Relationships and Divine Guidance

Sunday, 27 January, 2013

Teacher Ophelius:
Today we would like to talk about human relationships and divine guidance. Does God approve of your choices, decisions, or actions when you are following your heart, even when those choices, decisions, or actions cause emotional pain for another? Human relationships are very complex, and sorting out who is right and who is wrong is a “slippery slope” which can lead to a lot of heartache and emotional grief. There may be no solution that satisfies both parties in a relationship where meanings and values are defined differently, and so we look to God for guidance so we can “feel good” about our position.

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Conversations with Monjoronson 65 – Discerning validity of new information being posted

Friday, 4 January, 2013

Teacher: Monjoronson 

  • The development of events is quickening
  • The ABC Summaries
  • Confusion over recent predictions
  • These predictions are not congruent with the Universal Father’s plans
  • This self-deception is similar to the situation of the Lucifer Rebellion
  • Discernment is a primary responsibility of each mortal
  • State what is consistent with God’s rule of the universe
  • Cleaning up the mess of Caligastia and Lucifer
  • The safety of the archives
  • The movement is very fragile at this point
  • The Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are two distinct parts
  • Did the plan include those from the TeaM to participate in the MM?
  • Mortals must see God as the Leader, not other mortals
  • God-centeredness is the fundamental tenet of the Teaching Mission
  • Confusion is lazy thinking
  • Our “real leaders” are not human leaders
  • Recreating our cultures from within
  • Asking those revealing questions and exposing vulnerabilities
  • Our “rocks” of steadfastness

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Connecting to the Salvington Circuit - Practical Mediation

Sunday, 23 December, 2012

Here is the transcribed session of the guided meditation from the call on the 23rd of December 2012.
The transmitted portion of what was received from our Divine Parents will be sent out separately for anyone that wishes to have the transmission from this night. The question and answer portion will also be provided for anyone that wishes to have that as well. Please e-mail me if you are interested to receive these portions and I will send them to you. The important thing is the practical application and utilization of the guided meditation that was provided on this call to connect to and receive from our Divine Parents / Spirit for you personally. Any transmission or received Spiritual communication is geared toward the receiver of such. Spirit attunes and personalizes these transmssions specifically for you, that is why I encourage you to connect through this meditation to receive in stillness the answeres to any question you may have specifically.
I am making myself available to anyone that has any further questions that need addressed. If you are inclined you may share this with anyone you wish to. I certainly appreciate the added energies and support to all those that were present on the call and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year.
In Love from my heart to yours.
Michael Xavier

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Christ: Message for the Heart

Sunday, 30 December, 2012

My children, I accompany you through this thrilling time of change. I walk alongside you as you strive to embody the changes that are impinging upon your energy systems. Though this change will be challenging for many, I look to you to carry my presence to those in need. As you develop your sensitivity to “feeling” my presence in and around you, you will receive what you need to minister to your brothers and sisters, and help them perceive what you know to be true. Walk boldly into the New Year and BE IN MY PEACE!

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Whispers in The Stillness - Session 11 - The New Age

Sunday, 23 December, 2012

- What glorious future awaits each one?
- What is the label of honor that citizens of Urantia will wear?
- Have we reached a new age, a new dispensation?
- Are we to look for signs of the new age?
- Will every heart on this planet one day know Christ Michael and our Paradise Father?
- What is the morontial temple?
- Are the words morontial and temple concepts?
- What is Monjoronson’s role; what is he here to do?
- A message of love from Mother Spirit

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Era of Change

Sunday, 9 December, 2012

Teacher Ophelius:
Today we would like to speak to you about the Era of Change. Old things are passing away and new things are coming into reality. You see this in every facet of your life—the environment and weather patterns; social movements and popular culture; political ideologies and governments; economics and world trade; science and technology; even your own personal beliefs are changing as your awareness expands and you come one day closer to your transition into eternity.

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“Why” Many Questions

Sunday, 16 December, 2012
shootings at Newtown Connecticut

Today, my friends, there are many on your world asking “why.” Why is it that a loving Creator would allow such injustices to occur on your world without divine intervention? Why do innocent children have to fall victim to the evil machinations of a twisted and misguided individual where they have been robbed of the opportunity to live a full life on an evolutionary planet and be deprived of that valuable life experience? Is there such a thing as universal justice? What happens to these child victims—where are they now and in whose care? What about the perpetrator of this heinous crime—what is his fate?

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