
  • Right now, you are a bad example of democracy
  • It’s not about the dinner table. Division is not the way of Spirit
  • Think in terms of progress
  • Someone near and dear has been radicalized
  • Helping someone paralyzed by grief
  • Ivermectin
  • Intolerance
  • Separation and defensiveness
  • Teaching and learning the seven core values
  • 7corevalues.org
  • Democracy is….
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of our tasks
  • An enticement: Make what we have taught you available to others
  • Thinking outside the box

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Jesus: Lesson 17: The Infinite Nature of God’s Universe

Thursday, 21 January, 2021
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I am Jesus. I come to speak of the nature of God, the functions of God, how it is that God orders His Universe — this great swirling expression of God’s Soul that continues to exist and will exist for all eternity. Often you have set your prayers forth to God, you ask of Him many things, you bring your heart forward in feelings and desires with the intention that God will answer your prayers and bring to you those gifts and blessings which God desires to give and which you desire to receive. Every heartfelt and soul-felt prayer reaches the ears of God and brings some response, some influence from God upon the situation, upon your soul, upon all those things on which you are a part of and continue to desire to grow within.

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Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment ― 2 & 3

Monday, 20 November, 1916
Paul of Tarsus: Hell and the duration of punishment

Teacher: St. Paul —
I am here, St. Paul. I come to write you on the subject that I commented on last night, namely: Hell and the duration of punishment, and if you feel that you are in condition to receive the message I will begin and finish the same. Well, as I said last night, the hell of the orthodox preachers as formerly taught, that is a hell of brimstone and fires, is not the true hell and has no existence save in the minds of these orthodox believers.

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You Are Unique

Tuesday, 5 January, 2021
Monjoronson ― You Are Unique

Teacher: Monjoronson ―
Hello my friends. Monjoronson here, and on this day, I want to convey to you some information which has never been conveyed to you in the past. My friends, open your hearts and imagine the greatness of the eternity around you, a vast eternity without beginning or end that is filled with love. Urantia is part of this reality, of this eternity, and this planet was the planet of the last bestowal of your Creator Son, Michael.

My friends, Urantia is a decimal planet and as you know, decimal planets allow the creation of life in a different way compared to other so called normal planets. It is a fact that on Urantia the life that has been created has produced what no decimal planet has been able to create in all of the eternity of the universe.

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Healing a Tormented Heart

Monday, 11 January, 2021
Healing a Tormented Heart

Teacher: Magisterial Son, Monjoronson ―
When all is disclosed, some may find themselves in a strange alliance that does not appear to be what they signed on for. Others may find themselves experiencing the reality of dark premonitions they had in the past. Some will adjust their alliances; others will stand firm in their convictions while many will cry out for justice. But most will find themselves tormented by the separation and break down they feel with their brothers and sisters. How does one pick up the pieces and heal a tormented heart?

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Jesus: Lesson 16 ― The Most Important Decision of Your Life

Thursday, 14 January, 2021
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
May the Love of our Heavenly Father continue to infiltrate your souls and awaken all that is within transforming your very being with His Love. There are many efforts being made in your world at this time to help uplift humanity and shift the consciousness of all who live upon your world for there has never been a more serious time in the history of your world than now because the world is so in need of healing and balance. So all spirits and angels and the Great Soul of God are focused upon your world. Your world is the great center of life, that crucial element of all that is in the human and spirit world which brings life, the great pearl of light that God has created in order to spawn greater life, the continuance of life in all its expressions and evolution. Humanity is the greatest of God’s creations upon this world and is imbued with so many potentials and possibilities, empowered with free will and given the blessing of a soul.

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