Jesus: Lesson 1 - The First Milestone in the Journey of the Soul - Expiation

Thursday, 1 October, 2020
Jesus lessons

Teacher: Jesus ―
I am Jesus and I have come as I have promised, to speak to you of Truths of God, truths of the universe and truths that may assist you and others upon your journey. For this is our desire, to continue to educate all upon this path of Love. Foremost we are here to encourage you to pray for and receive the blessing of God’s Divine Love. This is the foremost message of My ministry and this is the foremost truth that God has to give to His children. That they may walk in the light and truth and joy imbued with His Love, the Essence of His Soul, awakening the very essence of your soul so that you may be in great alignment and at-onement with God. And so that you may be the beautiful soul that you were created to be, that you may be a light in the world and a light for others to follow.

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Jesus: Instructions to Follow to Receive Special Teachings

Monday, 28 September, 2020

Teacher: Jesus ―
I come. I am Jesus and I come to speak to you. I wish for this instrument and for you both to set aside a morning a week for me to deliver important messages to the world. There needs be no distractions or pressures of time or conditions that are contrary to receiving these messages, so that we will enter into a sacred trust and endeavour to bring forth these messages together allowing the conditions of this beautiful place and Portal of Light to assist us in the delivery of higher truths. This commitment needs to be made consistently and in all seriousness and preparation so that the conditions within this place and within yourselves will be of the highest that you are able to attain. Let there be an eagerness in your soul to bring forth these messages and that there be peace around you and light and a deep desire for Love of God to impregnate every part of this place and every part of yourselves.

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NET103 – Responsibility, Stewardship, Joining Teaching Mission groups, Mental trauma, Learning and living

Monday, 2 November, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Maturing effect of the pandemic
  • Year 50 of 500
  • What have you provided?
  • We look for the committed
  • This is an experiential exercise
  • The parable of stewardship
  • You are desperately needed because you hold the light
  • Working co-creatively with your Guardian Seraphim
  • Differentiation of our Guardian Seraphim from our Thought Adjuster
  • Marijuana and gun ownership—freedoms and responsibility
  • Responsible use of marijuana
  • Spiritual practices
  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder —you must not reinjure yourself
  • Health wisdom website
  • Finding the time
  • Joining with other Teaching Mission groups
  • Fetal pain during abortion
  • Facilitating Adjuster arrival in children
  • Spiritual value of disappointment
  • Working co-creatively with Spirit
  • Firearm education in other countries
  • The burdens of your spirituality are heavy at times
  • Live your life consciously in the moment
  • Learn from experience and gain wisdom

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Our heart is a meeting place

Friday, 25 September, 2020
Our heart is a meeting place

Comments Wivine: This session are answers to questions posed by Bernard from Rwanda, following session # 9 - 2020 announcing the birth of "Uni". I thought they could be of interest to others also.

Bernard Question # 1: I wondered why our planet is so special to be able to welcome three Sons and Daughters of Heaven?

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Warnings of More Changes to Come that will Bring Havoc

Monday, 22 June, 2020
Warnings of More Changes to Come that will Bring Havoc

Teacher: Augustine ―
Beloved souls, I am your Teacher Augustine. The first wave of this flame of disease that has swept over the Earth has now been controlled in many places but continues to burn in others. I come to warn you, beloved souls, that in the near future there will be more that will come to cause havoc in your lives. These conditions that have brought on such a disease continue to smoulder within the ground, within the environment of this Earth and will come again. So I urge you to be prepared. Be prepared in your physical needs and to be vigilant as you open your doors and windows and emerge out of your isolation into the world.

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Be Spiritual Victors!

Wednesday, 4 November, 2020
Be Spiritual Victors!

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
After a tumultuous political campaign in the United States, your world is waiting for its official outcome. Regrettably, many of you exhibited little moral decency while voicing their convictions. Their political fervor placed a gag order on the voice of reason of the Golden Rule, thus aggravating the state of divisiveness and hostility among men.

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Remain focused on the Light!

Tuesday, 3 November, 2020
Remain focused on the Light

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
While the United States' citizenship is called to make a weighty decision by selecting a president, invoke the light of God into your consciousness to make a moral decision, validated by the reassuring peace that will come over you.

Which type of influence do you choose to exert energetically? No matter the outcome of this election, it represents an opportunity for you to practice humility and love in action by intending to act as an agent of positive change. Do not allow yourself to be engulfed by negative emotions.

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True Freedom

Monday, 20 April, 2020
True Freedom

Teacher: The Divine Inner Voice ―
There are many who claim to be free, but in reality, they are not. There are great chains that hinder their life, because true freedom is experienced within.

It is time to reclaim your freedom. You are the only one who can remove those chains. You have the keys to remove them, forever.


