New Era Conversations 32 – Ebola; Repairing DNA; Overpopulation

Monday, 20 October, 2014

Monjoronson, Magisterial Son talks about:
• The Magisterial Mission is long-term
• The early phases of the cataclysms have already begun
• The violent Islamic States movement
• The public fear of spread of the Ebola virus
• The infrastructures of nations are inadequate to address Ebola
• Ebola and the plagues of past Centuries
• Cooperation is necessary to survive
• Preparation for the threat of a pandemic
• Ebola is not a new virus
• The effect of the Luciferian Rebellion on our DNA
• The decline of Homo sapiens because of defective genes
• Repairing DNA
• Too much personal freedom is detrimental to individuals and societies
• Overpopulation burdens individuals and societies
• Pandemics and cataclysms are opportunities
• The Middle East hopelessness breeds violence
• Meditation is essential to reach life’s potential

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How Precious is your Life?

Sunday, 2 November, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
ow precious is your life? Do you ever stop to think about the value and meaning of life on earth? Have you ever really stopped all the busy thoughts going through your mind—the distractions of your day, the hurt feelings of your past and the hardships of earning your keep and paying your bills? Let’s put all those thoughts aside for a moment and really sit with this idea of what life really means. Are you with me?

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This is Your Destiny

Sunday, 19 October, 2014

Thought Adjuster:
I AM here—always with you, for I never leave you—you are never alone. I AM not far off in an unreachable place. Where you go, I go also. I see what you see. I hear what you hear. I feel what you feel. I experience all that you experience, yet I gather and hold only those experiences that are necessary for your future life and the lessons for your growth. I am always “adjusting” to the changing conditions of your heart and mind and speaking softly to guide you toward those decisions that will bring you to a place of greater understanding. I amplify the feelings of joy in you when you choose to love and when you make decisions that lead to growth and understanding. I AM here to show you the way—to pilot you across the vastness of the creation—to explore all the wonders and sublime realms and worlds that are the classrooms and playgrounds for your perfection attainment.

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The Power Zone

Sunday, 31 August, 2014

Thought Adjuster Transmission: Dear One, it is I, your beloved Indwelling—I take this occasion to speak to you for the benefit of the many who shall read this message—that they may take these words “to heart,” for they are only words that paint a crude picture of the complete and whole ideas that exist beyond human words and human understanding, yet they penetrate the heart and mind because I, your Father Fragment, interprets its meaning for you according to the limits of your intellect and experience and your desire—your allowance to know according to your free will. You are beginning to understand that to hear me requires you to “listen to the heart,” for this is where I speak—it is your “power zone”.

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What is it that you truly Desire?

Sunday, 12 October, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
Today, my dear friends, I have a question for you. What is it that you truly desire? I would like for you to sit with this question and narrow it down into the one most important thing that you feel would make you most complete and whole. Be completely honest with yourself and speak it openly: “The one most important thing that I desire that would make me feel complete and whole is _____________________________________________.”

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The Connection between Centers

Sunday, 28 September, 2014

Teacher Ophelius:
Today we would like to focus on the heart and mind centers and the important connection between the two. Like any good functioning system, there needs to be a strong conduit where energy flows freely from one center to the other. The heart and the mind are the two most essential centers within you for experiencing the world in a healthy way, for if the conduit that connects one to the other is weak or broken, these two strong centers can begin to operate independently, and when this occurs, the world is experienced differently from the intention of Spirit (the Creator’s Will) which may skew the perception of mind and allow the heart to over react causing confusion. Building a strong communication conduit between the heart and mind is key to healthy soul development and survival value life experiences.

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