Fear Is The Great Temptation

Sunday, 9 December, 2018
Fear Is The Great Temptation

The Beloved One:
Today we will delve a little deeper into the subject of ‘fear’ and what it represents. There is fear everywhere; fear of growing old, fear of losing one’s health, fear of losing loved ones. And there is fear of the future.
The list goes on and it is seemingly endless. Each person harbors their personal known, unknown, and unreasoned fears until they are confronted with them.
Fear is the great defrauder of inner peace and can attack your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Illness results when fear is allowed to get out of hand. Fear imprisons the real self, so the spiritual seed of the soul neither grows nor does it flourish.

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Have Faith in Your Heart!

Thursday, 1 November, 2018

Christ Michael/Jesus:
I am here now, spending quality time with you. You are calling My name with such heartfelt longings that it exerts an irresistible pull on Me. You have found My soft spot. Indeed, the love of My children always meets the mark of My heart. You all have a special place there.
In your quest for enlightenment, you may feel like a little seed digging its way upward through the layers of dirt in which it has been buried in order to burst into the light. Don’t you see? It is that little seed’s preordained destiny to break through the earthly placenta and come to full bloom.

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New Era Transition 53 – Artificial Intelligence; Healing the Planet; Ethics and Morality

Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Becoming ethical and moral
  • Healing the whole planet
  • “AI”—artificial intelligence
  • Democracy will change and become tighter
  • Ethics and morality for the Days of Light and Life
  • Time for a regime change across the board
  • Preparations for your afterlife
  • Two documents for the AI industry
  • Developing positive applications for ethics and morality
  • Implementing these changes
  • AI will become the model for these standards
  • Taking AI to an advanced level of self-awareness
  • Coding computer programs of AI
  • Human bias, prejudices and bigotries
  • Changing our mind for the mind of Christ Michael
  • Reviewing old lessons and programs
  • Having a personal AI assistant
  • Stitching the whole cloth together
  • Freewill is still paramount
  • A new web site on Planetary Management
  • Who will write the AI programs?
  • How will the AI programs be disseminated?
  • Are there any functional teams using CCDT process?
  • Use of seven core values throughout universe
  • Soul Fragmentation
  • Closing statements

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The Salvation of Urantia

Sunday, 30 December, 2018
The Salvation of Urantia

Trinity Teacher Uteah:
Today, my dear students, I have much to say to you and much for you to think about that requires you to stay open to the truth about the precarious place your world holds in the grand scheme of universe destiny.  The Lucifer Rebellion that happened here more than 200,000 years ago, and all that has transpired since, has proved to be one of the most devastating rebellions in all the seven super universes.  The tampering that was done here by the rebels with so many systems, circuits, and even the human genome (DNA) itself has brought Urantia to a crossroads that now requires intervention from Paradise and the Trinity Ultimate.

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Your Spiritual Life is not an Optional Feature

Tuesday, 20 November, 2018
Spiritual Life

Mother Spirit (Nebadonia):
My dear earthly children, as a doting Mother, there is so much I want to convey to you to foster your spiritual development and make it enjoyable. Indeed, your spiritual life should not be dissociated from your physical experience. Many of you consider it as ‘optional,’ which is in some way accurate, due to your freedom of choice. However, ultimately, if you genuinely take your life seriously, it has to include the vision you entertain for your eternal life.

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There are Two Plans for Urantia

Tuesday, 18 December, 2018
crossroads of Urantia

Teacher: Monjoronson
There are many agendas emerging on your world to be concerned about--coming from sources that work against the greater good of humanity and have been in planning for a very long time--some of which began at the on start of the Lucifer Rebellion itself.   Most of you would be shocked to learn the truth about these very real hidden plans and agendas that have been "scheduled" for deployment waiting for the technologies to catch up to the plan.  These plans are not so "hidden" now as they once were, and in many cases, they are in plain sight--the greatest cloak of all.  I'm asking all of you--those with discerning minds and an awareness of your Thought Adjusters, to pay attention to these disturbing signposts.

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Stay in your Peace

Sunday, 9 December, 2018
child of Creator

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah
Stay in your peace--connect the heart with the mind and picture a placid lake and a sunrise emerging from the horizon of the water. Feel the warmth of the rising sun on your face and feel a gentle breeze against your skin.  Listen for the birds and wildlife to awaken to the new day.  See a cloudless blue sky unfold and know that the Creator lives in all things.  You are a part of all there is and you are connected to the light, the elements, to all other creatures--you belong to the earth and you are intimately connected to the Creator through His Indwelling Spirit.

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