Strategic Plan for Urantia

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010

Machiventa, Planetary Prince: Many of you have a miraculous perspective of the management of this local universe, and all the universe. I want to assist you in assuming our perspective—my perspective in particular, as the Planetary Manager of Urantia/Earth. ...have our energy controllers and power distributors been busy, reconnecting Urantia, one of many planets who were disconnected during the quarantine, to reconnect this planet back to the universe grid of energy, and universe grid of communication. ...We will integrate that within the grand plan—the strategic plan—of these planets to bring them back on line, to become contributors to our local universe, eventual contributors of great souls to the corps of Finality in Paradise.

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History of 5th Revelation - Early Teaching Mission history

Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

Monjoronson about an epochal revelation: The Urantia Book and the developments surrounding Chicago were only one of numerous revelations that were being developed around the world. Many of those died from lack of interest and lack of being legitimatized. They were propagated in the minds of those who would be seen as quite eccentric and those who were marginalized by their society. The efforts of Christ Michael and Machiventa and the revelatory commission were numerous and what you see are the remainder of what are left. It is much as the process of evolution of different species, you only see what is left, those which are successful.

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