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New Era Transition 102 – Unified Thought Adjusters, Pets, Naturopathy, US Politics and Healthcare

Monday, 19 October, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Be vulnerable to spirit
  • Be thankful
  • Will to do God’s Will in the now
  • Immense power in the now
  • Moving hurricanes
  • Pursuing naturopathic remedies
  • Thought Adjusters on Urantia will be of one mind
  • Beloved pets in the afterlife—short term mind constructs
  • No decree of approval for QAnon from Machiventa’s office
  • What is QAnon—lost hope
  • What we lose of ourselves during mortal transit
  • You will always be you
  • Pope Francis on capitalism and private property
  • Limits of Thought Adjuster control
  • Nature based cures for all human diseases
  • Lanonandek form for the Sage of Salem
  • On numerology—getting your attention
  • What are these dots for?
  • “Other” in the Grand Universe
  • Update on recently passed political figures
  • Limits of US deficit
  • Universal healthcare in the US
  • Neale Donald Walsch and Conversations With God
  • Be prepared
  • Thought Adjuster’s activity in unison

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The Reset

Monday, 19 October, 2020
The Reset

Teacher: The Damascus Scribe ―
This is the Scribe. Hello my son and daughter. We greet you and we will sincerely do our best to make this transmission a success.
For thousands and thousands of years people have bought and exchanged goods. Even rare flowers were once a possibility of exchange. In more recent times, shells took their place. And as far as we can look back gold and silver have been the method of exchange and the way to purchase other items.
Now I take you on a date back some 21 or 22 years ago. You had the opportunity to meet up with the man who guided the elite, a brilliant mind, a man who could see the inside workings of any kind of business, any kind of army, and any kind of government. A man who had an understanding that things could go on only so far and then a reset would eventuate.


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Recipe for a Quantum Leap

Wednesday, 15 July, 2020
Recipe for a Quantum Leap

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
When you set out to initiate our dialogue, an effective way to empty your mind and make it standstill in the Now Moment's expansiveness is to do a countdown from 10 to 0—zero being the absence of time. As well, close your eyes to disengage from your spatial reality. Bring your attention to your third eye or heart chakra. It is how you successfully ‘pause’ your time-space experience to connect with My timeless and spaceless Infinity—quite a quantum leap on your part.


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New Era Transition 101 – Values, Correcting Time, Cultures, Zero-Point Energy, Crises

Monday, 5 October, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Your role in all this
  • Traditional values and beliefs no longer serve you well
  • Plan of The Correcting Time—learn the new culture, values, and beliefs
  • The Urantia Book Paper 72 and the seven core values
  • Christ Michael’s order of priorities for you
  • Traditional values and beliefs can be out of date—the hunting party
  • We recommend that you come into alignment with the God Presence within
  • Your institutions need new beliefs and values that echo those of your species
  • You are on the cusp of generating a new era
  • Swords into plowshares—nuclear weapons
  • Our work is to bring your world into The Correcting Time. The wisdom of POGO
  • Be loyal to the core values
  • Examine your traditional beliefs in the light of the seven core values
  • Whole agreement needed to be useful for peaceful intent
  • Withholding love to discipline children
  • Children learn by example
  • Influences of Machiventa in ancient Egypt
  • Afterlife of pets
  • How confident? Not very. Cultures have inertia
  • Transforming cultures, values, and beliefs may require existential crises
  • Reality of existential crisis not yet appreciated by the masses
  • World transition; delaying the progress of Nebadon and negative entities
  • Positive influence of Nebadonia’s work
  • Zero-point energy
  • Connecting values to the universal core values
  • An ambiguous question about The Urantia Book Paper 71
  • Zero-point energy and the fossil industry
  • Holding your breath and the transition of hope
  • We do not sugarcoat this—those days of the “good life” are gone
  • Worry all around. Selfishness must go away
  • You are not abandoned. You are a part of the transition

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About Errors

Friday, 2 August, 2013
About Errors

Teacher: Thought Adjuster ―
Sin is not necessary for evolution. The possibility of evil and error are enough to stimulate the development of wisdom and the power of the will to choose the right path, the path of the Father. All of you can learn from the mistakes of others, but it is not correct to suppose that these personalities were pre-destined to make those mistakes.


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The Desire Of The Soul

Saturday, 31 October, 2015
The Beloved One

Teacher: The Beloved One ―
All ‘willing hands are needed on deck’ during this very critical time on Urantia whilst the shadows of evil and darkness are seemingly looming closer. Few individuals are 100 percent committed to the growth of their eternal souls, which is the reason why humans have been given life, including the precious gift of free will to make this all-important choice whilst in the flesh; as the physical temple houses the immortal Spirit. Humans gradually are becoming aware of the significance of being alive at this time in the evolution of this planet when the important significance of the planet’s evolution is being thwarted and blockaded by greed.


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New Era Transition 100 – Implementation, Divine intervention, Pragmatic idealism

Monday, 21 September, 2020

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager

  • Implementation has begun—a long approach
  • Changing the culture of Western civilization (democratic nations)
  • New video series—the evolution of democracies
  • The United States is in an existential crisis
  • Only democracies can adapt to current uncertainties—incorporating the seven values
  • You are on a crash course
  • Reforming the foundations of your civilization using all seven core values
  • The heart of humanity must come forward
  • An appeal for Divine intervention
  • Free will is sovereign in all regards
  • Celestial team “moving ahead” or waiting for humanity
  • Necessity for major cataclysmic trauma?
  • God is the Center of all
  • Coming in a great clap of thunder—free will and co-creativity
  • Use your free will to become part of God’s grandeur
  • We do not offer hints, but you need to have forethought
  • The excellent and just balance
  • Ethics in artificial intelligence
  • Guidance on being a Transmitter/Receiver
  • A mass awakening today?
  • Support those who make sense
  • Pragmatic idealism
  • Evolution in the democratic process
  • Feedback in democratic systems
  • Rebuilding in alignment with the seven values
  • Asking for help and growth—be open to it
  • Liz on a journey—personality gravity
  • Who has the power to change that?
  • Power is very fluid
  • Empower yourself, empower your society
  • You are not powerless. You have the power of the God Presence within you

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